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Kickstarter Deals with Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle – Giveaway

I have partnered with Finesse Fitness for this giveaway

Kickstarter Deals with Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle - Giveaway

Welcome to the Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle Giveaway

If your excuse for not getting to the gym has been time or travel or even the kids needs then you officially have no excuse! It’s July and if you are falling behind o that resolution you made to get to the gym more, you only have half a year left and you can still make good on that self goal with Finesse Fitness.

SomaSole gives you the resistance training your body needs with no fear of bands slipping from under your feet or frames coming lose from door jams. These bundles are made with safety as well as gym-like stretching, strength building and dynamic exercises, anywhere, anytime.  It is with bands using your own body and a specific link system as well as other accessories for floor workouts that really get your core in shape.

Whether you need that true at-home gym system (the Duffel) or a go-anywhere travel system such as for hotel rooms (the Backpack) excuses are no more! The best part is that Finesse Fitness is running a Kickstarter campaign and we all know the best bindle deals are on these specific campaigns.

Here is some information about this Finesse Fitness SomaSole Kickstarter campaign:

Finesse Fitness has introduced their line of portable, total body workout bundles housed in either a custom-designed backpack or duffel. Built to fit anyone’s lifestyle or fitness level, the bundles consist of meticulously designed equipment created with high-quality and durable materials.  To provide the full workout experience, Finesse Fitness bundles come with a mobile app platform where users can download or stream workouts, connect with their trainer, plan workouts, and give and receive support from the community.

A Kickstarter launched HERE with super early bird specials of $149 as well as including three (3) 30-minute* shoot-around sessions with NBA legend, Metta World Peace.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a SomaSole Bundle (similar to the one listed in the giveaway image at the beginning of this post. Open to US only and 18+. Enter below and good luck!

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Naturally Stop Your UTI Before It Starts with Uqora (drink mix)

I have partnered with Uqora for this feature. Opinions are my own

If only preventing a UTI was as easy as drinking it away? No more pills to swallow that you are supposed to take with a full glass of water anyway. With Uqora you skip pills and capsules and naturally prevent those pesky UTI’s. I have had 2 UTI’s and as I think back, both of them were when I worked in a medical clinic and I would be so busy I wouldn’t stop to use the bathroom. I stayed hydrated because I needed it but would go hours not stopping at the restroom. If you’ve worked in a medical building you know that walk to the restroom hardly gets completed. You have doorways along the way and are bound to be seen (and grabbed for a task) along the way. “OK! I can hold it”. That creates UTI’s. I do not recommend getting into that routine.

Naturally Stop Your UTI Before It Starts with Uqora (drink mix)

Many suffer from UTI’s due to chronically suffering since a child or due to pregnancy or age and chronic illness. No matter what causes your UTI’s you get pretty good at feeling them coming on or knowing when you need to make a change before your bound to suffer again. This is the time to use your Uqora. Uqora is meant to prevent the UTI in the first place. Or you can chance it because paying co-pays is fun and those horse-size antibiotics are so great for you when you are always on them, aren’t they? The answer to both of those are “…no they aren’t”.

How does Uqora work?

Once bacteria attaches to your urinary tract it is hard to flush it out, so the safe and natural ingredients in Uqora aid in preventing bacteria from sticking. With electrolytes added and the combination of water to increase urine flow you get to flush your system to get the harmful bacteria out. Plus, there is some added immunity boosts within so all together you are working to stop UTI’s before they start. Once you experience the actual symptoms you have to go get medical treatment so let’s not get to that point. Uqora is formulated with clinical data, in collaboration with top physicians and urologists, to give you body the defense it needs.

You can take Uqora daily! In fact, no more than 5 packets a day is the recommendation so that leaves it safe to use more than once a day. Taking it at normal activities that increase bacteria flow like right after intercourse and right after exercising and even during your pregnancy are great times to have Uqora and a glass of water on hand.

Connect with Uqora on their website and follow on Facebook

Buy It! Uqora is available on Amazon!

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Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser For Car

I have partnered with Gurunanda for the feature. Samples were sent and opinions are my own

Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser For Car

How much do you love your essential oils? If you are like me you love using oils. Everyone has their preferred way to use oils. Many rely on them for healing, some may use them to make household cleaners and beauty products and my preferred usage is to fill my home with pleasant aromas (I’m a Mom of boys, so….)

Gurunanda has many essential oils and diffusers and now they have some portable diffusers so you’re oils can leave you pleasant aroma wherever you go. The Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential OIl Diffuser for the Car is more than just a unit that can fit in your car’s cup holder. It comes with a USB cord as well as a plug for the cigarette lighter unit of your car.

I see this essential oil diffuser as useful in a hotel room, in the RV and even at your personal work space. I have USB ports on my laptop so when traveling or at my home office I can plug in right near me and burn some lavender or peppermint if I have a headache or stomach aches. It has the ultrasonic mist so it is great for healing.

More Features include:

  • Water Capacity: 55 ml
  • No wick required
  • Overheating protection.
  • Auto shut off when water is low
  • Compatible with most laptops or USB wall/car outlets, cable included
  • ETL certified

Modes of Operation

    • Continuous mode – Mist lasts up to 4 hours.
    • Intermittent mode – Mist lasts up to 8 hours.

While visiting Gurunanda to learn more, see their new Essential Oils Roll Ons! I actually own a few roll ons and the Gurunanda Jasmine Kiss is by far my favorite scent. Every time my eye catches the bottle even if I’m just at home with no plans, I stop to open it and swipe my wrists or neck to just have the scent near me.

