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prAna Clothes for Comfort Helped Me Start Over In A New Town

This is a compensated sponsored post for prAna and all opinions are my own.


prAna Clothes for Comfort Helped Me Start Over In A New Town


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Last month we moved to a new town about 60 miles away here in Washington state. We lived in our previous town over 4 years. In those 4 years my son attended kindergarten-third grade. I took a small part time job at the High School kitchen and I also did my duties as VP and President on the elementary school’s PTA Board.

Working in the schools I got to know kids by name from the little faces that recognized me at fast food stops to the teenager serving me in local eateries who I serve lunch to every weekday. Now I have moved away. It is sad and yet an adventure I know we will enjoy and comfort matters all the way around.

prAna Clothes for Comfort Helped Me Start Over In A New Town

No more familiar faces and now I start a job at a new elementary school where my son will be for fourth grade. He wass a tad nervous about starting a new school but I was right there with him starting new myself. Yes! I have already turned in the PTA membership form and like I would do in the previous town, I will be a helping body at events and in the schools.

So, here is to a comfortable start in the new town and finding the back to school kick off outfit where I will meet new staff it’s an easy choice with prAna clothes for comfort  in my closet.

How prAna Clothes for Comfort Really Feel

Was that pitch cliche? I apologize but I am not kidding you when I say that having prAna pieces in my closet means assured comfort all day. I wish I had feel-o-vision through his blog so you can run your hands through the pants and tops and caress them the way I do when something feels so soft and durable.

prAna is made for women like you and me that just need a little comfort to get through new or familiar days. We have enough worries and people to care for we can’t waist time on brands that don’t keep us comfortable and confident in style. We need to put those pants on each day be able to focus on what really matters, not on clothing that is failing us.

Comfort! It’s all about comfort.

Starting over is scary and also a bit adventurous. That is the word we used with my son leading up to the move. We’d ask how he is feeling about this ‘adventure’? What he hopes comes from this ‘adventure’? Now we are settled into the house. He has been playing happily with new neighbor friends. His back to school shopping is done and so is mine. So we have started a new school year-one that is of many to come.

Shop for comfort and clothing that matters. And when your heart is big you shop brands that give back too like prAna.

In fact, during the holiday season, they donate a portion of the proceeds from select collections of to Outdoor Outreach. This gives underprivileged youth connections with the outdoors. They also do much more in local communities plus use materials that are environmentally responsible so you can feel good about what you are wearing all day. Visit prAna and see the styles that match who you are and your own adventures in life

Want to save?
Of course you do! So, fill your cart and enter the promo code: MS15ES at checkout to save 15% until October 12, 2017.

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Fidget Fun and Tricks with New Fijix Spinners

I have partnered with Fijix for this feature


Fidget Fun and Tricks with New Fijix Spinners

Fidget Spinners! Have you heard of these? lol Of course you have. What makes a spinner quality is the amount of time it spins. We have plenty that hit or come very close to hitting about 2 minutes. However, these new Fijix Spinners give you 3 minutes or more of spin!


Love Minions? Each fidget spinner side has character illustrations and they are 3-pronged so your child or you can get fancy with those fidget tricks. They are very quiet too.


Not a minion fan? (really?!). Ok we have a few other characters to show you that will also be available. Five Nights at Freddy’s are popular with the older kids. My 9 year old loves them and like the Minions they have characters on each side. If you are a Power Rangers fan we have those for you too!


With the Star Wars, don’t expect anything less than Super! These are Super Fidget Spinners with characters like Darth Vader, BB8, R2D2 and Stormtrooper Super Spinners with a different outcome after every spin. Make sure you start collecting these ones as you come across them.


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Safe Deodorant for Kids Because Confidence Matters

I have partnered with Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool product for this feature

When they are ready your tween will suddenly need your help but will not ask for it. Parenting a tween can be challenging yet with a little effort and tools we will get them through these years with confidence and keeping communication open which is so important. Their bodies are changing and confidence matters so we are talking about safe deodorant for kids.


My son is 9 and I noticed his ‘tween smell’ before he did. It was in his shirts or when he came up to me for those sweet random hugs. My husband took him upstairs to talk about growing bodies and there comes a time when we are ready for deodorant. Enter Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool….



The Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool deodorants are for your tween when they are ready with fun scents like Summer Fun or Freestyle scents. There is no aluminum, petrochemicals or artificial preservatives or fragrances.


Michele Borba – globally-recognized educational psychologist and author of the new book UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About Me World – believes it’s critically important for parents to provide support as their child prepares for the new school year. Here is a Wicked Cool Bucket List to work through with your tween or teen to allow them the confidence that will get them through the teen years.


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Creation Crate – A Tech Education Curriculum Subscription Box

I have partnered with Creation Crate for this feature


Creation Crate - A Tech Education Curriculum Subscription Box

Science and technology. It is all around our kids from the games they play and devices they hold to them watching us with our devices and even making our homes smarter. This is their world and will ever gain in momentum for their future. They need technology and they need the concepts, the earlier the better. Creation Crate is a subscription box, only it is an actual tech education curriculum that will walk them through tech in fun games and projects.


Creation Crate monthly

The 12 Month Curriculum builds on each previous month. So this is a plan where 1 box is sent each month and you need to hold onto all previous months boxes to use and build from. It is like an entire tech course for kids with pieces arriving a bit at a time so they keep paced and focus on one dynamic at a time. It is rather clever.

The full curriculum in order beginning with Month 1:

  1. Mood lamp
  2. Memory Game
  3. Distance Detector
  4. LED Dice Game
  5. Optical Theremin
  6. 2-Player Reflex Game
  7. Weather Station
  8. Audio Visualizer
  9. Lock Box
  10. Digital Multimeter
  11. Handheld Balance Game
  12. Strength Gauge


creation crate reward

Oh and the stickers can be proudly worn at the completion of a project. Now I had my 9 year old son try this out. We got box 1 and needed some help. It is rated for 12 and older and we were only stuck on a wire placement. I contacted the brand and they were helpful in helping us understand why we were stuck and how to fix it and move forward again.


Will a child you know enjoy and benefit from this plan? You can buy month to month, but if you commit to multiple months you will save quite a bit in the end. Even if all you can commit to is 1 month for now they will still learn a lot as they build themselves a mood lamp like ours. Start HERE!

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New Welch’s Fruit Roll Ups

I have partnered with Welch’s for this feature

New Welch's Fruit Roll Ups

The fruity taste of Welch’s snacks brings us new fruit roll ups. My 9 year old loves eating fruit roll ups and they are a fun change from the packs of fruit snacks I put in his lunch. We love variety and having options makes home lunches much less boring.

So, you do you roll (or unroll)? I found my son does the exact same as me. I unroll as I take bites, a bit at a time. There is plenty of fruit snack on this roll so you won’t feel shorted in the great tasting snack.

We love the flavors, tropical punch and white grape strawberry. I think the strawberry combination is my favorite. Like the Welch’s fruit snacks, the roll ups are gluten freepreservative free, feature 100% DV of Vitamin C and are a good source of Vitamins A & E.

Welch's Fruit Roll

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Best Alarm Clock For Kids From Witti Design

I have partnered with Witti Design for this feature


Best Alarm Clock For Kids From Witti Design

Welcome to early mornings and back to school routines. In my home I start 2 weeks prior to back to school which means this is the week I started changing my son’s bedtimes. In the summer he goes to bed at 10 pm. At age nine I want him in bed at 8:30 so he can read a book, listen to some songs before hopefully ready to fall asleep at 9pm. I start with 9:30pm bedtime this week and 9pm next week and eventually he will go in at 8:30 for that rest before sleep time. This year he asked me for an alarm clock. He is up in plenty of time but I guess it is cool to finally operate your own clock in the fourth grade! So he has the BEDDI Charge from Witti Designs and in my opinion, is the best alarm clock for kids.


This is more than just an alarm clock. It is a night light and charger too. You can set a night light color or have it roll through colors on its own in a mood light function.


There are 3 USB ports so you can charge 3 devices at the same time. The cords for his tablet, Nintendo DS and fit watch are all beside him and it helps him remember to throw it all on a charger before bed each night. As he gets older these charging ports will be used so much especially when he gets to the age of his own phone. This is an alarm clock to grow with and then take to the dorms or apartment living where you need that charging access with a clock and light.


Witti Designs has many products that are made with this same convenience in mind. See them all on the Witti Designs website.