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Braxley Bands environmentally sustainable and trendy Apple Watch bands

Braxley Bands environmentally sustainable and trendy Apple Watch bands

Slipping my Apple Watch on and getting out the door for the day is much more effortless with my Braxley Band. Not that fastening my Apple Watch is that stressful, but it is just one easier task in my morning routine and a small difference. I have several Apple Watch bands to match my day or clothing. I grab my Braxley Band for everyday use. I can just slip my wrist through and go. Some mornings, I need ‘easy’ like that.

Better than a simple convenience, Braxley Bands are environmentally sustainable and crafted using recycled plastic that is machine washable and moisture-wicking. This band is truly made with care. Using very little resources, the brand makes sure the environment is not harmed in their process. In fact, Braxley Bands has partnered with Trees for the Future, and for each band sold, a tree is planted with partner farmers in forest gardens throughout Africa.

What about fit? A couple of things – they have different sizes, so take a quick measurement of your wrist. If you are not satisfied or anything happens to your band in the first year, they have your back with a replacement warranty. If it stretches out, toss it in the wash to get it back into its original shape. If it feels a tad snug, hold it stretched a few seconds and give it some time, it will eventually mold to your wrist size. I measured my wrist and knew if I ordered a size up it may be too loose. The size I ordered was just a little snug, but not uncomfortable at all. It has now formed much better to my wrist size and stretched to where it needs to be as I have worn in off and on the past 2 weeks.

Ready to support Braxley Bands and order one? Visit the Braxley Bands shop and choose your watch and wrist sizes and begin choosing a color or design. I have the blackout color.

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Cloth and Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner has only 4 ingredients

Cloth and Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner has only 4 ingredients

Last night’s burgers in the air fryer made a mess! I am not sure how the explosion on the oven door came to be, but with my Cloth + Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner it comes clean with little effort and is safe around food. This is because the cleaner is made with only 4 ingredients – Water, Clay, Xanthan gum, Essential oil.

I can take on the worst rust, lime scale, soap scum, mold, mildew, bacteria, dirt, grease, and more without toxins or chemicals. I drip a small amount on the surface, wet my sponge, cloth or brush and scrub. I then take a dry cloth or paper towels and buff clean. It’s that easy. Grease came off my oven door easily.

Cloth and Bristle was founded in Maryland in 2019 by a woman who owns an award winning residential cleaning company. She wanted a green product that was safe for families, works to clean tough residue off any surface without harm and actually leaves the surface better than before the mess.

You will find a few products in their shop such as the No. 001 and the spray for daily use called, All The Things. They have bundles and smaller product bottles. You get a natural clean for every surface and level of grime that you will feel safe using around the home and kitchen. You can view the science behind how these products ingredients come together to clean so well and naturally.

Visit Cloth and Bristle today to start cleaning green!

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Find God in everyday goods from Saved By Grace Co brand

Find God in everyday goods from Saved By Grace Co brand

Saved by Grace Co. is about keeping God visible through his words and you can find them on everyday products they create in house. The brand is less than 6 years old and has been enlightening everyone who comes across the words on apparel for women and kids as well as items for the home. When I wear tops with words, such as my Saved by Grace hoodie I turn heads. I suppose it could have been the phrase someone needed to see that day.

Saved By Grace Co not only wants to keep God alive within their products, they make them with. care. The apparel is ethically sourced screen printed. Everything is “made to order” in Charolette, N.C. No people, animals or ethics are hurt while producing the items they print on. Every piece sent is made for you with the best quality and care from a women-owned brand.

I love my hoodie, but have my eye on several other items for my home. Their words for walls are so graceful. I want to put these words: the world needs who you were made to be – joanna gaines down the hallway by the boys rooms. It is perfect for the older boys to walk by everyday upstairs.

Wall words

Saved by Grace Co can he your go-to this year for gifts. Visit their shop today and make sure to subscribe to save on your first order with the little pink box on the bottom of their page that will pop up for you.

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Why Switching to Green Products is One of the Wisest Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Why Switching to Green Products is One of the Wisest Decisions You’ll Ever Make
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The EPA has warned that the indoor air quality in many American homes is two to five times worse than it is outside—and toxic cleaning products are one of the main causes. We may assume they are safe, but in fact, they contain a host of hidden products, including phthalates, which are contained in most household products with fragrances (such as dishwashing soap and toilet paper). Phthalates are linked to a host of health problems, including asthma, breast cancer, obesity, and male fertility issues. They are also related to behavioral issues. Of course, phthalates are just one ingredient found in cleaning products. There are many more to be wary of. All of them are good reasons why you should consider toxin-free cleaning green products.

Ingredients to Watch Out For

In addition to phthalates, cleaning products often contain ingredients like perchloroethylene (found in carpet and upholstery cleaners and known to be a neurotoxin); triclosan (found in hand soaps and dishwashing ingredients and linked to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria); and ammonia (found in polishing agents and known to be an irritant for people with lung issues and asthma). The truth is that there are so many ingredients to watch out for that switching to eco friendly cleaning products is a great way to keep your home clean while knowing that the products you use have a short, easily identifiable ingredients list.

When Water is All You Need

Switching to green cleaning products can also cut down significantly on the amount you spend on other household products. A good steam vacuum cleaner may set you back a couple of hundred dollars but it will be a big saver in the long term. Powerful machines can clean various areas of the home effectively, removing grease and killing bacteria and bedbugs. If you have pets, look for a steam vacuum that contains apparatuses that are specifically created to pick up hair effectively. To add a pleasant fragrance to your home, use scented products made or recommended by the manufacturer of your appliance. Ensure these products are fragranced with natural products rather than synthetic ones.

Making Your Own Cleaning Products

One of the best things about switching to eco-friendly cleaning is that you can finally personalize your cleaning products to your needs. If you love essential oils, for instance, you can use your favorite bottles in your DIY surface and grease cleaners. To make an easy surface cleaner yourself, use a solution containing one cup of white vinegar, one cup of water, lemon rind, rosemary springs, and a few drops of your chosen oil. To remove grease, make a paste comprising three tablespoons of baking soda and two teaspoons of water in a bowl. Add a few drops of bergamot, lemon, or orange essential oil and spread over the surface. Spray over with a little vinegar for easier cleaning.

Of the many reasons why you should try green cleaning, health is arguably the most important. Numerous studies have shown that many of the ingredients we presume are safe are actually linked to health issues ranging from allergies to infertility. Going green has additional benefits though. It can reduce your monthly expenses on cleaning products and enable you to experiment with DIY items.