Comment with Gurunanda on their website and follow on Facebook and Instagram

Buy It at or on Amazon: Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential OIl Diffuser for the Car \ Gurunanda Essential Oils Roll Ons

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Why to Make Summer 2018 the Time You Get Fit!

A lot of us know that we should be doing more to take care of our health, whether it is having a healthier diet, exercising more, or getting more sleep and taking more care of our stress levels. There are a lot of things that can stand in the way, though, such as feeling like there just isn’t time to up our activity or thinking that there will be time later on.

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However, when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it is a really good time to use the natural energy boost that comes with the summer season to start new habits that will help you stay in better shape long term. Here are three reasons to make this summer the time you make a commitment to a fitter way of life!

Lighter Food is What Your Body Craves!

When it is hot, you simply don’t want to eat stodgy, heavy meals, so why not take advantage of your own urge to eat lighter food to cut down on calories? Salads are only healthier when you are actually conscious of what is in them, and many dressings people tend to choose add a lot of oily fats and sugary calories. However, by becoming salad savvy and knowing how to make your own tasty dressings using ingredients with less caloric value, such as apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, you can make sure that while you are in the mood for crisp, refreshing salads, you are actually getting the health benefits! Add in some supplements like Le-Vel Thrive to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need!

Getting Outdoors!

Another benefit to this time of year is that being outside is a lot more pleasant, and so you can use this to start exercising more. Add a pleasant evening walk after your dinner, get up earlier and do some exercise before your day’s efforts really begin, or even slip out on your lunch break for a trip to the gym or a run. These sunny, outdoorsy days won’t last forever, but you can use them to build good habits that will last you a long time. By the time the fall rolls around, you will be in a routine that incorporates exercise, and will be able to look for indoor alternatives that help you keep that workout buzz going!

Your Wardrobe is an Incentive!

In summer you tend to need to show a bit more skin for comfort in the heat, and so it can be a good motivator to tone up your body. Working on your upper arms to get rid of flabby ‘wings’ and have a sleeker look can make you feel much better about strappy summer tops, and toning up your legs can allow you to wear shorts and skirts with confidence!

These are just three reasons why the summer season can help you get into a good routine for health, beauty and fitness, so why not get motivated and start today?

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We Are Celebrating Teachers and Dads with GIANTmicrobes

I have partnered with GIANTmicrobes for feature. Samples were sent and opinions are my own

We Are Celebrating Teachers and Dads with GIANTmicrobes

Can you believe another school year has come and gone? Now we begin to celebrate summer and Father’s Day as well as thanking our teachers for spending nearly 6 hours a day with our children. We are celebrating with GIANTmicrobes and it has been a hit!

Anthony wanted to gift his 4th grade teacher and his Health/PE teacher the Heart GIANTmicrobes from the 2-pack Heartfelt box for Teacher Appreciation Week last week. This meant we opened the box and got 2 gifts in 1! It was perfect in a year he did a lot of science in class and also for his health teacher. They thought the gift was so clever!

Each GIANTmicrobe comes with its own card with a bit of education and a connection to how relative it can be to your giftee. It’s the first thing Anthony grabs and reads on these fun plush!


The gift packs are really the way to go because the box designs are so adorable and they make great collections for your Teacher’s classroom or even dad’s office. No matter who or what you are celebrating you will have fun finding the right gift that will make for a great conversation piece with GIANTmicrobes.

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Sleep 101: Strategies That Will Promote Holistic Health

Sleep 101: Strategies That Will Promote Holistic Health
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We live in an increasingly unhealthy world where millions of people are constantly grappling with serious illnesses, mild discomforts, mood instability, and other issues which make the reality of compromised mental and physical well-being known. Luckily, people who are serious about cultivating lifestyles of profound wellness should know that they can. One of the best ways to make wellness happen is by optimizing sleep quality. Below you’ll find just a few of many techniques that you can deploy to put the sleep optimization process in full effect:

Sleep Optimization Strategies 101: Strategies, Systems, And Solutions

As many wellness experts know, one of the best ways to take your health to the next level is by getting high quality sleep. Yet most Americans don’t. The ideal amount of sleep that an individual needs to attain for the purpose of renewing their physiological system is between 6-8 hours. Unfortunately, many if not most individuals are getting a mere five hours of sleep per night. Luckily, there are multiple sleep optimization techniques that individuals can implement to remain on track to health. One of them is paying attention to what you eat. Ideally, you shouldn’t go to bed on an empty or full stomach. The discomfort that results from either state can disrupt or compromise sleep. Also make sure that you put yourself on a schedule so that your body becomes acclimated to waking and sleeping at certain times. Additionally, make your environment conducive to sleeping. Specifically, go to sleep in an environment that is quiet, dark, and cool.

One final strategy that you can implement to optimize your sleep quality is maintaining your melatonin, GABAQ, and serotonin levels. Each of these elements plays an integral role in facilitating sound sleep. For example, melatonin helps promote restful sleep while also regulating the person’s sleep-wake cycle. Serotonin is also an important element of the sleep optimization process because serotonin production precedes melatonin production. Finally, an individual’s GABA levels are important because they function as the brain’s chief inhibitory neurotransmitter. Click here to learn about products that you can use to keep all of these physiological elements in balance.


If you’re serious about leading a profoundly healthy life, now is the time to focus on optimizing your sleep quality. Note that you can use the information outlined above to help you do so. Also keep in mind that the professionals of Accutrition are pleased to offer products that will enable your body to maintain the serotonin, GABA, and melatonin levels necessary to promote healthy sleep. Start making lifestyle changes now to ensure that you can remain in the state of profound health necessary to optimize daily living!