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Our NewAir 15″ Weatherproof Outdoor Fridge – Review

In my home I am a neat freak. I am not obsessively clean but I do like to think anyone could stop by and it will not cause me a panic of a house in a disorganized state. My husband is great at surface cleaning and I like to make sure we aren’t accumulating ‘stuff’ and I see the details when cleaning. One source of frustration is our constant, overloaded refrigerator.

My kitchen refrigerator was bought with storage in mind and configuration, but it is still always so full – drinks, veggies, leftovers, egg cartons, sauces, dressings and that doesn’t include snacks and needing to thaw meats almost daily. I needed a solution and when NewAir approached me to work together I thought of how fantastic a second fridge space would be, but it has to look good and blend well in my kitchen.

My NewAir 15″ Weatherproof Outdoor Fridge arrived and it was packaged very well and secure. I checked it for damage in shipping and didn’t find a single scratch, put the door handle and casters on with ease. I wheeled it into the kitchen and dining area and let it settle a few hours before turning on. I took a step back and admired this fridge in so many ways.

Right away I found how perfect in height it is! Can this be any more level with my counters? Also, I have all stainless steel appliances already so this fridge blends right in and looks classy. I was never a huge fan of see through doors on small fridges, so I love this design. Getting close to it and seeing the quality from inside and out it is obvious it would do just fine outdoors in all weather conditions.

Once I was able to plug it in and begin cooling I noticed how quiet it was. It is not 100% quiet (it’s a small fridge so it won’t be), but our living room extends off the dining space and we can’t hear it running.

I decided to ultimately set it at 38 degrees because we have beer inside and in the email that I now get form NewAir they send great storage articles and I read their Beer Storage tips and followed their recommendations. We also keep all of our beverages in this fridge so I have so much more room in my main fridge now and we love it! I can see what food I have in there and keep tabs on what beverages we have in this unit.

I can arrange the several shelves to fit tall beverages and short cans. It is deep so even storing 2 liters laid flat is no problem at all. My fridge above is configured and I still have 2 shelves I did not put in there and stored behind if I need to change the organization.

This NewAir 15″ Weatherproof Outdoor Fridge is so classy and look how well it blends in my kitchen off the dining space. You can build-in and if I were to take the casters off I could extend my countertop wider over top and I am considering that down the road. I love having as much surface space as possible. I can also picture this as the perfect gift for a Man Cave!

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Well Told Etched Glassware and Barware – Most Major Cities Featured

We finally got the RV we talked about last week. We had a toy hauler and ATV’s, but as the boys are getting older and working, in College and sports it is so hard to get them all together anymore. So, away with the toys and now a smaller RV to go on weekend camping trips. It is brand new and I am having a blast decorating it to be our home away from home.

Because we tend to camp with friends and entertain in the RV, I have service and barware that will be fun to bring out as we end a day in the trailer. I have packed away my Insulated Water Bottle (Seattle, our home city) and the Pint Glass (Las Vegas, our favorite vacation spot) to enjoy when with friends.

The stainless-steel construction and vacuum-insulated water bottles have a nice wide mouth and I don’t have it screwed in, but also a straining piece so you sip the liquid and ice, fruit slices if you flavor water stay behind. They keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. You can even add custom text or choose a map print you enjoy. View the insulates bottles here.

These Pint Glasses are beautifully etched with maps of cities, neighborhoods and landmarks near you. Our 16 oz Map Pint Glass is etched with the city streets and neighborhoods of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Well Told has barware, mugs, water bottles, cutting boards and more with maps of your favorite cities and neighborhoods. They make excellent gifts!

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Wine Nook is the Better Way to Serve Wine Drinks to Your Guests

When you have company to serve, boxed wine is always a great value. But boxed wine looks like….well, a box of wine. If you have worked hard to make your home and dinner appealing to your guests, take that bag of wine from its box and put it in the Wine Nook.

Starting from the top, the Wine Nook has a sturdy carrying handle so you can transport your wine drinks from room to room or inside to outside.

Changing bags is as easy and pulling up the front plate. When you get your Wine Nook delivered it will come with an empty wine bag so if you want to create your own beverages to dispense ( perhaps some Moscow Mule or Spiked Sweet Tea) you easily can and slip right on into your nook.

The feet are easily tightened on by you and it raises it enough in height to easily get stemless glasses under the spout our tilt a wine glass for dispensing.

The chalkboard label allows you to write your recipe and you get chalk with your purchase. If you don’t want to write your own messages, there are personalized art you can have added on with several designs to choose from.

The Wine Nook is a better way to serve wine and you have many colors and finishes to choose from. I have the Grey Metro design. Order your Wine Nook today for your gatherings or as a perfect gift for any wine lover. Foe every Wine Nook that is purchased they will plant a tree as they are partnered with NationalForests.org.

Comment: I was sent product so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you.