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Embrace Your Body Children’s Book About Self Image

Embrace Your Body Children's Book About Self Image

Embrace Your Body is a children’s book about self image to begin embracing who you are on the inside and outside beginning early, at ages 3-5. The Author is Taryn Brumfitt, thought leader behind the Body Image Movement, bestselling author of Embrace Yourself and director of the inspiring social-change documentary Embrace

Embrace Your Body

Based on the iTunes #1 hit children’s song, Embrace Your Body aims to educate the next generation to embrace their bodies and love who they are, regardless of size, color, ethnicity, gender or ability. The book has a March 1, 2021 release date and you can pre-order today on Amazon.

Children's Books

Completely Me: A Children’s Book about Self-Acceptance

Completely Me: A Children's Book about Self-Acceptance

Completely Me is written by Justine Green, Ed.D. about her own personal story growing up missing an ear. She never felt like she was missing anything until others made it an issue she was. This is a short and sweet book about self-acceptance.

Source: Green Rose Publishing

This book released the summer of 2020 and is a must read. We are all different from others in our own ways and we are all guilty of judging others which is unnecessary, even if we were just trying to help. Buy now on Amazon for your home library, a classroom or gift!

Children's Books

Replenish Your Home Library with these 8 Children Books

Replenish Your Home Library with these 8 Children Books

We’ve spent more time at home this past year than previous years. Less retail, schools and restaurants open fully during the pandemic means our kids have have played with every toy, watched every movie and read every book. Let’s explore some books for your home library for all ages from Chronicle Books.

Hello, Rain by Kyo Maclear

No matter what kind of weather you prefer, Hello, Rain! is a great reminder of the natural beauty all around us. Buy on Amazon.

Can I Sit With You? by Sarah Jacoby

Can I Sit with You? takes readers along one loyal dog’s journey with the girl he’s meant to be with, no matter how far she roams. Buy on Amazon.

Turn Seek Find: Habitats by Ben Newman

Young children will learn to uncover objects of all colors and sizes hidden in the beautifully illustrated scenes, as well as find out about different habitats around the world. Buy on Amazon.

There Is A Rainbow by Theresa Trinder

Even though the world is full of barriers that can make us feel alone, we are all just on one end of a rainbow—connected by all that color and light, there is always something, or someone, waiting for us on the other side! Buy on Amazon.

Have You Ever Seen A Flower? by Shawn Harris

A child experiences a flower with all five senses—from its color to its fragrance to the entire universe it evokes—revealing how a single flower can expand one’s perspective in incredible ways. Buy on Amazon.

The Middle Kid by Steven Weinberg

Stuck between a bossy older brother and a naive younger sister, Middle Kid feels left out of two worlds. But even if—and maybe especially because—it’s always overlooked, this kid’s own world is just as big and important as his siblings’. Buy on Amazon.

Drive the Race car by Dave Mottram

With sturdy handles on each page for babies and parents to grab and steer, this rollicking, rhyming board book makes it easy and fun to take the wheel and win the race! Buy on Amazon.

Ivy + Bean: Get to Work (Book 12) by Annie Borrows

It’s Career Day at Emerson Elementary School, and all the students have to choose what they want to be when they grow up. No problem. Best friends Ivy and Bean already have that all figured out. Buy on Amazon.

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