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Replace single-use plastics with sustainable products from TheOtherStraw

In the battle against using wasteful plastic, I became introduced to theotherstraw and its sustainable products. It’s a no-brainer that reusable straws are much better than disposable plastic straws, but I had wondered a few things about switching away from plastic straws. 1) How do you keep them clean (enough) and 2) what would they be made of especially if I may use them in a hot beverage. Can it be safe to use long term?

theotherstraw is my new favorite for a few reasons. Keeping it clean is easy with the included eco-friendly cleaning brush made from 100% natural coconut fiber. The straws can be washed in the dishwasher and reused hundreds of times, however hand-washing them in warm water is best for longevity.

The straws are made from organic bamboo in Vietnam and come with a sustainable sip bag for clean storage. Why bamboo? Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, it absorbs greenhouse gasses and absorbs carbon dioxide and releases up to 35% more oxygen than trees to name a few of its many benefits.

However, theotherstraw does not only provide bamboo straws, but they also offer bamboo cutlery and toothbrushes. As well, they also took care of coconut shell waste and create coconut bowls! These very durable real coconut bowls help reduce more environmental waste as billions of coconuts are harvested every year, and most of their shells are either burned as waste or sent to landfill.

50% of theotherstraw profits go towards supporting projects that protect the world’s oceans and marine life. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans and killing marine life. Your purchase makes a different in more ways than one. Shop theotherstraw!

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Two New National Geographic Children’s Books with Conservation Themes

National Geographic Children's Books

Taking care of ourselves has a brand new meaning these days. As we are forced to slow down and also help our kids finish a school year off at home it is hard to ignore the topic of self-care. Not only are we to take care of ourselves, but it is a good time to remember that we are also tasked as a species to take care of our planet. I want to introduce these 3 children/tween books for summer reading that both cover the topic of conservations.

Explorer Academy Book

Here is page One of Explorer Academy: The Star Dunes by Trudi Trueit, the fourth book in the popular fact-based fiction series (National Geographic Kids’ Under the Stars; March 2020, for ages 8-12).

The Explorer Academy series is full of thrill, danger and global travels as Cruz Coronado at the Explorer Academy, where he and 23 other kids from around the globe will train to become the next generation of great explorers. This book sends Cruz down to Africa as he tries to solve the mystery of his own Mother’s disappearance. Face gorillas, poachers and cheetahs in his adventure. Buy the Book

Extreme Oceans - Chapters

This second book is full of those fun images we love from National Geographic. Chapter 5 is a great source for How to Save an Ocean. Of course, I am intrigued by science and research of the ocean so The images of the Research Lab is fascinating as well as all the pages in this book, Extreme Ocean: Amazing Animals, High-Tech Gear, Record-Breaking Depths and Much More by National Geographic Explorer Sylvia A. Earle (National Geographic Kids Books, March 2020, Ages 8-12. June 8th is World Ocean Day so this book is a great treat for the kids schoolwork that day! Buy the Book!

National Geographic Oceans

National Geographic children’s books have always been a hit in our home for science and learning.

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SmartNappy: The Diaper that Supports Reusable AND Disposable Diaper Inserts

It is NOT just a disposable diaper! The SmartNappy NextGen Hybrid Diaper System with Pocket-Sling can be re-used between washes and you can choose to use reusable inserts or disposable inserts. How handy is that? And you will melt over the designs. Just look at this denim design!

To start, it is soft and really has a great wrap so you know it is secure on baby which is great for comfort and to prevent leaks. Seriously, look at the denim with “pockets”. We only wish we could look as adorable in a pair of jeans!

Using the SmartNappy means we can reduce plastic pollution and landfill waste. This also means better protection because of the fabric (not plastic) design. There are two water resistant fabric layers and two elasticized barriers. The patented Pocket-Sling reduces risk of leak and blowout. 

Better yet, the Cotton Muslin gets softer with every wash. This “diaper” goes from reusable to disposable – just by changing the insert. Smart Nappy thought about dual use! The SmartNappy Disposable Inserts are the only to include the absorbent core and do not include a plastic liner. Some parents may use the disposable inserts when they are on the go, and the reusable when at home.

The EasyTab™ hook-and-loop fasteners mean this diaper is nothing but comfort on baby’s skin. The SmartNappy comes in 4 sizes so you get the right fit to prevent bulking and sagging. Washing is easy and the fit is always adjustable.

You can find SmartNappy right now on Amazon and make sure to also visit more about the SmartNappy NextGen Hybrid Diaper System with Pocket-Sling as well as other Amazing Baby products like swaddles, sleep sacks, sheets and more HERE.