Parenting Healthy’s 2021 Easter Gift Guide

Parenting Healthy's 2021 Easter Gift Guide

Welcome to the Easter Gift Guide of 2021! Last Easter my high school I work at was closed and my middle schooler was learning from home and it was new but we really thought it was just a little more longer then we would go back. This Easter it will be 1 week since they are back – after more than a year!

It was rough, but OK in the end. My son did very well and maintained great grades, but is so ready to get back to classmates and sports. Easter may just need to be a bit more special this year. It falls at a great time to reward our longest distant learners for their endurance and resilience.

I have teamed up with some great brands to give you plenty of Easter morning gift ideas. Please visit each and check them out. They benefit by your visits and support.

Children Books

When Sharks Attack With Kindness

When Sharks Attack With Kindness by Andres Colmenares – a book that is a collection of cute comics to help cope with big feelings

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Let's Learn About Chemistry

Let’s Learn About Chemistry by Stephanie Ryan, PhD – a book about Periodic Symbols and different states of matter in a game of ”One of these things is not like the other!”

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Where, Oh Where, Is Barnaby Bear?

Where, Oh Where, Is Barnaby Bear? by Wendy Rouillard – a sing-song rhyme that children will want to repeat each night before bed!

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Story Magic Wooden Beads Set

Story Magic Wooden Beads Set – Mix and match 100+ natural wooden beads and charms on pre-cut elastic cording to create whimsical, personalized accessories 

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Just My Style Pretty Pastel Tie-Dye Bag

Just My Style Pretty Pastel Tie-Dye Bag by Horizon Group USA, DIY Tie Dye Kit Includes 3 Tie Dye Bottles, Microwaveable Bag, Protective Gloves, Rubber Bands, Fully-Illustrated Instructions

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The Young Scientist Prehistoric Animal Card Games

The Young Scientist Prehistoric Animal Card Games, 4 Dinosaur Card Games in 1, Matching, Bingo, Memory, Trivia, Hands-On Educational Fun

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Coding Express

Coding Express – The 19 color-coded inductive stickers can bring an educational and interesting play for children to learn the primary knowledge about robotics and coding

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Nomad Kevlar Universal Cable

Nomad Kevlar Universal Cable | 0.3 Meters | USB-A to USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB

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Health & Body

Evolved by Nature sanitizer

Evolved by Nature Sanitizers/Soaps/Lotions – enhances the skin’s natural barrier function to lock in moisture use after use

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More gift ideas coming almost daily so keep checking back!

Education, STEM Learning, Toy Reviews

Coding Express Color-driven Smart Engine by Robobloq for exciting STEM play

Coding Express Color-driven Smart Engine by Robobloq for exciting STEM play

The kids have been inside ALOT! The video games and screen time has been ALOT! I will admit it, my son has had a lot of video game time. I did justify that as a 7th grader he has rocked distant learning. There has been some rough times, but he is self-motivated and still pulling A’s and B’s consistently. So, I feel as long as he puts work first and gets it done well, playtime is his.

I have also learned a bit about his learning style since he is at home for his education. He learns by doing and also has a good ear. With subjects like math and science, STEM play is a great way to teach while they have fun so learning topics like coding, construction and mapping becomes engaging. Coding Express by Robobloq is a brilliant STEM toy that kids as young as 3 can play and learn with.

This Coding Express train runs exactly how your child tells it to. You can build the included track in so many configurations, then use the 19 color-coded inductive stickers as commands that your train will read and follow. These stickers will guide in direction, certain sounds it will make in its travels, and other effects like stoppage time at certain spots, etc.

For instance, your child can place a play stoplight and code it to stop for 3 seconds then go as if it was actually stopping for the light. Have a whistle? You will want one. If your child blows a whistle at the train it will accelerate. The imagination and creativity will become outstanding as they play. The bonus, they get introduced to coding concepts.

More than commands, the Coding Express intelligent built-in infrared sensor can sense any objects in front of it and avoid/follow it. You even have the option to expand the track system easily as Coding Express track is compatible with other track systems such as Thomas 7 Friends, BRIO and IKEA.

For screen-free learning play, visit Robobloq and order your Coding Express today. You will also find other great coding toys. Also available on Amazon.


How to Relax as a Family After Relocation

How to Relax as a Family After Relocation
Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

Saying goodbye to your old place and moving to a new one can be exhausting. You will spend several months dealing with every detail. After a successful relocation, your family deserves to relax. You’re not the only one who felt exhausted because of this decision. Apart from the physical exhaustion, relocation can also take a toll on your emotional health. Relax and feel better after relocation.

Look for local accommodation to have a staycation

Even if you enjoy your new house and you feel excited to stay there, it’s not yet perfect. There are still many things that need to happen. You also don’t have enough time to finish decorating everything. You feel tired, and you don’t have the resources yet. It makes sense if you decide to look for local accommodation and enjoy a staycation. It is also a way to get to know the neighbourhood. Even if you found a wonderful place to live in, you will only appreciate it once you finish decorating it. For now, a lovely staycation place is good enough.

Shop for new home features 

If you moved into an empty house, you have more freedom to determine how to decorate it. If you wish to buy a luxury painting or antique products, it’s your choice. However, you also have to consider buying relaxing features. Freestanding baths would be a great addition. They might be pricey, but you will enjoy using them. Your entire family will also love having one at home. Whenever you feel stressed out, you can go to the bathroom and take a break.

Order food online

There’s nothing wrong with cooking at home. However, after moving to a new place, you won’t have the energy to provide home-cooked meals for your family. Sometimes you want to order food online and call it a day. Your family will probably agree with this decision. Tell them they can order whatever they want. 

Walk around 

Since you recently moved into a new city, you will still feel like a tourist. Therefore, if you walked around, it helps. It will allow you to get to know the area. You can also find your neighbours as you stroll.

Do nothing for a day

You can decide as a family to not do anything for a day. Forget about anything related to relocation. You can also drop work-related tasks. You can call it your lazy day. There’s nothing wrong with doing it since you spent too much time working on other things. If you want to take a break for a day, you deserve it. Don’t worry about the rest of the relocation tasks. You can deal with them later when you regain energy.

Deciding to move to a new place isn’t easy. Even your children will disagree with it. They don’t like to leave the people they know and start over again. Finding ways to relax as a family is an excellent idea. You need time to hit the reset button before you keep going.