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Why Should You Use an Independent Health Care Marketplace?

While some people receive health benefits from their employers, many others are left searching for something to offset the demanding costs of medical bills. You may work as an independent contractor, not meet company hours or complete a job that doesn’t provide the service. For those without medical coverage, guidance could offer several benefits. Here are several reasons to consider using an independent marketplace to acquire an insurance plan.

It Reduces Company Affiliation and Influence

When researching a health insurance plan in Massachusetts, you want to select something that offers you the best deal. Some organizations are closely tied to hospitals or health insurance companies. Others may be working directly with government agencies. Cut the ties. These places may not be looking to give you the best selection but one that could be more suited to their operations. They want to make money.

An independent health care marketplace, however, is different. It does not have these connections. Instead, they gather information, supply numbers and provide you with options. They work with several agencies without preferring one over the other. This may mean you get less bias and prioritize your needs.

It Simplifies the Process

What do you want out of health care? Independent healthcare service has agents who can work with you to search for choices, but this happens through one person and at one time. You do not have to visit different businesses or call around during your lunch hour to discuss plans. Go online and complete a survey, sharing information about yourself and your interests. Then, agency members review the details, research best fits and send you plans at various prices with different coverage possibilities.

They Understand Supplemental Coverage

Some establishments may give you partial coverage, but you could want more. An agent knows to review what you currently have and determine what reasonable selections are offered in the state.

For instance, your office may supply reasonable coverage for wellness checks and hospital stays, but vision and dental may be lacking. If you require more attention to teeth or have a history of vision concerns, you may wish to invest in additional coverage for these areas. A health insurance plan from the marketplace gives you the chance to fill in these holes and boost insurance where you desire more coverage.

They Know the Laws

If you do not think that you can afford insurance, professionals in the marketplace are aware of laws and codes that could assist you in receiving government subsidies. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) citizens with certain qualifications could get assistance on the monthly payments. In addition, you could reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

A health insurance plan is there to offer security during difficult times. Whether you break a bone, catch the flu or require long-term treatment, your plan is something that eases the financial stress so you can focus on your wellbeing. Working with an independent marketplace to find the right plan is important for these reasons. Agents have a wealth of background and expertise to assist in meeting your needs.

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Save on New Plaque Disclosing Tablets for Kids from Smile Brilliant

plaque disclosing tablets

The best teeth brushing tool for kids is now available from Smile Brilliant and I can save you on your order! These are the Plaque Highlighter chewable tablets for kids (an adult version is also available). They are for ages 5+ and even my teen became intrigued by using the tablets. You will be amazed at how unclean your teeth really can be even after you just brushed. I know it woke my son to the fact that he does not brush well enough.

Each box of plaque disclosing tablets for kids has 30 Berry Blast-flavored chewable tablets. They highlight plaque & tartar buildup with a temporary pink dye. This encourages kids to brush away all the color as fast as they can. It makes brushing habits stronger and more fun!

They chew one tablet, swish around the mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out. Do a quick water rinse and find the existing plaque under the pink dye! Now, they can work to brush and floss away for a cleaner mouth.

Smile Brilliant products are backed by decades of research and hygienists & dental professionals.

Enjoy 25% off any set of plaque highlighters with code usfg25 via this link!

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5 Symptoms You May Not Recognize Are Signs of Mental Illness

5 Symptoms You May Not Recognize Are Signs of Mental Illness
Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Mental health disorders appear in many forms, which makes them tough to recognize, diagnose and treat, especially when your symptoms could point to several physical conditions as well. If you’ve tried time and time again to overcome specific feelings or behaviors but fall short every time, then you may need more help than you can give yourself.  

You don’t have to suffer in silence, even if what you’re experiencing seems like something you should be able to tackle on your own. The following five symptoms and signs of mental illness may be a reason to seek online mental health services and discover the chemical or emotional cause of your woes.

1. Feeling Worried all the Time

Everyone worries and stresses from time to time, but when the feelings don’t subside, there could be a bigger problem. Constant feelings of anxiety can stop you from living your life and interfere with important relationships. If you feel worried but you’re not sure why, or if you have additional symptoms like shortness of breath, headache, dizziness or heart palpitations, you should ask to be screened for an anxiety disorder right away.  

2. Quick Mood Changes and Emotional Outbursts

It’s not always easy to determine how quickly or how often your mood shifts because you’re typically focused on the catalyst and not the feelings. However, your friends and family can tell when you’re experiencing a dramatic change and this can cause them to distance themselves from you at times. If there’s a chemical reason for your outbursts, then medical intervention may be able to alleviate some of your distress.

3. Feeling Sad for No Reason

People often try to justify depression with a reason. You’re tired because you work too hard, or you can’t work out because you broke your ankle back in high school. Being sad “just because” is okay sometimes, but when you lose motivation and interest in hobbies, friendships and work for long periods of time, you could be in the throws of deep mental anguish.

4. Inability to Sleep

Disruption of sleep patterns is often a sign of mental illness, but there are so many other catalysts to blame that you may not even consider it. If you’ve tried everything to cure your insomnia including removing electronic devices, ensuring total darkness and following a strict bedtime routine but sleep still eludes you, then you should ask your doctor about sleep disorders.

5. Loss of Appetite or Weight Fluctuation

Weight issues plague most of the population at one point or another, so when your own eating habits start to fluctuate, you may not think too much about it. However, if you experience rapid weight loss or gain compounded by feelings of anxiety, or if you start to obsess over your food intake, then you may be suffering from deep depression or even an eating disorder.

