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A Keto-Friendly Snack without the Guilt: Tidbits Meringue Cookie

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A Keto-Friendly Snack without the Guilt: Tidbits Meringue Cookie

KETO! Maybe the word means tedious diet to you. Maybe KETO means a ‘fad’ to you. If you are like me, KETO means learning to read a label and that you do not have to strictly follow a diet regimen but rather eat less carbs. To eat less net carbs you must truly understand food and the ingredients in everything you eat. Sounds tedious? It can actually be more simple than you think. Let me help you out with a keto-friendly snack option when you crave something sweet – Tidbits Meringues!

Tidbits meringue bites are sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free, and non-GM — everything you’ve ever wanted in a snack without the guilt. Diabteic? These may be for you too.

The sweetness in this keto-friendly snack comes from alcohol sugar, which is a good natural substitute.

What is in these keto-friendly snacks that are so satisfying? Less than 2 calories per piece, 0 net carbs per serving and a serving is 10 pieces! It’s more about what is NOT in these than what is in them.

But, how good can these keto-friendly snack bites really taste? Ever had a decedent meringue cookie before? The kind of meringue that melts away in your mouth like a cloud? These are exactly that!! It sounds impossible that without all the goodies and sugars it can’t possibly be the same, but the tween in my home thinks they are dessert and that is a win! They are that good and the flavors are amazing – cookies & cream, cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate and strawberry.

What about price you are wondering? They must be some $10 keto-friendly snack right? Wrong! They are $4.99 a bag (plus a flat shipping rate). I will be so excited for the day grocers may pick these up and maybe they can become available just down the road, but until then (maybe, fingers crossed) you need to head to

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Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars are made with real fruit and whole grains

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars are made with real fruit and whole grains

One of my favorite bars and grocery pick-ups is the Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars. I first discovered them a while back when I had a sample offered to me and it was the perfect blend of sweetness from the fig and oats from the crust. Now I have tried the new Oatmeal Crumble from their line and they did not last long in this house – so delicious!

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars Plant-Based Snack Bars

These bars are packed full of goodness that goes beyond just the taste. Nature’s Bakery is made with real fruit for a plant-based snack. Their snack bars are non-GMO, certified vegan and nut & gluten free (some varieties).

You can find a few great snack varieties such as the different fruit whole-wheat fig bars, gluten free fig bars, brownie bars and the new Oatmeal Crumble bars made with real fruit for a morning snack.

You can find Nature’s Bakery products at local grocery stores near you. They are great for the lunch box or in your college care packages!

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Benefits of Honey for Immunity, Cold Symptoms and Wellness

Benefits of Honey for Immunity, Cold Symptoms and Wellness

Benefits of Honey

MGO is a substance in Manuka Honey that attacks germs and other invasive bacteria in your body. Pacific Resources International provides top-quality high MGO Manuka Honey to strengthen the human body.

You will find several drops and lollipops or you can just consume some from the jar for symptoms such as sore throats. One of the benefits of honey is that it is effective for treating sore throat with its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Honey coats the inner lining of the throat and destroys the harmful microbes while simultaneously soothing the throat.

Another benefit is that it is also great for gastritis. It is known to support gut health as a prebiotic (due to the presence of oligosaccharides).  Its anti-inflammatory properties may also positively impact inflammatory bowel disease.

Manuka honey

Which UMF is right for you?

Manuka Honey is measured as UMF 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+ varieties. UMF is an extra certification; jars that have this extra certification have a UMF logo on the jar. Which one is right for you? UMF 5+ has natural benefits. It is the most similar to benefits in any trusted source and natural plant. As you get higher in the UMF, you get the best natural benefits offered from its healing and antimicrobial properties.

If you are healthy and not in immediate need of a wide range of healing you can still benefit from UMF 5+ and 10+ just fine and feel good about your source and have it to rely on when minor ailments arise like colds and such.

If you suffer from ailments like chronic acid reflux, chronic sinusitis, eczema and other such conditions that Manuka honey can help bring you relief you would want some that is 15+ or higher, but start small and work up from there.

soothe sore throat

Pacific Resources International has a wide range of these products in several forms from honey sticks (my son devoured ours), nuggets, lollipops, jars and more. Whether you want the benefits of honey to soothe a sore throat, help cold symptoms or coat your tummy, Manuka honey should be readily available in every home. I always keep my cupboards stocked.

Visit PRI today and stock up for the cold season and back to school! Don’t forget to send some with your college student if they are returning to campus. Make sure they are aware of the benefits of honey as you stock them up.