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Shower Your Pets with Love with All-Natural Dog Treats

I have partnered with Whimzees and Old Mother Hubbard for feature. Opinions are my own.

Shower Your Pets with Love with All-Natural Dog Treats

No doubt if your home becomes filled with Valentine’s cards and candy the kids bring home from class and spouse gifts of chocolates the dog will be sniffing for their own treat. Of course they can’t have those chocolates but having a fun treat on hand is helps them feel loved too. Old Mother Hubbard and Whimzees have all-natural dog treats your dog can safely have for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.

Bits of Love

For a few holidays a year, Old Mother Hubbard puts their P-Nuttier treats into shapes such as hearts for Valentine’s. All natural ingredients of oven baked peanut butter and molasses snacks are a hit with our dog!

heart dog treats

It’s as if you can actually see the wholesome in these snacks. They add apple, oats, peanuts and carrots for a dog treat you will feel good giving your family pet. Find all the treats offered by visiting Old Mother Hubbard including where you can find these near you.

Dog treats holiday

Whimzees are chews and dental chews that are also made with natural ingredients you can feel good handing your dog. They are gluten free and vegetarian with a vegetable-based texture.

Whimzeez dog chewWhimzees for dogs

The shape of the Hedgehog chew, a popular product from Whimzees, makes it a great texture for removing plaque and tartar as your dog chews.

HEDGEHOG dog treat

They must have a great flavor because Maya wanted these before I even tore open the package. It’s funny how a dog just knows a package in your hand is meant for them. She was standing and dancing to earn her Hedgehog.

all natural dog treats

See all of the fun dental chews at Whimzees as well as where you can find near you.

treats for pets

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Online Pet Store Valentine’s Gifts from Planet Dog

I have partnered with Planet Dog for this feature

Online Pet Store Valentine's Gifts from Planet Dog

It is fun to include the family dog into our holiday traditions. Whether they get a stocking at Christmas or you love to pick up Valentine’s and Easter theme treats and toys, they deserve the added love. Planet Dog carries some of Maya’s favorite toys. That’s why I wanted to share this online pet store Valentine’s Gifts from Planet Dog.

LOVE ball

What is a box of new toys without an unboxing video. Per Anthony’s request (and it is his puppy) here is their video…

The Planet Dog Love Ball comes in 2 colors and 2 sizes. Maya got the large 4″ pink balls. Red and in a 2.5″ smaller ball are also otions. She is going to grow into this one but will actually kick it around like puppy soccer when Anthony gets her going.


The Planet Dog Love Nook is ultra-durable and includes a space to fill with your pup’s favorite treat. Simply fill the heart and pop in the freezer. Maya loves this one!

Head on over to Planet Dog and find all of their fun products!

Nook Ball

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The Best Personalised Gift: Cuddle Clones Giveaway

The Best Personalised Gift: Cuddle Clones Giveaway

Cuddle Clones are the perfect personalised gift for any pet lover. Do you, or someone you know, love their pet so deeply that they cannot image life without them? With Cuddle Clones, you can have a stuffed animal clone of your pet created. Using their amazing technology, time and love Cuddle Clones can use images which will provide and create for you a stuffed clone of your pet.

Use code MamatheFox for 10% off any order

Cuddle Clones can be:

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Large Birds, Donkeys, Cows, Deer, Goats, Monkeys, Pigs, Reptiles, Sheep, Spiders, Small Birds, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Fish, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Micro Pigs, Rabbits, Rats

Enter for your chance to win (1) Cuddle Clone! Valued up to $250

Hosted by:

Sponsored by: Cuddle Clones

Co-Hosted by: Ask Away, Homeschool Insights, Parenting Healthy, & Miki’s Hope



MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

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Are You Cleaning Your Carpets Properly?

I have partnered with Arm & Hammer PetFresh for feature

Are You Cleaning Your Carpets Properly?

This year I am hosting my very first Holiday for my husband’s family. We bought a home in August and I now have the space to entertain unlike I have ever had. My SIL hosted Thanksgiving and so I agreed to do Christmas Eve. I work at the local middle school so I am on holiday break and have all week to get my home ready.

Along with buying a new home a few months back we also got a new puppy. Maya is our Whoodle and is hypoallergenic. No shedding and it is so nice because I never sweep dog hair or have it on the couches (unless my oldest Bonus son brings his black lab over). Having a hypoallergenic dog does not mean there is no dog messes on the carpets and chairs. She drags in mud and dirt from outside constantly.

