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Braxley Bands environmentally sustainable and trendy Apple Watch bands

Braxley Bands environmentally sustainable and trendy Apple Watch bands

Slipping my Apple Watch on and getting out the door for the day is much more effortless with my Braxley Band. Not that fastening my Apple Watch is that stressful, but it is just one easier task in my morning routine and a small difference. I have several Apple Watch bands to match my day or clothing. I grab my Braxley Band for everyday use. I can just slip my wrist through and go. Some mornings, I need ‘easy’ like that.

Better than a simple convenience, Braxley Bands are environmentally sustainable and crafted using recycled plastic that is machine washable and moisture-wicking. This band is truly made with care. Using very little resources, the brand makes sure the environment is not harmed in their process. In fact, Braxley Bands has partnered with Trees for the Future, and for each band sold, a tree is planted with partner farmers in forest gardens throughout Africa.

What about fit? A couple of things – they have different sizes, so take a quick measurement of your wrist. If you are not satisfied or anything happens to your band in the first year, they have your back with a replacement warranty. If it stretches out, toss it in the wash to get it back into its original shape. If it feels a tad snug, hold it stretched a few seconds and give it some time, it will eventually mold to your wrist size. I measured my wrist and knew if I ordered a size up it may be too loose. The size I ordered was just a little snug, but not uncomfortable at all. It has now formed much better to my wrist size and stretched to where it needs to be as I have worn in off and on the past 2 weeks.

Ready to support Braxley Bands and order one? Visit the Braxley Bands shop and choose your watch and wrist sizes and begin choosing a color or design. I have the blackout color.

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Nudge offers sustainable and natural oral care products

Nudge offers sustainable and natural oral care products

If you need that nudge to start making good health habits, start with this oral care brand. Nudge has oral care essentials delivered to your doorstep via subscription or one-time purchase. Nudge is a Canadian brand and are are passionate about quality products and sustainability with natural oral care products.

Nudge oral care

I recently bought a standard toothbrush that is basically a landfill nightmare made in mass production for almost $5. Now I see that the Bamboo Toothbrush from Nudge is also $5 and is a much better product all the way around! It has a bamboo handle and even the bristles that I use to scrub my teeth and gums are made from soft bamboo. And the entire toothbrush is 100% compostable. Why wouldn’t I buy Nudge and feel better about my purchase as well. It is affordable!

natural oral care

You don’t have to commit although you can. You can buy subscription and just know your replenishment is always on its way or buy one time as you need. I have the Oral Care Box – Mint & Grapefruit Natural Toothpaste, Bamboo Toothbrush, Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Concentrate (this little bottle will last you a while) and clean, sustainable Silk Floss and it all comes in a branded toiletry bag. Browse Nudge and begin your healthy habits with a natural oral care brand by visiting their online shop.

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Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials in their products

Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials in their products

How was your Holiday week? Exhausted? I bet your home is too! Now that you’ve shopped, gifted and entertained for others, perhaps it is time to start this new year off doing something good for you and your home. You want to relax and your home wants clean and healthy products. Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials in their products. They have candles and bath products for you.

Broken Top candles

The Broken Top brand was born in a kitchen in Bend, Oregon. The brand was created to bring sustainable, eco-conscious products that are affordable and enjoyed by men and women. The scents are unique and range from fruity to woodsy scents blended for aromas that are unique.

sustainable home

Broken Top products are sourced to be renewable and recyclable, free of parabens and gluten as well as vegan. The cotton core wicks are lead and zinc free. You can shop for soy candles, linen sprays, reed diffusers for the home. For the body, you can shop hand sanitizers & soaps, lotions, perfumes, lip balms and more. Shop Broken Top online and on Amazon.

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Stemple Creek Ranch offers superior quality grass fed and finished meats

Stemple Creek Ranch offers superior quality grass fed and finished meats

From your front door to Michelin star restaurants, Stemple Creek Ranch offers superior quality grass fed and finished meats. What started over 3 generations ago from an Italian Immigrant who came to Northern California to open and run his dairy, Stemple Creek Ranch is still in the same family and now offering meats.

I hosted a small Holiday gathering and served the Cross Rib Roast and it was delicious. I rubbed it down with herb butter and roasted slowly. Paired with a baked potato bar, it was an easy meal for company and was a hit! That meat was complimented by everyone at the table. The next day on sandwiches it was so delicious.

It has been a while since I have brought meat home from the grocery store. I prefer grass fed to standard and grass finished meats and the best value is from a butcher. Ordering meat boxes bulk meats or supporting your local ranch will elevate your meat dishes and ensure you are eating healthy and sustainable meats.

“In 2002 Loren’s father, Al Poncia, received the NRCS Excellence in Conservation Award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is the highest award given by the Natural Resources Conservation Service to honor those outside the Federal government for their work in conservation.

Stemple Creek Ranch offers meats and cheeses, including jerky and sausages. The farm is located in Marin County in Northern California. The beef, lamb, and pork are raised on organic pastures and all animals are treated with respect and care.

Keep these meats and dairy in mind when you need to serve the best of meats for your family and friends. It arrives packed fresh and ready to prepare or freeze until you are ready to use. They make boxes for gifts as well. Visit the Stemple Creek Ranch store.