Easily share photos with older family members this summer with Familink

If you have a FIL like mine, you don’t dare get him anything electronics that uses Wi-Fi or it will be a dozen phone calls all hours of the day, walking him through steps on how to use it….again. Instead you find modern touches that could benefit him that are as easy to use as possible. This is why the Familink 3G frame was made available. This is the digital frame to buy that allows you to share photos with or without Wi-Fi or complicated set up. It is now available in the US!

Easily share photos with older family members this summer with Familink

As you travel to relatives or help spring clean their homes, this frame will be great to leave behind. Once you are gone it is easy to send photos to this frame online. You place the frame and you control what is featured. They get to enjoy it all!

Here are the features:

  • Send your photos directly to the frame from the mobile app, computer, email, or Messenger
  • Works in over 100 countries
  • Unlimited people ca be added to share photos to the frame
  • There is a Wi-Fi option and then you can send unlimited photos. With 3G you can send 10 a day
  • Has a 7″ screen
  • Works with its built-in SIM card (3G), no Wi-Fi connection required
  • If you want to use 3G, the first 3 months are free. Works with so many carriers. Wi-Fi is no extra charge

If you live in a remote area, this frame is perfect. If Wi-Fi products and set up is difficult, this frame is for you. It is modern and looks great in any space. Order your Familink frame on Amazon today.


Bring the iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers to the backyard party

Bring the iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers to the backyard party

A decade ago I would have thought we were nits for owning so many speakers, but for the ease of having sound anywhere inside and outside and pairing capabilities it makes sense. We have supreme sound in our home units and portable pairing units as well. Then we added iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers to the backyard party!

If we use the portable unit that pairs with our home surround we have to stay at a certain distance. These iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers are in the spa area of our yard so while at the fire table or in the hot tub we have sound paired to our bluetooth out there. They offer a very clear and loud sound with less bass then high end which I like because this is up against a neighbors fence/home and I can play my music at a descent level out here and not disturb them.

They cone with 2 in a package that pair together. There are pairing instructions to follow before you connect to your device bluetooth and play your music. They also come with detachable stakes incase placing them in the ground or planter areas work best in your space. They are very durable with a rubber coating and the solar panels offer an extra charging boost. Also play with built-in FM Radio, Aux In, and MicroSD. These are a great value for the sound you get at $69.99. Get yours at iLive electronics.


The Lamp Angel is your reliable emergency backup lighting

Not just an ordinary lamp! The Lamp Angel by inPOWERED Lights is your emergency backup lighting in a power outage. There are more features to this modern lamp as well like a remote, a free app for even more control, color-changing features, USB port and more. Our oldest just bought his first home and being young and on his own, this lamp was a perfect give for him if there is an outage and he needs extra light and what young man can’t use an extra charging port by the bed?!

The LED lighting is bright and the color-change effect gives a fun glow. His lamp is set to a purple at night giving just enough reading light. Our son set it up with his curtains closed to show off the glow. We have the Angel Lamp with white shade but it also comes in a black or blue shade. The lights remain cool and the base is a high quality acrylic to stand up to use in a kids room as well.

The smartphone integration and free app gives you access to lighting features with hundreds of color combos. In an outage, the lamp will stay lit for 16-24 hours. Keep in mind, when you set up your lamp there is an extra switch you must keep on when plugged in for regular use so it keeps that back up function charged. You’ll want to keep that switch on so you are always prepared.

This has the right balance between bright lamp light and night light or reading light depending on your color and feature choices, so you can customize a few options to get the exact lighting you need for different times of the day. The Lamp Angel is great for every family because everyone needs that back up light. Visit InPOWERED Lights to learn more and order today. At $79.99 this is a great value for all it offers.

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New Aromatherapy Candles from Goddess Garden use 100% Pure Essential Oils

Goddess Garden Aromatherapy Candles with 100% Pure Essential Oils

From those that brought us wearable Aromatherapy, you can now clean burn their candle in your space. The Goddess Garden aromatherapy candle is designed to subtly and naturally diffuse 100% pure and therapeutic essential oils. There are 3 scents – Wild Rose, French Lavender and Yuzu Citrus.

Aromatherapy Candles

I love how my living room smells while burning one of the Wild Rose Aromatherapy candles. This scent is a mix of Rose & Jojoba. The ingredients in this candle are safe to burn and good for the environment with 100% essential oils and vegan ingredients. ZERO bees are harmed in the sourcing process in these natural soy wax and hand poured in Boulder, CO. candles.


Goddess Garden is vegan, leaping bunny certified to be cruelty free, free from parabens and synthetic fragrance, reef-safe, woman owned, and a certified B corporation. Shop for your candles or Aromatherapy products at the Goddess Garden shop.