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Miniware Eco-Friendly First Bites Starter Set for Easier Mealtime

Miniware Eco-Friendly First Bites Starter Set for Easier Mealtime

Many kids are still learning at home which means all of the kids are in the kitchen all 3 meals everyday. When you have to teach and now prepare lunches and breakfast that would normally happen at school, Miniware wants to help make it easier on us as parents. They offer eco-friendly kits for serving meals, such as this First Bites Set for the younger ones.

The Miniware eco-friendly First Bites Set comes with:

  • 1 cereal bowl
  • 1 silicone lid
  • 1 training spoon
  • 1 detachable suction foot

The bowl is made with plant-based, biodegradable and petroleum free PLA material making it safe for your family and the Earth. The lid, foot and spoon is made with 100% food grade silicone. They are very well made and durable (if your child can manage to drop this bowl).

You have enough to worry about with the older kids so sitting the baby/toddler down with My First Bites will be less mess and a safe feeding area. For the older kids, Miniware has bento sets and plates with dividers for those who can’t stand to have their foods touch. I have one of those myself although he has grown out of that ‘food-touching’ phase.

Miniware food sets are dishwasher, freezer and fridge safe. The lid makes it easy to store and keep clean until you are ready for its next use. They also come in 5 fun color combos that you can mix and match so have fun choosing just the right set for every child. Visit Miniware or visit their Amazon store.

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The Sampler Gift Box by Women’s Bean Project

I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

The Sampler Gift Box by Women’s Bean Project

“When you change a woman’s life, you change her family’s life.” This is what Women’s Bean Project is all about. You get nourishing foods and excellent gift sets to give with love and women get chances to find their purpose and break the cycle of poverty. This company hires women who are chronically unemployed and teaches them to work by making nourishing products. Here I have a great Holiday gift idea – the Sampler Gift Box.

My Golden Cornbread from the gift set was made by Renee. If I visit the Women’s Bean Project website I can meet Renee and learn a bit about her story.

Many of the women’s stories are featured. You know you are helping real women achieve real goals as you shop. I love the Sampler Gift Box. It has so many great items for the kitchen! It is made with 100% post-consumer recycled material. Good for women, good for the planet!

Products inside include:

Women’s Bean Project products are sold in nearly 1,000 stores nationwide, including King Soopers, Whole Foods, Safeway, Meijer and H.E.B., to name a few. You can also shop products and gift sets online at their website and on

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Best Toys for Toddlers from Green Toys

Best Toys for Toddlers from Green Toys

If you have ever had to shop for toddlers and kids toys you know how many choices there are out there. There are so many brands and age levels and you stand in a store or at your computers online stores and just take a stab in the dark that what caught your eye will be fun for them.

Perhaps you like to shop brands that actually are best for our planet. If you have not heard of Green Toys I can tell you that this brand is a hit in homes! Not only do their toys offer screen-free creative play, they are made in a way that is healthy for our planet and your family.

Green Toys

I have 2 (of many) toys and what appears to be colorful little plastic props are actually interactive toys. The Tugboat and Board Book Set is a great option for any child over 6 months. The tugboat doubles as a fun toy and a bath toy with a wide spout for hair washing. Cleaning him is easy as he comes apart to get to the inside areas and is dishwasher safe.

Tugboat Toy

The Cargo Plane is so adorable. The car and plane can be played with separately but as a set, the cargo plane opens up in back to fly your car wherever their little travel minds desire.

Cargo Plane

Green Toys are 100% recycled milk jugs and sometimes other safe plastics such as yogurt cups. By using materials that would otherwise sit in landfills, Green Toys saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint. Green Toys is also 100% USA made in California which have strict safety and environmental laws which means your toys are as safe as can be.

Shape Sorter

This Green Toys Shape Sorter above is made with 5.5 recycled milk jugs — straight from consumer recycling bins! Enjoy some of the best toys for toddlers and be proud to gift Green Toys for the Holidays!

Green Toys Pinterest

Visit Green Toys to see all that they offer for all age groups – especially toddlers! Also visit the Green Toys store on Amazon.