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Coding Express Color-driven Smart Engine by Robobloq for exciting STEM play

Coding Express Color-driven Smart Engine by Robobloq for exciting STEM play

The kids have been inside ALOT! The video games and screen time has been ALOT! I will admit it, my son has had a lot of video game time. I did justify that as a 7th grader he has rocked distant learning. There has been some rough times, but he is self-motivated and still pulling A’s and B’s consistently. So, I feel as long as he puts work first and gets it done well, playtime is his.

I have also learned a bit about his learning style since he is at home for his education. He learns by doing and also has a good ear. With subjects like math and science, STEM play is a great way to teach while they have fun so learning topics like coding, construction and mapping becomes engaging. Coding Express by Robobloq is a brilliant STEM toy that kids as young as 3 can play and learn with.

This Coding Express train runs exactly how your child tells it to. You can build the included track in so many configurations, then use the 19 color-coded inductive stickers as commands that your train will read and follow. These stickers will guide in direction, certain sounds it will make in its travels, and other effects like stoppage time at certain spots, etc.

For instance, your child can place a play stoplight and code it to stop for 3 seconds then go as if it was actually stopping for the light. Have a whistle? You will want one. If your child blows a whistle at the train it will accelerate. The imagination and creativity will become outstanding as they play. The bonus, they get introduced to coding concepts.

More than commands, the Coding Express intelligent built-in infrared sensor can sense any objects in front of it and avoid/follow it. You even have the option to expand the track system easily as Coding Express track is compatible with other track systems such as Thomas 7 Friends, BRIO and IKEA.

For screen-free learning play, visit Robobloq and order your Coding Express today. You will also find other great coding toys. Also available on Amazon.

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Top 3 Online Shops To Get Your Kids Military Stuff

Top 3 Online Shops To Get Your Kid's Military Stuffs

Is your kid fond of playing with army toys? Does he/she dream of becoming a soldier one day? Well, you can make the dream of your child come true by dressing him/her up as a true soldier. 

Nowadays, there are numerous online shops offering military stuff for youngsters. Make sure you see more about the assortment of army kids products e-shops provide, ranging from clothing items and army toys to costumes and helmets. 

We hope the helpful tips below will assist you in choosing the best online shop for kids military stuff.

Spare some time to read the reviews

When looking for an online shop for military stuff, make sure you read some of the reviews by other customers. Apart from checking their opinion about a particular store in general, look at the user feedback regarding certain items. Selecting the right size of military clothing items can be tricky due to the different types of sizes offered by retailers. 

For instance, a size 2 military shorts in one store might be longer than the same size of shorts offered by another retailer. Nevertheless, trusting a single review isn’t recommended, as you’ll only be considering the opinion of one customer. Also, you are advised to trust the opinion shared by the largest part of reviewers, not just a few of them. There is no logic in trusting a single five-star review if most of the other reviews are negative. 

Have a detailed look at the return policies

Another crucial aspect to consider when looking for a military stuff kids shop is the return policies these e-stores have. Given your kid cannot try the garments on prior to ordering them, it’s crucial for the e-store you select to offer an excellent return policy. You can find the return policy details posted on the sites of retailers or contact them on the phone to have the policies explained in great detail. 

Moreover, many retailers impose time limits regarding the return and exchange of products, which customers must adhere to in order to get a refund or exchange the product. Also, many online shops require customers to retain the original packaging and receipt so as for the return to be successful. Make sure the military kids’ stuff e-store you choose has a lenient return policy, imposing no time limits to consumers. The following link,, explains the economic impact and issues related to product return. 

Check the product assortment

After checking the return policy and inspecting the reviews, it’s time for you to have a comprehensive look at the product assortment. The majority of military items retailers offer much more than just military clothing. For instance, they provide a wide range of bags, footwear, accessories, toys, etc. 

Those parents looking for army clothing for their kids should check out the array of garments offered by retailers. The best retailers offer a variety of shorts, military uniforms, coveralls, military T-shirts, hats, coats, jackets, boots, etc. Some of them even sell special military clothes for cold weather such as field jackets, insulated coveralls, gloves, sweaters, thermal underwear, parkas, and scarves. 

Furthermore, some e-stores also offer military camping equipment for kids in the form of binocular, poncho liners, blankets, duffle bags, rucksacks, hydration backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. There are even special clothing lines for babies and toddlers, as well as baby blankets and accessories. The online shop you pick is supposed to have a vast range of products, divided into multiple categories for customers to inspect prior to making a purchase. 

Choose the right fabrics

When shopping for military garments, the choice of fabrics is of essential importance for the comfort of your children. The clothing items are supposed to be made from materials that withstand a lot of washing while providing the necessary comfort. For instance, T-shirts are particularly prone to color fading after no more than a couple of washes. 

Therefore, you are advised to read the product description looking for the material. When ordering cotton clothes, make sure the cotton isn’t susceptible to stretching. Apart from cotton, linen, wool, and satin are other acceptable fabric choices for military clothing items for your beloved children. 

Consider the shipping costs

Another vital thing to consider when selecting an e-shop for military kids’ stuff is the cost of shipping. Since shipping expenses tend to be costly, it’s important to find an online shop that offers either flat-rate shipping or free delivery of the items you’ve ordered. Those retailers offering flat-rate shipping set a particular fee at which they deliver any number of products people order. 

