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This Children’s Book Encourages kids to Accept others differences

What does a Mother do when she wants to preach love and acceptance especially when her own son has down syndrome? She writes a children’s book full of colorful illustrations and engaging characters to share an important message to kids. This is what the book, Guion the Lion, by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits is about. The story teaches its readers to accept others differences… and similarities.

Little readers will learn how appreciating and accept others differences and embracing others’ ideas can lead to unimaginable fun! This book, page by page, reflects the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Add a little imagination to that and you have Guion and her pal, Rae’s story.

Find the book on Amazon – it will be available for purchase early next week!  

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Two New National Geographic Children’s Books with Conservation Themes

National Geographic Children's Books

Taking care of ourselves has a brand new meaning these days. As we are forced to slow down and also help our kids finish a school year off at home it is hard to ignore the topic of self-care. Not only are we to take care of ourselves, but it is a good time to remember that we are also tasked as a species to take care of our planet. I want to introduce these 3 children/tween books for summer reading that both cover the topic of conservations.

Explorer Academy Book

Here is page One of Explorer Academy: The Star Dunes by Trudi Trueit, the fourth book in the popular fact-based fiction series (National Geographic Kids’ Under the Stars; March 2020, for ages 8-12).

The Explorer Academy series is full of thrill, danger and global travels as Cruz Coronado at the Explorer Academy, where he and 23 other kids from around the globe will train to become the next generation of great explorers. This book sends Cruz down to Africa as he tries to solve the mystery of his own Mother’s disappearance. Face gorillas, poachers and cheetahs in his adventure. Buy the Book

Extreme Oceans - Chapters

This second book is full of those fun images we love from National Geographic. Chapter 5 is a great source for How to Save an Ocean. Of course, I am intrigued by science and research of the ocean so The images of the Research Lab is fascinating as well as all the pages in this book, Extreme Ocean: Amazing Animals, High-Tech Gear, Record-Breaking Depths and Much More by National Geographic Explorer Sylvia A. Earle (National Geographic Kids Books, March 2020, Ages 8-12. June 8th is World Ocean Day so this book is a great treat for the kids schoolwork that day! Buy the Book!

National Geographic Oceans

National Geographic children’s books have always been a hit in our home for science and learning.

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Anna and the Germ – Children’s Book About the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anna and the Germ - Children's Book About the Coronavirus Pandemic
Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit Book Cover

If there was ever a book to tell kids the changes and emotions around this virus, Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit is it. We are all dealing with the confusion, fear, sadness, boredom, and loneliness right now, especially our kids. This book talks about those emotions and how to talk to and help our kids through this at that point where boredom and sadness hit.

Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit is written by Mother and Daughter, Christianne Klein and Helene Van Sant-Klein. They have come together as Emmy-winning Journalist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (to name a few of their titles) to tackle this heavy topic for you and your children with this book about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Make sure you take advantage of the free resources to help children through the crisis are available in a kid-friendly format on the website, – including coloring pages to allow children to draw out their feelings, and a song inspired by the book (you can even wash your hands to the shortened 20 second version)! 

Buy the book on Amazon!