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Brand new Yipes! Hand & Face Cleaning Wipes for Kids

Brand new Yipes! Hand & Face Cleaning Wipes for Kids

Well, we seem to be heading backwards and into a new variant of COVID. They just announced we are back to masks in our schools and the extra sanitizing and germ fighting will be on that high level especially as we head back to school.

Naturally, there are brands that realized that with a bit of science and nature we can kill those germs and still be left with softer hands and better ingredients. PlaneAire® Yipes! cleaning wipes for kids kill 99.99% of most common germs while made with 99% plant-derived ingredients.

These wipes are perfect for learning spaces, backpacks, lunch boxes and more. Feel better using Yipes! because you not only kill the germs that spread fast, but you are doing it safely. They are available boxed, canister and pouch options. Visit PlaneAire/Kids to learn more and order today! Don’t forget to scroll down on their website and subscribe so you can save 10% and get free shipping!

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Signs of an Eating Disorder to Look Out For

Eating disorders can happen to anyone. It can be so deceptive that it’s possible you don’t notice it affecting your close family and friends already. There are, however, certain warning signs that can tip you off if someone close to you may be in danger of suffering from it. 

Knowing the signs is just one part of the battle, though. What you do with the information you get is what’s going to be more crucial. You can refer to a rehab facility like Ocean Recovery ( for them to consider getting help from. If the situation is much more dire, you can also consider staging an intervention to help them get back on track to wellness. 

Meanwhile, here are some of the signs of an eating disorder you should look out for. Do note, though, that you don’t necessarily need to wait for all signs to show before you take action. Eating disorders may manifest differently from person to person, so it may show in several different ways or just a few couple ones.

Behavioral Signs

The foremost telling signs of an eating disorder is one’s attitude towards food. You may notice a certain discomfort or awkwardness during meal times, or they may keep making excuses to skip out on it. 

They may also refuse to eat certain types of foods on account of perceived negative effects on their body, specifically their weight. There is this seemingly obsessive need to hit and maintain a specific target weight, which is usually way below what is considered to be what is in the healthy range. 

Keep in mind, too, that those suffering from eating disorders would go to great lengths to try and keep their condition a secret. Therefore, it’s possible that they will appear to eat like normal along with everyone else, but then proceed to purge as soon as they are left on their own. 

Psychological Symptoms

This obsession to maintain a certain weight, unhealthy though it may be, may be rooted in this distorted view of their body. To their eyes, they are flawed and maybe even unworthy to be loved because they do not fit the perceived standards of beauty in society. 

Because of this extreme dissatisfaction with their physical appearance, they may suffer from depression and anxiety. Mood swings become frequent and drastic too, which may result in isolation and withdrawal from friends. They may also lose interest in activities that are used to keep them interested and productive. 

Physical Symptoms

Even with the most intense denial, it’s going to be virtually impossible for them to hide the physical symptoms of their eating disorder. There’s going to be a very obvious fluctuation in weight quite often. Because they are not getting the sufficient nutrition they need, it’s also likely that they would be very susceptible to fainting spells and dizziness. 

They may also appear sluggish and weak, because they’re not getting enough sleep, and may complain a lot about feeling cold. 

Eating disorders can also be spotted with a sudden onset of dental issues, such as teeth discoloration, enamel erosion, and dental sensitivity. For those who induce vomiting, their fingers joints may have cuts and calluses.

Other physical symptoms include dry hair and skin, brittle nails, mottled hands or swollen feet, and yellow skin.

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Essential Elements Nutrition launched Apple Cider Vinegar Hydration Sticks

Essential Elements Nutrition launched Apple Cider Vinegar Hydration Sticks

As I have switched into a cleaner diet and staying on track with Intermittent Fasting, I am learning so much. Mostly, I am learning just how many foods contain very unnecessary ingredients that do much more harm than good. I have embraced paying a bit more for a better product and learning to read labels. With my favorite Influencers such as Bobby Parrish and Thomas DeLauer at my fingertips, learning is so easy. I now have a routine of how I break my fast and eat in my windows with purpose. Essential Elements has found a spot in my daily routine each day.

