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The NOMATIC Toiletry Bag is designed to ensure your toiletries stay protected

The NOMATIC Toiletry Bag is designed to ensure your toiletries stay protected

This is not a general toiletry bag that Dad will enjoy. This is a highly functional bag with purposeful design Dad will love! The NOMATIC Toiletry Wash Bag for travel keeps all of your travel necessities together in a waterproof storage case. You can feel the quality right away!

durable toiletry bag

This bag comes in 2 sizes – small and large (standard). It includes a hanging strap as well. It is very well made to stay compact and even has a dedicated toothbrush compartment. Even when I load essentials, it stays compact for easy packing.

Nomatic travel bags

I also love the visible pockets inside. I can see what I need and get to it easily. You can hang with the bag open or shut. Cleaning is very easy as the material used makes it easy to wipe off residue. All zippers are have a pull string. This would also make a great bag for carrying medical supplies like diabetes supplies, etc. This is because the compartments have great proportions for small items.

travel bag stays dry

Nomatic has many great backpacks and travel accessories. This NOMATIC Toiletry Wash Bag for Travel is available on Amazon. You can head over to the NOMATIC website for great gift ideas!

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2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2022 Father's Day Gift Guide

Once again, I have partnered with some great brands to bring you many 2022 Father’s Day gift ideas so you can make 2022 and epic Father’s Day after a long year for all of us! If there was ever a year the men in your life deserved a day, it is June 19, 2022!

Keep checking in as I add more…..

Which gift catches your eye?

SPICE OF LIFE Buddy Beat Neck Speaker Light with Call Answering

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NOMATIC– Toiletry Wash Bag for Travel, Waterproof Storage Case for Shaving Kit, Toiletries

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If a Health Basket is what Dad would love, Viva Naturals has supplements and health food choices made with natural ingredients

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Cushion Lab has this ergonomic travel neck pillow with carry case.

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Pirani is the last party cup you will need! The reusable red (other colors available) cup!

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1st in Coffee has many coffee gifts dad will love

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SPICE OF LIFE Portable Neck Fan – Hands-Free Wireless W Fan 2nd Edition

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Proud Grill UltraVersatile Stainless Steel Grill Basket with adjustable and removable handle

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Seabear Smoked Salmon Gift Sets from Anacortes, Wa

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Naked Nutrition protein products offer the best ingredients for better performance.

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How To Get Kids Enthusiastic About Dental Hygiene

How To Get Kids Enthusiastic About Dental Hygiene

There’s great news in the dental sphere for parents and kids alike: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that fewer kids have cavities! The latest statistics compiled show that around 43% of kids aged two to 19 have cavities, down 50 per cent from four years previously. Of course, as far as kids are concerned, any cavity is superfluous. The pain and anxiety associated with tooth decay can be avoided by ensuring that kids are motivated to stick to their dental routine. Follow these tips and your kids will be flashing their pearly whites for many years to come.

Finding the causes of tooth decay in children

Before building a tooth hygiene strategy, it is vital to be aware of most common culprits, which include consuming a diet that is high in refined sugar (including cookies, pasta, and bread), sharing utensils with others (since bacteria can be passed on), and failing to clean teeth regularly. Getting kids used to a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet comprising lean protein, Omega-3-rich fats, and plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, will seriously reduce the likelihood of decay. Moreover, this type of nutritional regime will help them stay at a healthy weight and hopefully be the start of a healthy relationship with food throughout their lifetime. Get kids excited about nutrition by using informative apps. Teach them to look for ingredients such as fructose, partially hydrogenated oil, or additives when you go shopping, and have fun in the kitchen by encouraging kids to help you prepare meals.

Pre-tooth hygiene

A child’s routine should start early, even before they grow any teeth! Parents should pass a clean, warm, wet cloth over the gum area to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. You can also use gauze for this purpose, wrapping this material around your pointer finger and rubbing it along the gum at least once a day. If your child is teething, use cold water, which will help soothe the pain. Once your child starts on solid foods, repeat this step after each meal. As teeth begin to come through, you should use a toothpaste made for your children, brushing twice a day. Be particularly thorough with the back molars, which tend to be the first teeth to develop cavities.

Professional dental visits are key

The standard time at which children are advised to see a dentist is six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Dentists will ensure you are cleaning your child’s teeth correctly, and let you know if they have particular fluoride needs. Your dentist will look at your child’s teeth, jaw, bite, and gum health, to identify any potential issues. Sometimes, the removal of tartar or plaque buildup will be required, in which case gentle cleaning will be recommended by your dentist. Parents should also know that emergency dental services are available, should their child need it. In other words, do take your child to the dentist in case of an emergency – don’t put it off, as it will help you avoid future complications. In a normal case scenario however, kids should see the dentist every six months, though more visits may be required if orthodontics or other treatments are required.

Getting children excited about dental hygiene

In order to motivate kids, it is important to get them excited about brushing their teeth. There are electric toothbrushes such as the Philips Sonicare for kids, which come with colorful, fun apps that ‘accompany kids’ during brushing, showing them the angle at which to place their toothbrush and encouraging them to stay on each tooth for the right amount of time. These toothbrushes also have fun features such as stickers, bright colors, and other ways for children to personalize their toothbrush.

Making it a fun experience

The best way to teach children the importance of a healthy diet and dental hygiene is by setting a good example. Add a bit of fun to the process by brushing your teeth alongside your child. Use music or dance to create your own special ‘routine’. Soon, kids will see brushing as a highlight of their day. When they are old enough to use floss, encourage this habit, as a way to keep cavities at bay.

To ensure that kids brush their teeth regularly, ensure they visit a good dentist, adopt a regular brushing routine, and add a few fun ingredients into the equation. Having a beautiful, cavity-free smile is vital when it comes to being self-confident. Empower your kids to smile from ear to ear throughout their lifetime, both at work and in social settings.

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2 Gifts Dad can use for Traveling this summer from Spice of Life

2 Gifts Dad can use for Traveling this summer from Spice of Life

As you prepare for summer travels, Father’s Day and celebrations, we know that weather and time will be factors. I love the long days of summer where I can be outdoors late in the day before it gets dark. It is all serene until heat takes its toll. These 2 products from Spice of Life make great gifts Dad can use and for the Traveler on your gift lists.

speaker light

When the long days end and you need to relax, nothing beats a good playlist and an engaging book. The Hands Free Buddy Beat Speaker Light with bluetooth connectivity puts “Me-Time” in your hands (or around your neck). The LED lights are bright up front as well as the LED light with the glow-in-the-dark logo in the back. For safety, you can be seen coming and going in the dark. The arms are flexible so you can adjust the light in different angles according to the direction needed.

book light

Use the bluetooth speaker to listen to music, podcasts or take calls. Your hands are free to tidy up at the end of the evening outside or read a book as the day ends. They come in 4 colors – black, ivory, lime green, and camouflage color.

neck fan

Another must-have summer gadget from Spice of Life is the Portable Neck Fan. Just as it sounds – it is a fan you wear around your neck. The material is so soft and comfortable (just like the light speaker I mention above) and is not heavy at all.

It has 5 blades in each fan head to produce maximum airflow with minimal noise. It is flexible so that you can adjust to your height and wind direction. Choose from 3 speeds and your fingers are safe from the blades. Also, there are 10 color choices. You can stay cool and keep your hands free!

stay breezy fan

Spice of Life has many useful gadgets like these that make great gifts and also help make your summer more enjoyable. Visit Spice of Life online and on Amazon.