Some retailers, on the other hand, offer free shipping on all their items, even when returning products. Nevertheless, the largest number of retailers provide shipping free of charge in case the purchase exceeds a particular sum of money, such as twenty dollars. Additionally, you can visit some sites that provide codes for free shipping and use them to order the items you planned. 

In addition, retailers owning both e-shops and brick-and-mortar shops allow customers to order the products online but have them delivered at their physical stores free of charge. Afterward, they will pick up the military items from the nearest store, thus avoiding paying for shipping. 

Order products your child would love

When shopping for military items online, it’s important to choose clothes and toys your kid would find appealing. It’s incredibly important for the products you select to match the preference of your kids, as they might refuse to wear them or play with them. If your child is into exploration and adventures, buying him/her binoculars and army toys would make him/her incredibly happy. In contrast, such items won’t be suitable for a child who loves playing with Barbie dolls. 

The bottom line

Children deserve to play with their favorite toys. 

In case your kid dreams of becoming a soldier, enable him/her to enjoy his/her dream from a young age. 

You can find all kinds of army stuff online!

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Montessori Toys That Will Grow With Your Child

Maria Montessori developed the Montessori educational philosophy in 1897. This philosophy emphasizes hands-on age-appropriate activities for your child to nurture their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

And although this child-focused educational technique was meant for classroom settings,  it’s now possible to introduce it to your toddler or baby through play. And the best way to do this is by buying your little one a few Montessori-inspired toys.

Montessori Toys That Will Grow With Your Child
Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

What sets a Montessori toy apart from other toys?

You may be wondering what you need to look out for to know that a toy is Montessori friendly. Well, here are a few pointers that will help you know what to look out for when buying a Montessori toy.

  • Toys made from natural materials – Maria Montessori emphasized using natural classroom materials that a child can touch, explore, and connect with. Thus, toys made from natural materials such as ceramic, metal, cotton, wood, and wool are the best. These materials are also safe for your child, and their different textures help define your child’s senses.
  • Purpose-driven and realistic toys – The Montessori philosophy emphasizes the use of realistic toys that are purpose-driven. The toys should be a representation of something real. For instance, if you were to choose between a unicorn and a rhino figurine, you should go for the rhino figurine. Further, the toy should allow your child to engage in meaningful play.
  • Simple but engaging toys – Toys that are free of distractions are the best. Think toys with no bells, batteries, or whistles. The toy should be passive, encouraging your child to manipulate it to make a sound. They should also be simple but encourage your little one to explore and engage in self-directed creative play
  • Toys that hone a skill – Montessori toys should teach your little one a skill or build on one. This helps create a good foundation for advanced learning in your child’s later years. A good example is a shape puzzle that teaches your little one concentration or shape recognition.

Now that you know what to look for when buying Montessori toys let’s look at a few amazing Montessori-inspired toys you can get for your child.

Grabbing toy for babies who are starting to reach for things 

  1.  Manhattan toy Skwish natural rattle

This rattle and teether toy is perfect for your little one who is yearning for something to hold and touch. The toy is lightweight, making it ideal for tiny hands to grab, plus its unique shape makes it easy to reach. Besides, it produces a gentle rattling sound that allows your little one to explore sounds and understand cause and effect. 

The fact that it’s made from wood with a smooth and baby-safe water-based acrylic finish makes it safe for your little one who is teething. This is also a toy that won’t break when banged as it’s made from quality and durable wooden material.

Rattling roller for crawling babies

  1. PlanToys wooden rainbow baby roller with sound

Is your little one just starting to crawl? Then, it would be best if you got them a toy that encourages their gross motor skills. 

This wooden rainbow baby roller from PlanToys is perfect for tiny hands to pick up, plus it’s beautiful when it rolls, keeping your little one interested. 

Moreover, this toy has a rattling sound that ensures your baby doesn’t give up crawling even when the roller rolls away. The wood sound is soothing and not distractive. 

The rainbow colors further stimulate your baby’s sight, and since this product is made from quality chemical-free rubber wooden material, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe and it will serve many generations. 

A memory toy

  1. Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Sea Life Matching and Memory Game – 18 Piece Set

This matching sea life matching and memory game from Playskills Toys is perfect if you want to encourage your child to concentrate or focus on a task. 

This game also improves your child’s short-term memory and nurtures their creativity. Since this memory game is based on linking two related images, your child’s visual discrimination will also improve.

The 18 piece set of sea animal cards are made from non-toxic wood, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting sick after putting one or two cards in their mouth.

Letter writing toy

  1. Montessori Safari Animals 

These wooden safari animal figurines keep in line with the Montessori principle of giving your child lifelike playthings to spark their creativity and interest. 

With a realistic-looking lion or giraffe, you allow your child to experience what a real lion looks like before visiting the zoo. It also becomes easy to name all the animal body parts if you’re homeschooling. Besides, since your child is also supposed to match the figurines with similar-looking flashcards, they learn to concentrate, which improves their memory.

This sturdy set of safari animals and matching flashcards is made from natural wood with a non-toxic child-safe paint finish. It’s best suited for children who are age three and up.

Final thoughts

In closing, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the Montessori toys available in the market. But these five toys and games are some of our highly recommended Montessori-friendly ones.  Besides, they are suitable for different age groups, making them ideal if you have children of different ages in your home. Get your child one of these toys, and we can bet they will fall in love with it.