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Supporting your children through their studying years

Supporting your children through their studying years

Regardless of the age of your children, you want them to be good students. Without a decent education and high grades so many avenues are shut to them. As a result, most parents want their children to do well at school so that they can go on to study at college or university. Or, secure a good apprenticeship.

With this in mind, I thought I would take a look at some of the ways you can teach your children to be exceptional students with healthy studying habits. To be able to excel and stand out in a way that will benefit them later in life. Below, I cover practical things like using to double-check important work to make sure it passes the plagiarism test.

Show them that there are no shortcuts

Securing good grades is not easy. So, unsurprisingly, at all stages of your child’s educational journey, they are going to be faced with the temptation to cheat. To let someone else do the work for them or copy something rather than doing the research and writing something fresh. 

It is important to show your children that taking that approach is not wise. From an early stage, make them aware that the educational institutions they attend will be putting their papers through a plagiarism checker. Show them how tools like Scribbr work.

Teach them not to be fazed when things do not go well

Help them to appreciate the value of doing things such as studying themselves. Show them how far they have come by doing that. If they try something and don’t quite pull it off, don’t be over critical. Help them to focus on what they can learn from the experience and encourage them to work on the skills they were missing so that they can succeed the next time they try.

work together
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Be ready to work alongside them

If they can’t figure something out, be prepared to sit down and help them to find the answers. Don’t take over, just point them in the right direction and help them to practice the skills they need to be able to do their own research, in the future.

Help them to find enough time to study

Provide your children with structure. Having a routine makes it easier for them to make studying a priority. A lot of parents find getting their kids to do their homework after school works best. You can click here to find more tips about how to create the right environment for your children to be able to study effectively.

Make sure they have enough time to relax too

Studying is important, but relaxation is vital too. If your children do not get the chance to relax and unwind often enough they will be too tired and stressed out to learn effectively. 

Of course, every child is different. So, you will need to adapt the advice given above to fit in with the needs of each child. But, following these basic principles will prove to be beneficial for most young students.

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We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World – Tween Book Review

We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World

We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World by Todd Hasak-Lowy April 7, 2020

I read this book written for ages 10-14 to make sure that it was going to enlighten, not judge and teach your tween, not persuade them into a political conversation. My hopes were this book would inspire the young to stand up for each other and their world and understand when rules can be bent for good without violence. That even the best spirited can lead others to a common goal and make a change simply by believing in themselves and others. Not politics, but using their voice and power of their hearts to lead our Country and the World in bettering itself and adapting to change.

We Are Power is that book! It tells 5 incredible stories of nonviolent struggles of our world’s past. Nonviolence is not new, it is well over hundreds of years old. Each story is unique and will teach and inspire your child as they get a glimpse into history and what injustices used to exist and why they no longer do.

It shares the stories: Gandhi and Indian Independence, Alice Paul and Votes for Women, Martin Luther King Jr. and Project C, Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Movement, Vaclav Havel and the Velvet Revolution.


Ages 10-14? Appropriate and easy to read? Yes! Engaging and eager to follow along? I might say for sure age 12-14 (and even 40-something as I learned a few thongs myself reading this book). I think 10-11 might find the long chapters and mentions of Acts, dates hard to stay engaged IF they are not already interested in history or reading, in general. A mature, bookworm like my son who loves facts can easily read this at 10, so you know your child best at that younger tween age.

It’s a little bit of history, nothing but the facts and a world of change for the better! You can find We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Find a list of Children’s Books about Culture, Differences, Standing Up for Others HERE!

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Bring More Traffic to Your Website with the 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge

I wrote this sponsored post on behalf of Russell Brunson.

Bring More Traffic to Your Website

If you have searched for literature and tips to bringing more traffic to your website or customers to your product, then perhaps you have come across Russell Brunson’s book. I am in middle of his third book, Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, of the Secrets Trilogy

I have a blog and I don not sell product. However, this 30 Day Traffic Challenge is working fantastic for me because with the tips and workbook I am learning not only how to get more traffic but where to find it and what to do once I find my readers or potential readers.

Russell Brunson

Who is Russell Brunson?

The obvious answer to that is that he is the Author of The ‘Secrets Trilogy‘. He is also an entrepreneur or small business owner. He is the owner of a $100M software company called ClickFunnels a few years ago and when customers were not coming in and he feared he would not be able to make it he set out to try and gain new customers. It was harder than he thought and he and his team dug in and started a journey of learning where they could find and how to attract new customers. They found them his company became the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world. He has gathered all of the tips and made them available in his book Traffic Secrets.

Traffic Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets Book Review

I have struggled lately with views. They remain at a plateau and it is so hard to find new followers. I know I give out great product reviews and gift guides. When a reader does find me, they tend to stay but naturally I am not very much of an extrovert and I think that comes out in my blog and the lack of ‘going out there’ and finding people.

As I dove into Traffic Secrets I began to see how to master evergreen traffic strategies in order to fill my website. Then as I worked through the paired workbook activities I am learning how to create funnels with my dream customers (I actually have a dream customer he helped me create in the beginning of the book)!

I am not through the entire book yet as there are exercises you do as you read through the chapters so you actually begin finding and keeping those readers beginning with the first chapter! This isn’t a book you read and one day ‘get to it’. This is a guide, a hand-holding bible for your website to actually take all of your hard work and actually gain customers and followers.

gain website traffic

Every year, tens of thousands of businesses start and fail because the entrepreneurs don’t understand this one essential skill which is understanding and practicing the art and science of getting consumers to find you. Bring More Traffic to Your Website!

If you are eager or in need of learning key strategies to increase your site traffic, then completing this 30-day challenge is for you!

You can find the book by Russell Brunson, Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customer right here!