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Ruckus and Co. Smoothie Shakeups frozen to fresh-made smoothie snack

Ruckus and Co. Smoothie Shakeups frozen to fresh-made smoothie snack

A days work is hard sometimes. Even if you work form home, finding even 30-60 minutes to truly rest mid-work can be hardly enough time to break. But, when you know you have a fresh smoothie ready to enjoy made with real fruit, perhaps the second half of your day becomes much sweeter! Ruckus and Co. Smoothie Shakeups were meant to be stored in your lunch bag for that afternoon break.

Smoothie Shakeups will keep their cool for hours. By lunch you have a fresh-tasting smoothie snack that is so satisfying. They fit perfectly in your lunch bag and come in dairy and non-dairy options. They come in 2 flavors – Berry Banana Twist and Tropical Tango.

I love that these little bottles are recyclable and the care is not just in the environment but the ingredients also. The smoothies are made with ONLY real ingredients such as fruits and vegetable and are non-GMO and Gluten free!

Smoothie Shakeups are available nationally online at! Order yours today – they arrive ready to freeze and you will have one for your lunch by the very next day after they arrive!

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Naturipe Snacks Bliss and Boost Bento Snacks

Naturipe Snacks™ Bliss and Boost Bento Snacks

In this house I have a tween who loves the style bento snacks, my husband loves snacking on nuts and I love fresh fruits – we all love cheese! It is like Naturipe Snacks™ were made just for us!

When these snacks arrived, my tween was hovering (as he does when he sees food coming out of a box or bag) and immediately grabbed a Naturipe Boost Bento that had strawberries. I had no idea a strawberry could excite him so much until I accepted his ask to try them right away. Those strawberries were the freshest I have ever tasted. It was a fight on who could get their hands on that variety until they were gone.

These  perfectly-portioned and ready-to-eat Bento snacks have the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Every included bite is full of freshness! Naturipe ® is a farmer-owned producer of healthy, good-for-you fresh berries grown by working family farmers in the US.

There are 4 Boost Bento Snacks (for cheese lovers) –

  1. Sweet ‘n Crunchy – Strawberries & Blueberries, Cinnamon Almonds, & White Cheddar Cheese
  2. Sweet ‘n Zesty – Strawberries, Cracked Black Pepper Cashews & Aged Swiss Cheese
  3. Classic ‘n SZharp – Grapes & Blueberries, Roasted Sea Salt Almonds & Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  4. Rich ‘n Savory – Strawberries, Roasted Salted Pistachios, & Mild Gouda Cheese

There are also 4 Bliss Bento Snacks (for the sweet flavors)

  1. Chocolate Cheer – Blueberries, Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola Clusters, & Dark Chocolate Covered Chickpeas
  2. Vanilla Crunch – Blueberries & Grapes, Mini Vanilla Formed Granola, & Honey Roasted Walnuts
  3. Salty Caramelicious – Blueberries, Salted Caramel Granola Clusters, & Salted Cashews
  4. Berry Lemony – Blueberries, Lemon Coconut Granola Clusters, & Yogurt Almonds

The snacks are the perfect COVID-safe food – mix and match two, three, or all the flavors and you have the perfect gift that will surely blow the minds of your foodie friends! Visit Naturipe to start!

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READ THE INGREDIENTS gluten-free protein Big Bites and Breakfast Loaf

I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

READ THE INGREDIENTS gluten-free protein Big Bites and Breakfast Loaf

The name says it all – these ingredients ARE transparent and ones you will recognize. What makes these Read The Ingredients bars different then your standard gluten-free protein snack or breakfast is in the storage. Because the ingredients are real, you will store these in the freezer right away where they will keep for up to 9 months. Pull one out as prep as they can stay in the refrigerator up to 10 days. ON the counter they will keep up to 5 days. No preservatives means real ingredients that deserve this care!

Read The Ingredients (RTI) products come in Breakfast Loaves and Big Bites. You choose whether these will become your breakfast on-the-go or your afternoon pick-me-up. The Big Bites come in chocolate chip. The Breakfast Loaves come in 4 flavors – chocolate chip, banana nut, apple cinnamon and carrot raisin.

Look above! That is the RTI label (banana nut breakfast loaf). Recognize all of those ingredients? Me too! That is REAL love in a loaf and a great way to start your day.

Visit the RTI website to order these today to give you that pep to get through these unusual Holidays!