When it is time to eat breakfast after breaking my fast, I change from plain water with lemon to adding a stick of the Essential Elements Electrolyte Mix Hydration sticks with Apple Cider Vinegar. Honestly, I hate drinking water but have been challenged to drink much more per my Dr. As soon as I ca break my fast and add this product, the flavors make me excited to drink my water. I do work out each day so it is a great start to my day. The Apple cider vinegar combined with essential minerals is able to provide the right electrolytes and absorption I need without the extra calories.

After lunch to before dinner when I find some workout time, I make a cup of Essential Elements Pre Workout with Beet and ACV with water about 30 minutes before hitting my home gym. This performance support includes such great supplements. The ACV has naturally occurring electrolytes, Beetroot helps energy flow more easily through my body with its nitrate content and the natural caffeines help my body better use fat stores during exertion. No fillers or unnecessary additives and I get that perfect boost. It tastes great – a gentle sweet taste.

Essential Elements have other supplements that may be right for you. With safe, effective ingredients and full transparency, you get to best support in your daily life backed by science. Plus, every purchase helps bring water to humans in need. Visit Essential Elements today.

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6 Healthy Routines for Young Women

6 Healthy Routines for Young Women

Keeping yourself healthy is as much a matter of consistency as is the specific diet or exercise program you choose. You’ll notice increased energy, resistance to illness, and a more positive attitude overall. Your gains will be cumulative; you’ll set up a strong foundation for healthy habits for the rest of your life. Here are a few main areas to focus on. 

1. Keep Your Medical Appointments

Don’t forget to make regular appointments for well-woman care, vision care, and dental care. Doing so will ensure that you have a strong ongoing relationship with a clinician, head off any potential problems, and keep those key parts of your body system functioning well. Sometimes, the unexpected can happen. Not sure where to turn? Search using terms such as free pregnancy tests in Illinois to find assistance and support. 

2. Stay Well-Connected

Identify your most supportive family and friends, and stay in touch with them regularly. Though texts and video chat are great, don’t underestimate the power of IRL contact. Get active in your community, too — it might involve volunteering or joining an interest group. Pick things that suit your personality. Whether you’re extroverted or introverted, research shows that the health-giving power of social bonds is an antidote to stress and overwhelm. 

3. Minimize Your Stress

Speaking of stress, do your best to minimize it. While it’s impossible to eliminate all stress (and some stress is healthy!), you undoubtedly have activities, relationships, and routines that drain you. Either change them so they’re less stressful or eliminate them. 

4. Prioritize Your Spirituality

Your spirituality is connected to the deepest part of you. Cultivate and nurture it. If you’re inclined, regular church attendance and prayer groups might be a good fit. Or, you might prefer groups that meet and discuss a spiritual theme. Remember to prioritize your solo spirituality, too. Meditation and prayer are constructive practices to help you stay grounded and calm. 

5. Exercise Regularly

Get moving! In this screen-saturated culture, it’s easy to stay on the couch all day. Don’t give in to this temptation. Even if your job requires a lot of computer work, take regular breaks to move; dance breaks are a fun way to do it. Put together a simple exercise plan that addresses cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and agility training. 

6. Eat Wisely

Especially when you’re young, it’s easy to reach for packaged foods and not feel any consequences. Over time though, you’ll notice the effects: decreased energy, increased cravings, changes in body composition, decreased muscle mass, and mood instability. Counteract that by including as many whole foods in your diet as possible. Go out to a weekend farmer’s market and pick up some fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat (if you’re not a vegetarian). Including a few nutritious items in your diet will make you feel stronger and more vital. Don’t forget to hydrate; carry a water bottle with you at all times. 

Developing healthy routines early in life will help you in the long run. Keep these tips in mind to feel and look your best.