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Mama Geraldine’s Cheese Straws and Gourmet Cookies – Back to School Lunches

Comment: I was sent a snack assortment. Thank you to Mama Geraldine’s for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

Mama Geraldine’s Cheese Straws and Gourmet Cookies - Back to School Lunches

If you can bake your own cheese snacks they would taste so much better and you would not need to add the preservatives and extra ingredients that cheddar snack chips or crisps are made with from the grocery store. Out of the kitchen is always better. Mama Geraldine’s has us covered with premium cheese straws and gourmet cookies.

The Mama Geraldine’s Cheese Straws come in 4 flavors – Aged Cheddar, Pimento Cheese, Chipotle Cheddar and Parmesan Herb. 3 of them are gluten free! They have a ‘real cheese’ softer bite and are great for tossing into the lunchbox or snacks on-the-go. These are made with 50% 12-month Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheeses so the flavor is fantastic! I may need to crush them on top of salads or use as crusts in some of my recipes instead of bread crumbs.

pecan cookies

However, Mama Geraldine’s does not just bake cheese straws, they also offer 3 different delicious gourmet Cookies: Italian Wedding, Pecan Cini-Minis and Key Lime. I have the Cini-Minis in a bowl near our bar as we speak to snack on. They are not lasting long there!

The Italian Wedding cookies are incredible. I have tried a few packaged brands but these are by far the best as if they came straight from a kitchen. You have to taste these to experience it your self – yum!

school lunch cookies

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Paleo Pro – Primal Protein Bars

Paleo Pro - Primal Protein Bars

It’s been a long spring and summer. Now half of us are back to school shopping while the rest of us figure out distance learning schedules with our kids to start the school year. Can we catch a break? When out and about running your errands (with masks) and figuring this new family life out, remember to take a break. When that break requires a pick-me-up there are Paleo Pro Primal Protein Bars if you are looking for a raw bar made with real ingredients.

protein bars

With flavors like Cherry Cashew and Coconut Cacao, you’ll get that nutrition boost you need to finish the day. These are made with grass-fed protein and non-GMO prebiotic fiber. The fats are healthy ones – coming from almonds and cashews.

Cherry Cashew protein bar

Here is an image of the bar as it relates to the protein bars you are used to. You can literally see each whole ingredient. You will not find any dairy, wheat or soy in these bars.

meal bar

For those who like a filling bar packed with premium ingredients and not that candy-like taste or texture, these Primal Protein Bars are your go-to for on-the-go. Available from Paleo Pro website and Amazon.

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Mom’s of Picky Eaters Can Rejoice with ENOF shake-on vegetable nutrition

Mom's of Picky Eaters Can Rejoice with ENOF shake-on vegetable nutrition

My tween eats like a tween! If it has bread and meat it’s his top choice. If there is color in it (the good stuff) he picks it apart to see if it meets his approval. He thinks we all can survive just fine on chips and cheese.

I have certain dishes I make that he loves enough to look past the veggies like queso and gravy. But, then there are foods that make it real hard to hide veggies. However, I have discovered ENOF – a shake-on vegetable nutrition. Even in queso, however, he dips the chip gently to makes sure not to pick up any tomatoes or onion.

ENOF shake-on vegetable nutrition

ENOF contains organic vegetable nutrition that you can sneak into any dish, even Mac n Cheese! Their genius process traps the phytonutrients in organic spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets and shiitake mushrooms while they undergo a freeze-drying process so it is actually real food. You get the nutritional equivalent of eating 2.5 servings of fresh veggies with just 1/12 of a teaspoon. 1 can lasts about 30 days.

ENOF is gluten-free and is not intended to replace vegetables. It is intended to help bridge the nutritional gap for those who have tried but simply cannot or will not eat vegetables. A.K.A. Mom’s best friend at dinner time!

Shop for your own can of vegetable nutrition and also keep an eye on the ENOF website as a subscriber (enter your email bottom of their homepage) as ENOF seems to offer deals very often.