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7 Reasons Why Music Is Important For Kids (And How To Get Them Into It)

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. We want to ensure that their mental, physical and emotional well-being is all developing strength as they grow. For the most part, kids will find their own way towards enjoying music, especially in their teenage years – although, as parents, we may not always favor their tastes! But learning how to play an instrument is where the real developmental benefits lay. Here’s why music is important for kids.

7 Reasons Why Music Is Important For Kids (And How To Get Them Into It)
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1. It improves their brainpower

The health benefits of music for children have been scientifically proven, and one particular benefit is in the improvement of their overall brainpower and memory capabilities. According to a 2016 study conducted by the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California, musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain development, particularly when it comes to reading skills and the acquisition of language. It is widely understood that music helps to stimulate the parts of the brain that are responsible for math, reading and even emotional development. 

Different instruments have been shown to offer specific benefits, too. For example, studies have shown that drumming develops the motor planning functions of the brain, essentially allowing for quicker and more efficient exchanges of information between the hemispheres of the brain. When it comes to playing the piano, one of the primary benefits is strengthening the brain’s capacity for split concentration – reading music, using both hands and working the pedals is a lot to do at once and significantly sharpens multitasking and concentration skills.

2. It can build their confidence

Particularly if you have a timid child or one who seems low in self-confidence, learning how to play an instrument can be very helpful. Once they realize that they can successfully develop a skill on their own, it can really boost their confidence and improve their belief in themselves and in what is possible. Furthermore, as their diligence results in even more improvement, both their confidence and their sense of self-determination can grow.

3. It can inspire creativity

Musicians are arguably some of the most creative people out there, and with music, there are also a variety of creative paths to take. Whether your child sticks to playing one instrument or several, or perhaps becomes interested in lyric writing or audio production – the options are vast and exploring one’s inner creative streak is celebrated. This can significantly benefit them as they grow into dynamic, artistic, and/or entrepreneurial adults.

4. It can help them to develop social skills

It’s common for children to experience challenges when it comes to adapting socially and as parents, it’s therefore prudent to encourage extra-curricular activities that promote socialization. Many music-based activities involve group work – choirs, school bands etc., all have a wonderful sense of collaboration and cooperation. These experiences help children to develop social skills – in how they relate to others, to both work under and assume leadership and discipline, as well as how to enjoy and appreciate team-based achievements and rewards.

5. It teaches them discipline

Successfully acquiring a musical skill requires discipline and lots of patience. They will need to practice regularly whether they always like it or not, especially when it comes to a group relying upon their improvement. This teaches children the importance of following through and recognizing that, in order to improve, they must put the time and effort in.

6. It is great for self-expression

Self-expression is vital in nurturing a sense of self, of creativity, of enhanced communication skill, and even a strong sense of identity. It is so important to foster a great sense of expressive freedom in children to ensure that they grow into more self-assured and expressive adults. For children who exhibit signs of overt shyness, music can be particularly freeing and beneficial in giving them new ways with which to open up. 

7. It teaches them patience

Working within any group or band requires patience. If your child is involved with a choir or other musical group, they will have to regularly wait patiently for either the leader to signal them to play, or for other group members who interrupt with challenges or questions. Through these experiences, they will learn not only the virtues of patience, but also what wonderful outcomes are possible when everyone works together patiently.

How to get your child involved in music

So, we’ve established all the wonderful benefits, but how do we get our children interested in music? 

Buy an instrument and set up some lessons – there is no guarantee that they will fall in love with that particular instrument, but if you show interest and make it fun and inclusive it’s quite possible. Make sure the instrument is child-friendly though, as some will require smaller versions, like junior drumming sets, for example.

Find the right teacher – this can be harder than it sounds, but it’s so important to keep children engaged long-term by ensuring that their teacher is a good fit for them and one who can keep it engaging and fun.

Make music a way of life – you may not be a musician yourself, but that doesn’t stop you from playing a variety of music, dancing, singing and taking your children to watch live music!

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Beard Trimmers – How to Choose the Best Model?

Beard Trimmers – How to Choose the Best Model?

Does your grooming kit include a beard trimmer? Investing in one is essential for every man looking to style his fascial hair in compliance with trends. Males who refuse to shave their beards should test the benefits of trimmers, designed for trimming and shaping facial hair. 

These electrical devices are available in different power sources, blade sizes and materials, trim attachments, and extras. Most brands offer user-friendly grooming tools to fit the requirements of males with beards of different length and density.

