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Polly Cloth removes bacteria better than standard cleaning supplies

Polly Cloth removes bacteria better than standard cleaning supplies

2020 became the year of clean and sanitize real quick! I can tell you I was NOT one of the shoppers racing to the store for chemical cleaners and wipes. That is because I am aware of brands that clean just as effectively without the chemicals and those ingredients can actually cause upper respiratory illnesses and isn’t that what we are trying to avoid? In my home I use my Polly cloth and I can pair this with a safe cleaner or use with water.

Polly cloth

There are so many benefits to using the Polly cloth as opposed to single-use products that are not good for our environment. Take a look at what the Polly cloth does for you and your home:

  • Removes 99.99% of bacteria
  • Electrostatic charge attracts dust, dirt & bacteria
  • Over 300 miles of fiber in each cloth, giving more surface area to each clean
  • Higher split-rate than Norwex or E-cloth, so it picks up bacteria better
  • No harmful chemicals needed
  • All-purpose: gentle enough for leather, stainless steel, etc. but still effective
  • Absorbs 8x its weight
  • Removes stains
  • Can be reused 1000+ times
  • Reduces disposable and chemical waste
  • More affordable
  • Eco-friendly packaging
safer cleaning

You can do the math and see that buying a few Polly cloths is cheaper than stocking up on disposable cleaning products. I keep my grey color cloths for glass and stainless steel and my blue for furniture and counters when doing a deep clean. You can use them how you wish and then you just add to your washing machine and dryer like normal. You may wash with bleach. This makes them reusable for quite a while.

cleaning cloth

Polly uses patented technology that Hospitals across the US use to clean. The Polly cloth is unrivaled in performance and durability. What makes it work better is that each minuscule fiber removes microscopic dirt & bacteria — which your standard cleaning supplies or Microfiber often swipe right past.

Visit to order your Polly Cloths today!

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Send the kids to school with Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle

Send the kids to school with Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle

Have we ever been more apprehensive about sending the kids back to school as we do with this virus? Our kids will be distant learning for now, but many are going back and we need to now teach our children proper hygiene and less sharing. You may not want them sharing supplies with other kids or drinking from the same water fountain to stay germ-safe right now. Send them to school with this lightweight, collapsible water bottle from Nomader®.

water bottle

The cap is a twist cap so you can assure there will be no leakage. Rolling it up so they can toss it securely in their bag when they empty it is very simple to do. Kids can learn very easily. It is very durable, you can feel it. The materials are safe as well.

Nomad Water Bottle

The kids need their hydration and may be used to heading to a water fountain but health experts advise carrying water bottles and avoid sharing spaces so if your child does not have a leak-proof and lightweight bottle to carry all day, this is the best collapsible water bottle I have come across in a long time for kids.

collapsible water bottle

Not just for kids, but it also makes a great water bottle for hikes and campus life because it is so durable and versatile. The size when rolled up and weight are its best features aside from not leaking.

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle retail for $24.95 and are available in a range of stylish colors at and at Amazon

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Wander Puzzle is making connections with women through their designs

Wander Puzzle is making connections with women through their designs

In today’s world we lack real connections. We yearn for chances to connect, communicate and uplift our moods. There is nothing more uplifting and fulfilling like completing a puzzle and when the design of that puzzle supports women and International female artists that adds an extra special element to a favorite past time.

Wander Puzzle Co. is a new puzzle company dedicated to inspiring women and supporting female artists through multicultural puzzles that promote a sense of space, comfort, and confidence.

Roadtrip puzzle

My Wander puzzle is called Roadtrip. With the virus travel plans were cancelled for spring and summer but we did take our son on an RV coastal road trip and every detail in this artwork is so fun and inspiring. Don’t you just want to grab some good music and a girlfriend and hit the road as you stare at this design? I like to start my puzzles looking for the 4 corners first!

500mpiece puzzle

They are beautifully designed by female artists. During the time of COVID-19, Wander Puzzle Co. chose to give back to support women’s issues as household quarantine sets the stage for many women to be stuck with their abusers under extreme measures of uncertainty and stress. These factors exacerbate gender-based violence. Additionally, they gave back to Feeding America as well as African Social Enterprises. A cause dear to me.

making connections

There are 4 designs and each are 500 pieces. Three for Tea, The Movement, Just Chillin’, and Road Trip are available at They will soon be adding 2 new designs including a 1,000-piece puzzle for the best challenge. Head over and see these amazing designs! Send one off with your student as they leave for school, what a fun project as they connect with their new roomate!