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How to Help Your Child Become a Better Guitar Player

How to Help Your Child  Become a Better Guitar Player
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When you decide to have your child play a musical instrument, you are making one of the best decisions you can make for them. Learning music and how to play is a skill that they will have for the rest of their lives and it will bring them comfort and enjoyment always. It can also provide benefits to others.

Learning to play the guitar is perhaps the best choice for an instrument. It is a solo instrument that can play chords meaning with this instrument alone they can play complete songs. It is also a portable instrument that they can always have with them. 

Like any instrument however the guitar will take long hours of practice and focus for your child to become a better guitar player. Most kids who stop playing do so because they are not getting the type of response they expect. They want to play songs, but getting to that point takes time and practice. The key is to constantly find ways to keep them interested and once they start playing to help them become constantly better at the guitar. With this in mind, here are some ideas for helping your son or daughter to become a better guitar player. 

Make it Fun

Most young people will continue doing something if they think it is fun. So you should always aim to make learning the guitar fun. For reference think about the things you like to do that are fun and how excited you get. You might love bowling, swimming or even playing your favorite casino games on Casimba Casino. As you select your favorite version of slots, blackjack, video power, live power or other game, the excitement builds and you anticipate the coming fun. This is the same feeling you want to bring out in your child so he or she looks forward to practicing and can feel like a better guitar player. 

To do this, set some easy to set goals initially and make sure lessons always have a payoff for them. If it is learning a string, a simple chord or a song, make sure they get something. Also reward them when they make progress or even put in a good effort. This will show them you appreciate their hard work. Finally if they want to take a break or miss a lesson, allow them to do it with the promise that they will make it up. Focus on positive reinforcement techniques and they will gravitate to the guitar faster. 

Purchase a Decent Guitar

Today you can buy guitars very cheap from nearly any large retailer. These guitars are usually really cheap. A cheap guitar is one that doesn’t have a good sound or does not stay in tune.If you select one of these guitars your child will hate the sound and not want to practice or play. Instead go to a music store and buy a less expensive guitar. You should definitely buy a cheaper one until you are sure your child likes playing, but at a music store you will get a good cheap guitar. Bring along your child so that they can see the music store. It will motivate and inspire them to want to play and become a part of the music community. 

Find Other Kids Who are Learning

Look for other kids who are also learning to play and encourage your child to spend time with them. This will likely create bonding and show both kids that there is someone just like them trying to get good at the guitar. You should encourage them to play together and show each other what they know. One will likely be better than the other and the more advanced player can even teach the other. Bonding like this helps to make both players more motivated and they will likely have lots of fun sharing.

Be patient and offer lots of encouragement and your child will likely become a better guitar player.

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Empathy Airlines Children’s Book Teaches Children to Combat Prejudice

Empathy Airlines Children's Book Teaches Children to Combat Prejudice

Children’s Book Teaches Children to Combat Prejudice

Empathy Airlines is the second book in the Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope children’s series. Where book 1 also taught children about empathy, book 2 Jelly Beans and Hope explore what originally brought them together and brings a new element of listening with compassion.

Empathy Airlines is a game that the 2 played to work to learn each other’s languages. She had a compassionate experience when she lost her Mother and traveled to Africa and wanted to share her story. They use play and communication to teach and interact with other children and to learn more about each other. It adds a simple touch about how we can combat prejudice no matter what species you are or your talents and looks.

Along the way they help another injured Cheetah and also get scared when they encounter an angry Elephant Mother with her baby. They have to assure her they mean no harm.

While playing their Airlines Empathy game with all the children they created a song that is meant to relay that all people and animals have value and encourages loving each other, empathy, combat prejudice, kindness and a world of seeing.

You can buy Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope and Empathy Airlines by visiting their website and also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

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Big Heart Feels (Small Voice Says) – Children’s Book Teaches Empathy

Big Heart Feels (Small Voice Says) by Mike and Mackenzie Morrison

Have you ever said to your child, “Honey, you need to put yourself into (their) shoes…”? Depending on their age that is a hard question to swallow as if you just asked them if they wore someone else’s shoes, literally. Empathy is actually a hard concept at a young age to understand and explain because empathy is needed in so many different ways and situations.

When young children are naturally motivated in a selfish way, getting them to see another’s point of view is a big lesson. I think we forget how big it is for them and we feel frustrated when our child seems ‘too selfish’ or ‘not caring’. Books are the best tools we have and as they can be on a subject that teaches empathy or kindness they allow us to start healthy conversations also. This book is a great tool to start a conversation about thinking of others before yourself.

teaches empathy
Big Heart Fells teaches empathy

Big Heart Feels (Small Voice Says) – Children’s Book Teaches Empathy

Big Heart Feels is a children’s book that teaches empathy in such a way that it helps you teach your child to step into someone else’s shoes and see their point of view.

In this story Angela learns to see 3 different points of view in her own home, a friend at a birthday party and in her classroom. She sees someone struggling, tries to comfort them and help them not feel so alone in their struggles by either practicing patience, kindness and care.

When you read a ‘big lesson’ like Big Heart Feels and it has such a colorful cover then it becomes shelf worthy while it teaches empathy. Read this book and make it the front book shelf cover so your child sees it each time they enter their space as a reminder to practice empathy. Buy this book on Amazon!

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