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October Children’s Books including VIVO and CoComelon

October books

October is when the weather gets cooler and kids may come indoors more often. Having books and games ready as we head into colder weather means they have some indoor activities. In October we celebrate National Hispanic American Heritage month. These books are great picks for toddlers through middle school!

Consider these titles for kids and tweens this fall:

  • A Song of Frutas by Margarita Engle. A rhythmic picture book about a little girl visiting her grandfather who is a pregonero—a singing street vendor in Cuba—and helping him sell his frutas.
  • Definitely Dominguita by Terry Catasus. This book series follows a young Cuban American girl who tries to find adventure based on the classics she read with her beloved abuela—can Dominguita become a noble knight? Can she find treasure? Can she save a quinceañera?
CoComelon books
  • CoComelon fans! These new books are for your child! Join CoComelon as he heads to school, rides the bus, makes new friends and make healthy food choices. See all 7 CoComelon books on Amazon!
VIVO books

VIVO movie fans, look what books are for your child! Here are the 5 VIVO books available. VIVO Encore! VIVO Movie Novel, VIVO Journey to Miami, VIVO Meet Vivo and VIVO Jam Sesh. These books cover all age groups from board book top chapter books!

The October books are brought to you via Simon & Schuster. Visit for more great children’s books to restock your home library!

Healthy Living

Why Should You Use an Independent Health Care Marketplace?

While some people receive health benefits from their employers, many others are left searching for something to offset the demanding costs of medical bills. You may work as an independent contractor, not meet company hours or complete a job that doesn’t provide the service. For those without medical coverage, guidance could offer several benefits. Here are several reasons to consider using an independent marketplace to acquire an insurance plan.

It Reduces Company Affiliation and Influence

When researching a health insurance plan in Massachusetts, you want to select something that offers you the best deal. Some organizations are closely tied to hospitals or health insurance companies. Others may be working directly with government agencies. Cut the ties. These places may not be looking to give you the best selection but one that could be more suited to their operations. They want to make money.

An independent health care marketplace, however, is different. It does not have these connections. Instead, they gather information, supply numbers and provide you with options. They work with several agencies without preferring one over the other. This may mean you get less bias and prioritize your needs.

It Simplifies the Process

What do you want out of health care? Independent healthcare service has agents who can work with you to search for choices, but this happens through one person and at one time. You do not have to visit different businesses or call around during your lunch hour to discuss plans. Go online and complete a survey, sharing information about yourself and your interests. Then, agency members review the details, research best fits and send you plans at various prices with different coverage possibilities.

They Understand Supplemental Coverage

Some establishments may give you partial coverage, but you could want more. An agent knows to review what you currently have and determine what reasonable selections are offered in the state.

For instance, your office may supply reasonable coverage for wellness checks and hospital stays, but vision and dental may be lacking. If you require more attention to teeth or have a history of vision concerns, you may wish to invest in additional coverage for these areas. A health insurance plan from the marketplace gives you the chance to fill in these holes and boost insurance where you desire more coverage.

They Know the Laws

If you do not think that you can afford insurance, professionals in the marketplace are aware of laws and codes that could assist you in receiving government subsidies. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) citizens with certain qualifications could get assistance on the monthly payments. In addition, you could reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

A health insurance plan is there to offer security during difficult times. Whether you break a bone, catch the flu or require long-term treatment, your plan is something that eases the financial stress so you can focus on your wellbeing. Working with an independent marketplace to find the right plan is important for these reasons. Agents have a wealth of background and expertise to assist in meeting your needs.

Healthy Living

Save on New Plaque Disclosing Tablets for Kids from Smile Brilliant

plaque disclosing tablets

The best teeth brushing tool for kids is now available from Smile Brilliant and I can save you on your order! These are the Plaque Highlighter chewable tablets for kids (an adult version is also available). They are for ages 5+ and even my teen became intrigued by using the tablets. You will be amazed at how unclean your teeth really can be even after you just brushed. I know it woke my son to the fact that he does not brush well enough.

Each box of plaque disclosing tablets for kids has 30 Berry Blast-flavored chewable tablets. They highlight plaque & tartar buildup with a temporary pink dye. This encourages kids to brush away all the color as fast as they can. It makes brushing habits stronger and more fun!

They chew one tablet, swish around the mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out. Do a quick water rinse and find the existing plaque under the pink dye! Now, they can work to brush and floss away for a cleaner mouth.

Smile Brilliant products are backed by decades of research and hygienists & dental professionals.

Enjoy 25% off any set of plaque highlighters with code usfg25 via this link!

Natural Foods

One Green Planet Food Monster App and Cookbook with Plant-Based Recipes

One Green Planet Food Monster App and Cookbook with Plant-Based Recipes

I am not Vegan, nor is anyone in my home. However, I never overlook vegan recipe sources because I find so many healthy sides and new foods to become adventurous with. I like cooking with spices that offer great health benefits like turmeric and I find that plant-based meal guides offer a lot of spiced dishes and veggie recipes I can use as side dishes for many of my meals. One Green Planet promotes sustainable healthy living by becoming the #1 destination for plant-based eating for mainstream audiences. Their Food Monster App and GREATEST Plant-Based Recipes from Breakfast to Dessert are resources you can keep at your fingertips for healthy meal ideas.

Food Monster App

If you eat a plant-based diet or want to explore healthy meal options, the Food Monster App is your go-to. The app is available on the Apple App Store for $3.99 a month, $19.99 for 6-month, $39.99 for the year. The Food Monster App was featured in Fast Company and Apple’s list of favorite apps for healthy eating.

What does Food Monster App give you?

You get the largest archive of over 15,000 vegan and allergy-friendly recipes in their library from hundreds of contributors from across the globe. Over 10 recipes are added daily! You will love the high-definition images of recipes that contain no meat, dairy or eggs. Share tips, ask questions and join our thriving community of Food Monsters! Just look at the layout sample above from my app.

There are so many recipes, searchable under so many filters. Just use a keyword or their pre-loaded filters and it does a great job pulling the recipes forward you need. I love that I can bookmark meals by a certain category and then pin them to the top. This makes this recipe app unique. I can also find meal plans AND add/delete recipes from these plans. This means I am not just browsing recipes, but creating exact meal plans that I want for the week then add notes to recipes as I try them, then pin it to my favorites. It is so customizable and not your typical recipe catalog! Download the app from here!

Plant-based recipe book

If the One Green Planet’s website of healthy resources and their Food Monster App wasn’t enough, they have a brand new cookbook!

The One Green PlanetGREATEST Plant-Based Recipes from Breakfast to Dessert has 75 plant-based recipes with images! This cookbook has something for everyone from classic dishes to creative pairings. This makes a great counter book or gift for the healthy cook in your life. It compliments the type of dishes from the app and website very well. Buy the cookbook here!