Chances are, everyone will experience at least one of the symptoms on this list, which does not necessarily point to mental illness. However, if you experience prolonged or compounded indications, you should speak with a professional to learn more about what’s happening in your brain.

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T4O Works Like TTO But Is Better For Eyelid Issues

The essential oil Tea Tree Oil (TTO) has been used in Australia for over 100 years. A significant body of research has demonstrated its capabilities as an antimicrobial.  It is commonly used in the treatment of eyelid issues. TTO can be used in many other medical applications. But 4-terpineol (T4O) performs all of these just as well as TTO and is better for Blepharitis and other eyelid diseases.

The Active Ingredient

The native Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia is the source of TTO. It contains several helpful ingredients but the primary active substance, terpineol is also found in T4O products such as Cliradex. This compound has the ability to fight microbes thus helping to cure and prevent several medical issues.

1. It Can Fight Acne and Skin Conditions

T4O is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial and so can be useful in treating eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. It can kill the microbes that cause these problems and help prevent them from coming back. Research found that using T4O two times a day for 12 weeks lessened the incidence of facial blemishes. It can thus be helpful in the fight against acne.

2. Skin Irritations

T4O is also effective in fighting rashes and irritations of the skin. By reducing inflammation, it can improve the health of the skin. More research is needed, but some studies have found that the anti-inflammatory capabilities of T4O may help heal wounds. It may also be useful in treating sunburn and insect bites. 

3. It Fights Microbial Infections

T4O has demonstrated a solid ability to fight fungus, bacteria and viruses. Studies show that products containing T4O can effectively kill harmful microbes and thus fight their related infections. The terpineol in T40 can inhibit the growth of bacteria, including Escherichia coli, streptococcus pneumonia and streptococcus pyongenes. This helps to prevent and cure infections of the sinuses, bloodstream, urinary tract as well as strep throat. Pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses can also be treated with T4O. 

Research has shown that T4O can also be effective in fighting several types of viral infections including influenza and herpes. One study found that it can eliminate and prevent warts, especially in children. 

T4O is also an excellent anti-fungal. It works well in treating athlete’s foot and jock itch as well as clearing up toenail fungus and candida. Research subjects found relief within two weeks.

4. Dry Scalp

T4O is effective in fighting Seborrheic dermatitis commonly known as dry scalp. This affliction causes dry and scaly areas on the scalp. A persistent itch is a dominant symptom. It is irritating as well as unhealthy. Research has discovered that T4O can relieve these symptoms.

5. Treatment of Head Lice

Many parents know the horror of head lice. Parasites that live in human hair, feed on blood and transfer easily from one person to another, lice can infest large numbers of students at the same school. T4O can be effective at preventing lice eggs from hatching as well as killing the adults. Keeping future generations of pests from hatching is key to ending the infestation. 

Researchers found that using T4O as a treatment killed 100% of head lice within 30 minutes. When used for a period of five days, it prevented eggs from hatching. 

6. Congestion and Respiratory Tract Infections 

Since the beginnings of its medicinal use, melaleuca leaves have been ground and inhaled as a treatment for colds and coughing due to congestion. The leaves were also placed in solutions for use in relieving sore throats. As an antimicrobial, T4O can fight bacteria that cause infections of the respiratory system. In addition to helping to heal these infections, T4O is also a useful preventative for them as well as coughs and colds.

7. Prevention of Antibiotic Resistance

Conventional antibiotics have long been used effectively to fight bacteria. One potential problem is that a patient can develop a resistance to the medication after prolonged use. A study published in “The Open MIcrobiology Journal” discovered a synergistic connection between antibiotics and terpineol. T4O when used together with a traditional antibiotic can help prevent resistance. 

8. Scabies Treatment

Scabies is also known as the seven-year itch and is caused by the Sarcoptes scabei mite infesting the skin. With symptoms of a rash and constant and severe itching, this condition is irritating and highly contagious. Flinders University in Australia conducted research that found that terpineol reduced the population of scabies mites significantly in test subjects. T4O is a completely natural treatment that kills mites both above and below the skin.

9. Bad Breath Elimination

Bad breath is an embarrassing condition that can also be harmful. When bacteria collects on the tongue and tonsils and in the throat it can cause gingivitis or bad breath. Some people use a breath spray or chew gum but these just cover the odor without addressing the root of the problem. A good mouthwash can kill bacteria, but terpineol has been shown to be more effective. When the bacteria are eliminated, so is bad breath. T4O can also kill the fungus that sometimes grows after a root canal or other oral procedure. Take care not to swallow T4O when using it to treat bad breath. It should be spat out completely after rinsing.

T4O Is Best For Eyelid Issues

Anything that TTO can treat can also be treated by T40, but there is one medical issue in which T4O has been found superior. Demodex-associated blepharitis (DAB) is caused by an infestation of the eyelash follicles by the Demodex folliculorum mite. Research involving the T4O product Cliradex and two others found that the Clirdex killed the demodex in an average time of 40 minutes. This was twice as fast as the closest competition. When it comes to treating eyelid issues, T4O may be the best.

For over a century, TTO has been used to treat many ailments. Science has backed its capabilities as an antimicrobial. T4O which also contains the effective ingredient terpineol treats these ailments just as effectively but is much better for DAB and eyelid problems.