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Tough As A Mother Jewelry that celebrates moms on their parenting journey

Tough As A Mother Jewelry that celebrates moms on their parenting journey

Jennifer Cervantes, founded jewelry brand Tough as a Mother Tribe, to help empower and support moms on their parenting journey… ‘to help women, and parents alike, find the strength to endure the real challenges of motherhood, no matter what stage of motherhood they may be in’. This is a perfect gift for Mom this Mother’s Day for all we have endured with our families this year.

Mom necklace

This necklace is the ‘Good Vibes Mama’ Mom Necklace – Labradorite Stone. The Labradorite stone meaning and benefits include clearing worries, enhancing intuitive abilities, protects from negativity and promotes strength and perseverance.

Good Vibes Neclace

The next piece below is my favorite, ‘Cool Mama’ Mom Necklace – Chalcedony Stone. The chalcedony stone meaning and benefits include calming, reduces fear, anger, guilt and helps with communication and finding balance.

calming stone

Tough As A Mother necklaces comes on an 18″ Chain. Our chains are 14k gold-filled. They also have initial and personalized jewelry options that also make great gifts. This is jewelry that celebrates Moms!

Cool Mom necklace

Give Mom a gift with meaning by celebrating the real and joyous moments of Motherhood in jewelry she will proudly wear. Find her style at the Tough As A Mother Tribe.

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Chill Boys: The Breathable Comfort Underwear They Want

Chill NBoys

I would like to to first say, I wish I could virtually hand you over a pair of Chill Boys underwear for boys or men. They feel as quality as they look and the comfort is unlike any standard boxer or boxer brief your man has probably been aware is available to them.

Chill Boys: The Breathable Comfort Underwear They Want

Chill Boys is not made with that itchy, sweaty fabric. Their comfort underwear is made of bamboo fabric. I have talked about bamboo fabrics and all of its fantastic qualities before (here). It is moisture wicking and ultra-comfort where men need it most.

Chill Boys is an American brand (Mass.) and eco-friendly. Sounds expensive? It is not for the quality! A pair will run you around the $20 price point. Not at all far off from boxers that definitely do not perform to the standards of Chill Boys and what they take pride in creating for men.

Get your men and boys these breathable, lightweight and cool boxers and boxer briefs buy visiting Chill Boys website. They also have an Amazon shop. Throw some in the Easter basket, it’s the underwear gift they will actually love!

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BooSocki Collections are Designed by Local Artists for Fun Gifting

BooSocki Collections are Designed by Local Artists for Fun Gifting

We have made sure to have a lot of fun over the Holidays with neighbors. We do Booze Buddies and Secret Santas, leaving porch gifts for other Mom’s in our community. Early in the fall we would Boo our friends near Halloween. I would have loved to have discovered BooSocki for ‘Boo-ing’ but they also make great Sneaky Stocking or Secret Santa sock gifts.

BooSocki uses real, local artists designs making these socks so much fun. They are like sending funny greeting cards you can wear. Fun designs include ‘She Likes My Cookies’ and ‘All I Want for Christmas is Food’. I am wearing the White Elephant socks.

You can buy single socks or their monthly subscription plan. The BooSocki socks are made from high-quality yarn and produced in the most eco and socially responsible knit factory in the world, FutureStitch. They are USA made (California).

You can order socks for yourself or even Boo a friend and send them BooSocki! They make fun designs for occasions all year round. Visit BooSocki and find a pair just right for you or a friend.