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Back to Roots DIY Herb Grow Kits

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With Mother’s Day (and spring) approaching, we all want a little time in our yards and gardens. I don’t mean the daunting tasks like lawn mowing and weeding, but the space in our front yards that all who pass by see and as Mom’s most of us want that clean and pretty appearance. But, what if Mom likes to garden and doesn’t have a garden space?

Not all properties or apartment life offers a space to do some garden and growing DIY. This is why Back to the Roots is a brilliant gift idea for Mom or a cook who likes an easy way to grow fresh herbs.

Right now I am growing mint and basil from the DIY Herb grow kits from Back to the Roots. From herbs and mushrooms to the new lavender and soon-to-arrive hemp grow kits you can feel satisfied when you successfully grow foods in the provided jars. You will grow them successfully because it is so easy!

I cannot wait for my Lavender Grow Kit to arrive and actually grow my own! I have a planter out back where I put lemongrass and lavender because mosquitos don’t like the sweet scented plants I keep them around the deck. It worked out well last year. They are available for pre-order!

Plus, each kit sold is part of the Grow One, Give One program supporting schools all across the country.

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Three Holiday Gift Boxes from Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Three Holiday Gift Boxes from Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Holiday Gift Boxes from Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Do I need to start by telling you that these cheese gift boxes from Crave Brothers Farmstead are straight out of Wisconsin or would that almost be a given? Where else would quality cheese come from and this brand does not disappoint.

Our youngest, Anthony, is 10 and he had a friend stay the night recently and we took the boys to dinner. His friend ordered a hamburger and my son asks him why he wouldn’t order a cheeseburger. His friend says “I hate cheese!” Anthony stands up (in his humor) and points to the lobby and says “Get out! You cannot hang with the Slukas'”. Hate cheese? Not only do we love cheese, we are a bit of cheese snobs. Simple, processed cheeses don’t make it into our home if we can hep it.

Crave Brothers Farmstead Classic Cheeses are made with milk from the Crave family’s own dairy herd of Holstein cows. Their farmstead cheese-making facility uses 100 percent green power, and practices water conservation and recycling. Best yet, they pamper their cows with plenty of exercise, fresh air and individualized care.

You will find fresh Mascarpone, Mozzarella and rope cheese available to order to your door. Combinations of these are found within their gift boxes too. The Ciliegine Fresh Mozzarella balls marinated in an olive oil, canola oil blend with special blend of herbs and spices is out of this world! I eat them alone as a snack!

I also cannot wait until I host my first Thanksgiving dinner this year because that fresh Mascarpone will be a part of my dessert recipe I choose for sure! We first enjoyed the mozzarella when my son and I made my husband a special dinner last week because it was his 20 year Anniversary of being with his company so we made all of his favorites.

Shopping for Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Boxes

Available at Crave Cheese and there are 3 Holiday gift boxes to choose from and more!

Need more gift ideas? Visit the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Entering the Crayola’s Thank A Teacher Campaign

Thank A Teacher campaign

From now until August 25, 2018 you can share your Thank You note to a teacher in you or your child’s life. Crayola’s goal is to reach 1 million thank you’s. As I write this they are at over 260,000 thank you’s so they need yours!

There are several ways to show a Teacher you appreciate them.

  1. Tell the world! Thank a teacher on social media using the hashtag #CrayolaThanks and your thank you could be featured on the Crayola Thank a Teacher page.
  2. Say it on video! Head the Crayola video creator and your video will appear inside a virtual crayon box
  3. Say Thank you! It can be that simple and kind words go a long way!
  4. Color a thank you page, available in the new, printable Crayola coloring pages
  5. Say thank you through art. Visit Crayola crafts for inspiration
  6. Bring a gift! Crayola has many gifts teachers will use and love!

thank crayola

Anthony made his favorite teacher a card. He decided to thank

Thank A Teacher Campaign prizes

Ten grand prize packs will be awarded, inclusive of:

  • $10,000 classroom makeover for the teacher
  • One year supply of Crayola products for the school
  • $1,000 scholarship for the student
  • $1,000 gift card for both the teacher and school
  • Free CreatEd seminar for the school

In addition to the grand prizes, one lucky entrant will have his or her thank you note featured on a special pack of Crayola crayons this holiday. In addition, a weekly sweepstakes will run concurrently with the contest, offering entrants a chance to win $500 gift cards for themselves and their teachers.  The contest and sweepstakes will run through August 25, 2018

color page


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