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Relax All Year Long with Mer-Sea Bath and Body Favorites

It’s as if the sea was bottled up twice and put into my bottle of bubble bath. The suds and aroma of chamomile is magical. Mer means ‘sea’ in French and then you combine mer and sea and that explains the bottled up relaxation in the bath products of Mer-Sea. August 15 was National Relaxation Day but as busy as we are, we deserve a moment to relax everyday.

Mer-Sea is more than just bubble bath. They stay with the beach theme offering artisan soy wax blend candles hand-poured in the USA as well as travel wraps, bags and scented home products as well as bath and body favorites.

The sea salt scrub is the right kind of exfoliation that leaves your hands and feet so soft after using. The fragrances are fantastic too.

Make sure you add a “Sea Change” scented candle to your order. All profits of that exact candle go to to provide clean water where needed.

Visit Mer-Sea and start your journey back to the beach (at home).

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The Pillowcase That Fights Knots and Tangles in Childrens Hair

I remember the dreaded hair brushing in mornings. Then I know parents who totally changed their child’s hairstyle just to avoid the rats nest.

With the Easy Mornings pillowcases from Madison & White you get an exclusive blend of fabric that allows hair to gently glide across the surface, reducing hair tangles and knots. Their satin is a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. No harmful chemicals are used in the product or at the OEKO-TEK STANDARD factory.

The Easy Mornings kit comes with (2) pillowcases. I also love that they are wrinkle-resistant and washing is easy-just toss in the washing machine and dryer.

The standard cotton pillowcases always cause tangles in adults and childrens hair. Cotton loves water so it will pull moisture form your child’s hair and then that hair tangles and knots up due to friction and dryness.

With the Madison & White Easy Mornings set, your child’s hair glides across the ultra soft satin. Plus, their hair keeps its natural moisture which is very healthy. My first thought was how much time these pillow cases can save in the mornings, but it truly is more than that. Cotton does not allow your hair to remain healthy when every night it sucks out that moisture, so Madison & White offers pillow cases for everyone in the family that actually helps to keep your hair healthy. Shop Madison & White!

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Getting Personal with Your Skin Starts with a Short Quiz at Y’OUR Skin

Standing in the beauty aisle, where do you start? You can read the clever pitches on the advertisers shelf tags and you can guess what the ‘included’ ingredient really does for your skin. You could also take a short online quiz to find out exactly what your skin needs so you don’t have to guess anymore! Y’OUR quizzes you, analyses your answers ASAP and gives you a snapshot then sends you the products you need from their line.

What if it arrives and still isn’t working right? Just ask them to reformulate and they will send you out a new product. The Y’OUR skincare box gives you 3 months worth of product in each bottle/tube of product.

For my quiz, they analyzed and shared with me it noted that because I am concerned about clogged pores, and combination skin, they are adding these active ingredients to my regimen:

  • Glycolic: Pore Clearing natural ingredient derived from sugar cane
  • Seaweed: for Balancing skins sebum production
  • Chamomile: also for balancing, but it keeps my skin hydrated all day
  • Vitamin B3: for Strengthening my skins natural barrier protection
  • Hyaluronic: for hydration and keep my skin from overproducing oils

Now that I know what ingredients are in the product that my skin needs, I will know what product is coming. In my box, Y’OUR says I need the Cleanser for day and night specially formulated for my skin to unclog pores and smooth my complexion. Day Cream for morning use with SPF 30 that will balance and protect my skin. A Serum will work at night to prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate my skin and last is a Night Cream that will work to minimize my pores and nourish my skin.

I get a box of personalized products with clean ingredients that does not include an fillers. The products are paraben, cruelty and toxin free. They are also made right here in the USA!

I love using the serum before my night cream. I go to bed feeling so clean in my face and it is so hydrated in the morning to help me start my day!

Take your quiz now. No commitment and it is fun to see what your answers produce and then see what they recommend for you. Remember, you are paying for skincare that will last many weeks.

Most store creams are between $30-$50, but when they add fillers you have to use more so you are buying more often. Y’OUR Skin just makes better skin health and financial sense! Pay an up front $180 or $65/month.