The tips below will assist you in selecting the best model.

Corded vs cordless

The first decision to make when looking for a beard trimmer is choosing between a corded and cordless model. Nowadays, the majority of men prefer the latter due to better flexibility, as there is no cord to get in their way while trimming their facial hair. These devices are powered by batteries, which need to be fully charged before the process of trimming. 

Corded models, on the other hand, are equipped with a cord that has to be plugged in for the device to operate. Although men won’t have to worry about batteries, there is supposed to be a socket nearby whenever they use the device, preferably in the bathroom. Corded beard trimmers are appropriate for men with long, thick beards since these are much more powerful than the cordless variants. Conversely, males with stubble are better suited to cordless models. 

Moreover, the largest number of cordless beard trimmers are waterproof, thus facilitating the cleaning process. All you need to do is place the device under water to remove the accumulated hair. Conversely, corded devices aren’t supposed to be washed but wiped with a moist cloth. Visit the following link,, for some handy tips about cleaning and maintaining your electric beard trimmer.

Ultimately, cordless devices are more convenient in regards to portability. Men whose jobs involve plenty of travelling are advised to invest in a cordless model, which is more practical to pack and use. As long as you don’t forget to charge the batteries, this grooming tool will be your faithful companion on every journey. 

As far as battery life is concerned, men are expected to purchase a beard trimmer that doesn’t lose power soon after turning it on. The battery life of these tools ranges from forty-five minutes to as many as four hours. Make sure the model you select comes with a quick charge function in order not to waste plenty of time on charging when you need it the most. 

Check out the blades

After making a choice of power source, men are suggested to pay close attention to the blades. These are most important in view of beard shaping, especially for men looking for high precision. When inspecting the blades, their width and material are vital to consider. Beard trimmers with wide blades are recommended to users planning to trim a lot of facial hair. Devices with small blades are excellent for detailing, such as trimming mustache. 

Regarding the material, beard trimmers come with blades made from ceramics and stainless steel. When looking for the right model, these beard trimmers will introduce you to the best features of such grooming tools. Although ceramic blades are resistant to corrosion, their lifespan isn’t as long as that of stainless steel blades. The latter require minimal maintenance and cleaning when compared to ceramics. These are also available in a variety of sizes at budget-friendly prices. 

Keeping the blades lubricated is of the utmost importance for proper maintenance. Make sure you oil them prior to using the grooming tool for the first time, as well as following every use. Regular oiling impedes corrosion and prolongs the lifespan of the device. 

Look for add-ons

Almost all models of beard trimmers are equipped with add-ons to increase convenience in users. For instance, the largest part of devices includes multiple blade heights that you can adjust your preferences, as well as detachable blades in different widths. 

Moreover, most beard trimmers come with several other grooming tools, such as a nose or ear trimmer, along with a special attachment for body hair trimming. Make sure the model you decide to buy has self-sharpening blades to spend less time on maintenance. Also, manufacturers are expected to sell devices with a protective storage pouch or a handy travel bag for men who plan to use them when travelling. 

Trim attachments are especially important when choosing such a tool. These range from 1.5 to 25 mimimetres in size. It’s essential for the device you purchase to have as many trim attachments as possible, particularly those for detailing.

Choose a reputable brand

Men in the market for beard trimmers are overwhelmed by models designed by different brands. Nevertheless, choosing a trusted brand is considered the best decision, as you’ll be using the device on a delicate area such as the face. Products provided by established brands are of higher quality compared to new brands trying to appeal to customers by offering cheap prices. 

In addition, reputable brands are better equipped with products both in traditional stores and online. As a result, customers are more likely to find the perfect grooming tool. Also, most of these products come with warranties, allowing buyers to get the device repaired or replaced within the guarantee period. 

Compare prices

The price of beard trimmers should be checked before purchasing such a grooming product. Numerous factors plays part in the creation of prices, such as the brand, product quality, add-ons, etc. It’s normal for an established brand to sell these devices at high prices in return for solid quality. 

Furthermore, the number of attachments and extras increases the cost of these products. Basic models are lower in price than those equipped with multiple trim attachments, blades, and storage bags.

Final word

Men have become fonder of trimming facial hair rather than shaving it. 

Invest in a trimmer to keep your beard perfectly shaped and stylized at all times!

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New Year New You Campaign $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

New Year New You Campaign $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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