Pet Fresh odor

I have been learning some tips on making sure we enjoy our new puppy but don’t have a home that smells or looks like dog is tracking debris through all that is new and clean in our home.

Are You Cleaning Your Carpets Properly In a House of Pets?

  • Keep fur trimmed Keeping the paw, belly and chin hair trimmed on long-haired dogs and cats will minimize the mud and debris they drag in
  • Keep large mats by the doors Keeping a doormat both inside and outside sliders and doors your pet uses will help get rid of paw debris before they enter further into your home
  • Change Vacuum Bags Don’t wait until the bag is full or overloaded to change. I would change bags every 1-2 months for best performance
  • Change Filters every 3-6 months. Don’t forget to mark a calendar when your change is due or you begin to get the odors as ell as decreased function of your vacuum
  • Bags matter! The bags you choose matter because many will actually assist in the function of your vacuum and provide odor elimination

The bags I have in my vacuum are the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor Eliminating Vacuum Bags. They not only help to keep my vacuum running at optimal performance but offer 2 times extra odor fighting power for real freshness. Many bags just cover up the odors. They even come with scent packets to use so you can enjoy the aroma in your home as you vacuum those pet smells away.

AH pet fresh

Your home smells fresher and  because the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaner eliminates pet odors and breaks down stains. 

Where do you find this line? You can head to Walmart and shop Walmart .com as well as other retailers. They are easy to find for all vacuum models.

dog odors

Make sure your guests enjoy the aromas of your dinner cooking or the pine of your holiday tree and wreaths, not your pet!


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CLIC Leash for Dogs – Functional Pet Products

I have partnered with High5Dogs and product was sent for #HolidayGiftGuide feature

CLIC Leash for Dogs - Functional Pet Products

I am excited to share High5Dogs with you in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. I love finding unique and functional gifts for the dog lovers on my list and High5Dogs is all about function and style. These leashes are modern, some leather and the CLIC feature makes walking and keeping your dog in place as easy as a one-handed click.

At High5Dogs their leashes offer tethering and hands-free walking of the dog. The Metropolitan Collection of leashes feature a semi-slip collar feature so you can lasso and walk with ease. These would be great for the dogs overly excited for that walk and hardly have the patience to wait for the harness to be put on. It is a collar and leash in one.

[bctt tweet=”At @High5Dogs their leashes offer tethering and hands-free walking of the dog. See them here – ” username=”3sonshavei”]

CLIC leash

CLIC Leash for Dogs

The new Leisure Collection are shoulder and leader leashes and can be used with the harnesses. With the Introduction of the CLIC mechanism, High5dogs is the first to incorporate an innovative system to the traditional leash so one can tether a dog in a single motion with only one hand. The shoulder leashes are long enough so it tethers to you and you can walk hands free.

leather leash

I love the modern look of these leashed and they come very well packaged for gifting. They are excellent gifts for any dog owner.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017, Pets Products

Celebrate Christmas With Your Pooch – Planet Dog Toys

I have partnered with Planet Dog. Product was sent

Celebrate Christmas With Your Pooch - Planet Dog Toys

Sharing the holidays with our pets is normal in many households and it has always been in our. Even the years we did not have a pet, I would pick up treats for family members pets to take home. It is hectic over the Holidays and our pets feel that stress so they deserve moments of happy with new toys and treats.

Planet Dog is a fun place to shop. From holiday themed tough toys to leashes and travel items for the family dog there is plenty to choose from. Maya loves her Planet Dog toys! Just take a look at these fun gifts below!


[bctt tweet=”Take a look at these fun holiday theme tough toys for dogs from @planetdoglife #holidays” username=”3sonshavei”]

Orbee Tuf ‘Coal’ Toy

Maya is pretty adorable even when she gets into puppy trouble. This Tuf Coal works as a durable chew toy and a ball that really bounces! It likes to bounce in random hops so watching her chase it is hilarious.

Planet Dog Bulb

Orbee Tuf Holiday Bulb

How adorable is this? A chew toy shaped as a Christmas bulb! They have small and large sizes with 4 colors to choose from. Her puppy teeth have been into this for some time now and it is still in tact.

Planet Dog Bulb

When you shop Planet Dog each product has easy to read information. Find out the durability, ratings and even if it s a recycled or non toxic rated product right on its buy page. Planet Dog’s well-known Orbee-Tuff® material is eco-friendly recyclable plastic. It is also made in the USA and is completely non-toxic and is as safe for humans (even babies) as it is for dogs.

Also available on Amazon!

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