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New Book Release – Once Upon a Pancake, Stories We Write Together

New Book Release - Once Upon a Pancake, Stories We Write Together

It’s a new book release…sort of. The stories in this book are not yet complete because it is your child’s job to write them. They get a small illustration and beginning prompt then have a few pages and more small prompts to create their own story. These books are called, Once Upon a Pancake and there are different books depending on the ages of your children.

writing stories

This is the Once Up a Pancake book for ages 9-12. There is plenty of empty space for kids this age to make their own version of these stories. They can work on the stories alone or pass the pen with a sibling, classmate or friend. These will be such fun keepsakes to pull out one day and share.

Every few pages starts a new story idea. Some stories require a middle and end. Some allow your child to add their own illustrations and some offer a comic-style writing. Once Upon a Pancake has enough variety to keep them engaged in this book for days or weeks to come and the variety introduces them to different writing styles and genres.

ceate comics

True Story

When my teen was young he wrote a lot! He is the ideal child fro Once Upon a Pancake books. I have kept all of the composition notebooks he had laying around with pages and pages of stories. 3 years ago I actually took one of those stories and sent his words and drawings into a book bound and had it made into an actual (unpublished) hard cover book. I ordered 3 copies – 1 for his Teacher, 1 for us and 1 for a special event I was to surprise him with.

He was (still is) a HUGE R.L. Stine fan and I saw he was coming for a free, local storytelling event and we got in! He not only got to sit 4 rows up from R.L. Stine as he read to the kids, he got to hand him his own version of a Goosebumps book he wrote. That book I had bounded was called, Attack of the Killer Spider (derived from Goosebumps theme). He was so nervous, walked up with a Goosebumps book and asked for an autograph and almost forgot to hand his own ‘Goosebumps’ book over. Then R.L. Stine’s wife saw me signaling him and asked, “Honey! What is that book?” That is when he explained he “…wrote it, my Mom turned it into a book and ordered an extra copy for you” R.L. Stine’s wife took it from him, he glanced at it and says to her, take this one with us…to the hotel..” my son’s face just lit up as he heard that. He got his autograph, a hug and ran back to me almost in tears, “Did you hear what his wife said?”

Harnessing your child’s love of writing is meant to happen with books like Once Upon a Pancake. It will be shared and kept forever. If they are writing, they need this series. Find the book that is right for your child’s age at Once Upon a Pancake’s website or on Amazon at Rick Benger’s Author page.

Want to see me flip through a few pages and see inside Once Upon a Pancake? Visit my IGTV post here!

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Little Global Citizens Box- Learn about Kenya

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Little Global Citizens Box- Learn about Kenya

It was all about Kenya this month. There was a lot to learn such as what a Kenyan child’s daily life looks like, his school journey and his favorite snacks. In Kenya there are so many animals around and the people live on their land and really are proud and are about their wildlife.

Little Global Citizens is a bi-monthly or box-by-box service that arrives to your home with all you need to absorb places around the world. In our Kenya box we got a story from a child, a snack, craft supplies, activities and a great book that had a recipe.

With so many children learning at home and parents new to embracing their education in a new way Little Global Citizens is great for teaching new cultures and it becomes such a fun family activity. There is so much to absorb in each box.

What you get with every Little Global Citizens box:
  • Authentic Guides
  • 2-3 educator-developed crafts with supplies
  • 2-3 screen-free cultural activities like games and puzzles
  • Language Skills
  • Recipes
  • High Quality Book
  • A huge dose of inspiration

Little Global Citizen boxes are created together with travelers, educators and parents. The ages for these boxes are recommended at 4-10 and that seems about right to me! As soon as they can not only complete a craft but can listen and learn the meaning of their craft, Little Global Citizens is right at their level.

October 2020 Box is: Peru! A percentage of all profits are donated to Room to Read. To get an idea of more and see other countries available in single box options, visit Little Global Citizens.

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How to raise money for your business startup

How to raise money for your business startup

There are a few main ways to raise money to fund your business startup. First, if you have money concerns, you may find this useful advice from Creditfix worth reading over before you get started. When you’re ready to get going, you may also find it useful to know where to begin. Today, we’re going to cover some of the most well-known ways to secure funding for your startup. Now more than ever we may consider work from home options or starting our own ventures to make parenting and working easier together.

Speak to family and friends 

If you’re looking at getting your new startup off the ground, you may have considered borrowing from people you know. There are upsides and downsides when it comes to approaching friends, family, and other contacts for funding with your business startup. 

On one hand, when dealing with people that you know and who are close to you, it’s far less business-like and less stressful. These people are also more likely to judge you on your character and if they know that you are 100% committed, they may be more likely to back you financially than any other kind of unknown investor who is only likely to judge your proposal solely on whether they believe the opportunity will fit with their business portfolio.

However, where your business start up and process fails, and you lose the investment, you could find that you have some very difficult phone calls to make to friends and family who trusted you with their money.

Angel investors & venture capitalists 

You may think that angel investors and venture capitalists (VC) are more or less the same thing, but you’d be wrong. There are some major differences. 

An angel investor is an individual business owner with a high net worth, meaning they are able to foot the bill to get your business started. Typically, these investors will ask for a share in the company (normally under 50%), and as part of the deal, you may be able to buy back those shares after a certain amount of profit has been paid to the investor over a number of years.

In comparison, a VC fund is typically set up by an investment group. The main advantage of this setup is that you will generally benefit from the advice and guidance from multiple experts within the group. However, VC groups could ask for more than 50% of the business, and will generally want to sell the business for a profit after a number of years. You could think of this as a get rich quick scheme masterminded by business experts who can nurture and inflate your startup idea to market buoyancy, and if you are all about the reward and and you are not too bothered about selling your business, this type of deal could be the answer. 

A note on crowdfunding and business startup …

Crowdfunding may seem like a great idea until you realize that you will have to publicly announce your business startup idea, leaving yourself open to copycat entrepreneurs and other business people who are better funded and in a better position than you to bring an identical business to market much faster than any crowdfunding plan would allow. But the funding options are real. The choice, ultimately, is yours.