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5 Books for Children of All Ages to Read this Winter

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5 Books for Children of All Ages to Read this Winter

If you have begun to get your home back in shape from the Holidays perhaps purging toys and books was on your task list. It is always this time of the year I realize it is time to upgrade toys and change out books and I found 5 great books to read this winter that reach all of the age groups from toddler to teen!

Toddler Pick: My Very Merry Ugly Christmas Sweater

My Very Merry Ugly Christmas Sweater

I know that Christmas is over but this book is too cute and until I actually held this title in my hand and turned the pages it was after Christmas and still worth a winter mention. This is a board book and touch (sensory) as you turn the 5 short pages you can feel different textures of each funny sweater on animals. Author: Jeffrey Burton. Buy on Amazon.

Ages 1-5: All the Little Snowflakes

All the Little Snowflakes

In the snowfall of winter, if you look real close, every snowflake is perfect yet always different. This is a fun poem about the joys of snowfall. Author: Cindy Jin. Buy on Amazon.

Ages 4-8: Clouds: Life’s Big & Little Moments

Clouds: Life's Big & Little Moments

This is a book about Mothers and Daughters. A bond that exists in small and big moments. In a time where kids might transition back into in-school learning after months of distance learning at home, this book about a Mother’s love no matter the changes may be just what your family needs. Author: Angie and Alli Simpson. Buy on Amazon.

Dog-Loving Tweens and Teens: Our Dogs, Ourselves

Our Dogs, Ourselves

Our Dogs, Ourselves: How We Live with Dogs is both educational and highly entertaining. It is hard to put this book down. I thought I’d skim it quickly then get back to it later but found myself chapters into it before I could stop. Knowing why we name dogs to whether dogs think about or love us back is fun to dig into as you move through these chapters. If your older child has a special bond with the family dog, this is for them! This is a Young Readers edition. Author: Alexandra Horowitz. Buy on

For the teens: Shine: a Novel

Shine: a Novel

For seventeen-year-old Korean American Rachel Kim, the answer is almost everything. Six years ago, she was recruited by DB Entertainment—one of Seoul’s largest K-pop labels, known for churning out some of the world’s most popular stars. The rules are simple: Train 24/7. Be perfect. Don’t date. Easy right? Not so much. Author: Jessica Jung. Buy on Amazon.

I found these titles through Simon & Schuster publishing. They are a go-to book source for new titles for kids and adults.

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5 Books that Will Help Your Child Transition Back to In-School Learning

5 Books that Will Help Your Child Transition Back to In-School Learning

If you have school-aged children they have had the longest break from the school building ever and learning for them drastically changed suddenly last spring. I know some school remained in-person, but here in Was. state and other areas schools have yet to open since March.

Kindergarteners as a virtual learner are heading to a classroom soon for the first time ever or as a secondary student trying to keep grades afloat in a change into independent learning before they were ready, going back will be an adjustment.

I found some books to help your child transition back to in-school learning. You will want to start reading now to open the discussion about going back, schedule changes and socializing again on the playground with new classmates. These books are great for older siblings to read to younger siblings so all ages are discussing the changes together.

Change is impossible to avoid because it happens ALL the time! In this book, the author speaks on how to cope with and embrace life’s changes by recounting personal stories and asking kids pointed questions.

One of my FAVORITE children’s book Authors’ write for A Kids Book About. If you have not seen these books I highly recommend all of their titles on many common and new topics for kids. For heading back into the classroom I recommend A Kids Book About Change. Buy on Amazon

An Invisible String made of love. Even though you can’t see it with your eyes, you can feel it deep in your heart, and know that you are always connected to the ones you love. Does everybody have an Invisible String?

This book is so fantastic! The Invisible String is most popularly known as a best book for loss and grief, it is a great book to have on hand if an unexpected loss does occur in your family. However, it also is a great read for separation anxiety as it touches on the same need to feel connection when apart no matter how ‘apart’ they are. This is great for the child heading off to school for the very first time. Buy on Amazon.

The story is about Kate, a sporty and happy girl who uses her strong mind to tackle her daily challenges with a positive attitude.

My Strong Mind: A Story About Developing Mental Strength is a great book for so many situations to have on hand. For back to school, your child will be eager to start the new change off with a more positive mindset. When anxieties and worries start it’s time to use that brain power to work through change and new situations. Buy on Amazon.

Children love being able to make all the choices for this Superhero-in-Training and control the outcome of the book, while parents and teachers love the lessons the book teaches!

What Should Danny Do? School Day (The Power to Choose Series) brings problems forward. This is a fun read for kids that may have had to be out of structure as they have juggled at-home learning, working parents, siblings home all day. Now your child has to head back to class, sit still, make smart decisions around new kids and Teachers. This book is 7 stories in one and a great conversation book where your child and you can discuss ways Danny’s day should end given his situations he finds himself in. Buy on Amazon.

More and more places are requiring they or the adults around them wear masks, including their schools and pre-schools. This book adds some silliness and laughs around mask wearing to help young children see masks as something funny and not scary.

Many children have not been out and about as much or everyday and going back for many kids will still be while masked. If you have avoided public due to mask wearing anxiety with your child and now they may have to wear one back to school for a bit, this book is a must! Remember to Smile is a silly book that also introduces your child to many heroes and people that have to wear masks in their jobs and other situations making it less scary! Buy on Amazon.

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2 Children’s Books about the COVID Holidays to download or purchase

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.

2 Children's Books about the COVID Holidays to download or purchase

Could you imagine if someone would have told you this time last year that there are books guiding our kids through a Pandemic Holiday? It would have sounded crazy. Here we are making changes to traditions, staying home more, schools in most are4a still not back in session and reading books to get us through a COVID Holidays.

Here are 2 books both available to download now or order.

Remember to Smile by Shannon MCDonals. This is can arrive by Christmas for most Amazon customers as I write this. It is also available as a digital copy right now. It is a silly yet comforting book about describing and illustrating all the different styles of masks, characters that wear them, when you can wear them, and ‘interesting’ ways to use them. I love the fun and colorful illustrations and the ease it brings for wearing a mask. Buy now on Amazon.

Santa in a Snow Globe by A. H. Edelman. This fun book is great as we realize our kids may find St. Nick behind glass in some cases, staying safe and doing his part to keep people safe. This book is a great keepsake for years to come even post-COVID. Download to read now or order t=for your yearly book collection! Available at Amazon and other book stores.