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Celebrate Historical Women in Legends from Mom’s Closet Book Tour- Giveaway

Historical Women - Legends from Mom's Closet

Open up that dress up trunk and become inspired with Sasha as she puts down her books she read about remarkable historical women of the past and becomes them! The fancy hats and dresses, the role modeling of styles from women like Audrey Hepburn and Billie Holiday. This is the girliest of girl books for daughter and Mom written by Sasha herself! She just became her own inspirational woman (visit her website here)!

About the book – Tribute to Historical Women

In Legends from Mom’s Closet, 10-year-old Sasha Olsen documents how she
spent a rainy summer indoors using her creativity and imagination. After
reading a stack of books about women like Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn and Billie Holiday, Sasha’s imagination ran wild and she ended up in her mom’s closet picking through her clothes and her grandmother’s vintage pieces to dress up like all the female legends she had been reading about. Complete with photos of the looks she created and tips for other young girls on how they, too, can emulate these iconic women, Legends from Mom’s Closet will inspire readers to delve into the lives of truly remarkable women from the past to learn a thing or two about what it means to be legendary in today’s world.

About the Author

Sasha Olsen is a 10-year-old author, environmental activist, ballroom dancer, bookworm, pianist, and enjoys anything artistic. She always finds new hobbies and things to do, which usually ends up in her trying to juggle everything. She lives with her family in Bal Harbour, Florida, where she also spearheads the conservation movement “I Want My Ocean Back.” Legends From Mom’s Closet is her first book.

Want to buy the book right now? This is so fun and when your daughter needs some fun insight into known historical women this book is for them. Find it on Amazon:

book giveaway

Want to win a copy of this book, Legend’s From Mom’s Closet? Enter to win below if you are 16+ and live in the US! Good luck!


Easy Gluten Free Cheese Crisps Recipe using Folios Cheese Wraps

Gluten Free Cheese Crisps Recipe

I surely have been more adventurous in the kitchen now that I am stuck home. However, what I am finding is many recipes I have been making are one’s I should have been using all along. Some are so quick and easy and to think I was buying pre-made versions with less healthy ingredients.

For example, I now make my own tortilla chips with low carb tortillas and I also make my own cheese crisps for salads and wraps using Folios (gluten free and dairy free) cheese wraps. I’ll share this Gluten Free Cheese Crisps Recipe with you.

Cut Cheese wrap

For this recipe I used the cheddar Folios cheese wraps. With my tween who is lactose sensitive, finding cheddar that is dairy free and actually tastes good has been a huge benefit. With this recipe I can make and store cheese crisps we use to pair with salads and also use in wraps instead of shredded cheese because cheese crisps add a yummy crunch. You can even use these wraps as the wrap itself!

Folios cheddar cheese wraps

Gluten Free Cheese Crisps Recipe

To start you need to preheat the oven to 375. The heating instructions are on the back of the package so I just follow that and they came out great. You need a flat cookie sheet and the wraps already come with their own parchment paper you will want to use as a barrier between the cheese and the baking sheet for grease and celiac safety reasons.

cheese folios

I use a pizza cutter to turn each wrap into 8 triangles. I also separate the cheese from the parchment paper then lay back down. This loosen the cheese a bit so when it bakes you aren’t trying to peel it off in stubborn spots where it can stick. There is enough oil that releases that this step isn’t crucial, just something I do.

baked cheese

I make my cuts before I bake and you may have to separate a tad as they tend to bake together if you did not separate them. I left some unseparated above to show you why I start by spacing them out a tad before I put them in the oven.

Once you cut these wraps into 8 triangles and separate a bit just bake for 6 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool. You can store them in an airtight container. They will keep 5-7 days but in my home they don’t last through day 2!

recipe for cheese crisps

About Folios Cheese Wraps

Folios™ are keto-approved, lightly baked sheets of cheese that can be wrapped, stuffed, rolled, melted, crisped and baked. They are made of 100% all-natural cheese that are lactose and gluten-free, made without  wheat,  starch, fillers or added sugar and are only 1g of carbs.

They can be found in a 10-count pack at Costco and all other retailers nationwide in a 4-count pack. To purchase online go to: Also find these at Walmart and other retailers.

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iPhone 11 Accessories for Dad’s Apple iPhone – Nomad Goods

iPhone 11 accesories

Does Dad have or is he getting a newer iPhone? Does he or will he need some classy and good quality iPhone 11 accessories or accessories for any of his Apple devices? My favorite brand for iPhone accessories is Nomad. You have to not just see, but feel the quality of their cases, cables, chargers and power banks.

USB-C charge cord

3 of my Favorite iPhone 11 Accessories from Nomad

We recently bought a new SUV. Our new BMW X1 had USB-C ports which is great for our iPhones. I have the iPhone 11 and my husband has the iPhone 11 Pro. We both need USB-C cables so we leave 2 in the car so when we are together we each have a cord for our phone. The Nomad USB-C to Lightning Cable is used so much and it is rugged and has a fast charge. The Nomad USB-C Cables come in 2 lengths, 1.5m and 3.0m. They are my favorite because they are made of Kevlar® which has high tensile strength, heat resistance, and all around toughness.

iPhone 11 case

Second, the Nomad leather iPhone wallet cases are so convenient. I love using mine when I travel and only need my cards and ID. This Rugged Tri-Fold I-Phone case is available for many of the iPhones. I love this as my one of my travel iPhone 11 accessories not only for convenience but it is wrapped in supple Horween leather that develops a patina (natural wearing) with time.

iPhone wallet case

My third favorite Nomad iPhone accessory is the AirPods Rugged Case. I have received so many comments on this case because it looks classy and is built with genuine, vegetable-tanned leather.

Nomad Goods cases

You can order Dad his iPhone 11 accessories or his accessories for any Apple products through the Nomad website and also find most Nomad products on Amazon.

More Father’s Day gift ideas from Nomad