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Pottery Awesomeness is the perfect family project

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Pottery Awesomeness is the perfect family project

Are you in need of the perfect family project? Consider Pottery Awesomeness. It comes with everything you need to paint pottery at home. No oven required. Just paint, seal and place around your home. I have a fall collection and it was so easy and now I have new fall decor – pumpkins, Autumn leaves and gourds.

pottery awesomeness

The perfect family project is always artsy, engaging and sometimes messy. It’s the best way to have fun together. The paints included in the pottery choices are acrylic paint, an all-purpose, water-based, fast drying, wipe clean finish. Non-toxic, soap & water clean-up.

I love the fall color palette of the paints sent with this fall package. Once you are done painting it is time to let that paint dry before applying a coat or two of the sealer. They even give you the brushes for the painting and the foam brush for the sealer. I did 1 coat but if you want your finished project more glossy then apply another coat or two. There is plenty of sealer to keep going to your desired finish. Once that sealer dries you are done!

paint pottery at home

The bonus fun with this perfect family project is to find spaces to place your projects around the house. We put a gourd on the mantle and the pumpkin on our dining table centerpiece.

pottery projects

I love these themed-subscription boxes, like back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day and more. Each box includes three cute figurines, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a glossy sealer and an instruction card with QR codes that will direct painters to painting tutorials and instructions. 

pumpkin decor
Order your perfect family project today at Pottery Awesomeness

You can buy single designs to really customize your order. Or Subscription boxes cost $30, or may be purchased individually for $32, skip or cancel at any time, www.potteryawesomeness.com.

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Is it the Right Time to Start Potty Training?

Is it the Right Time to Start Potty Training?

One of the most common questions I hear as a professional potty training consultant is, “How do I know when my child is ready?” There are some classic signs and signals you can look for including: a general interest in the bathroom, asking for a new diaper when they are wet or dirty, hiding to have a bowel movement, staying dry for longer periods throughout the day, and waking up dry from naps and/or overnight. Your child should also possess basic communication skills, either verbal or physical, and the ability to understand and follow basic direction. These things usually start presenting themselves somewhere between 22 and 28 months, making this the ideal age to potty train.

Keep in mind, that it is also just as important for you to be ready as your child’s teacher and coach. If you are prepared to fully commit and remain consistent with a plan that matches your child’s unique personality and potty learning style, it is sure to make for a successful potty training experience!

Once you are ready to start the process, here are three unique potty training tips that you won’t hear anywhere else! 

Tip 1: Take some time before you begin potty training to count down the days to no more diapers with your little one. About 3 to 5 days before you’re ready to start, wake up each morning and “x” off the day on the calendar together. Not only does this help your child mentally prepare for the upcoming change they’re about to experience, but it gives you the opportunity to build their confidence so they believe they can do it! This technique works really well for stubborn kiddos who tend to be resistant to change.

Tip 2: If your child ever seems anxious, apprehensive, or even afraid to release their pee and poop on the potty, try my bubble trick! Did you know that when you blow out air, it activates the same muscles we use to pass our bladder and bowels? It’s true! So while your little one is set up on the potty, try letting them blow bubbles. Not only does getting to do this typical outdoor activity inside entice your child to try, but it also relaxes them AND activates the muscles we use to pass our bladder and bowels! Gotta love an effective trick that is actually FUN!

Tip 3: When you’re ready to introduce underwear to your child, buy them in a size larger than what they would normally wear. Having the underwear be a slightly looser fit will help them remain more aware of their body’s sensations and urges and will be less easily confused with a diaper. This tends to reduce accidents, and who doesn’t want that?

If you feel like you need more support with your potty training journey, feel free to reach out to me via my website at www.pottytrainingconsultant.com and follow me on Instagram @pottytrainingconsultant! 

-Allison Jandu

Potty Training Seat Option

If you are shopping for a toilet seat, let me show you about the 2-in-1 Potette Plus Portable Potty. It is portable for travel and a trainer seat as well. It has handles that fold to store and unfold to snap into place for portable set up. Asa a trainer seat it fits on most standard toilet seats. Learn more at Potette! You can purchase the Potette Portable Potty on Amazon.

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Mommy’s Bliss New Prenatal Supplements and Multivitamins for Moms

Comment: I was provided samples

Mommy's Bliss New Prenatal Supplements and Multivitamins for Moms

When attending BabyBoom last month I got to learn that Mommy’s Bliss was expanding to include ‘Mom’ in their product line up. That is, multivitamins and prenatal supplements for Mom. Mommy’s Bliss brings the safest ingredients together for baby and kids in the form of cough relief, tummy pain relief, gum relief, immunity and more. Now it is only fitting to include products Mom needs for her own health before, during and after pregnancy.

Mommy's Bliss supplements

Mommy’s Bliss multivitamins have the essential vitamins and minerals your baby needs for healthy development plus the nutritional support you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

4 Prenatal Supplements and Multivitamins

They have 2 prenatal supplements – Prenatal Regularity Support Gummies and Prenatal Omega + DHA Gummies and there are 2 prenatal vitamins – Prenatal Multivitamins + Iron capsules and Prenatal Multivitamin + Probiotics capsules. All have natural ingredients safe for you and Baby’s body. These are free of artificial flavors or colors, dairy, gluten or soy and the top 8 allergens.

prenatal care

Mommy’s Bliss multivitamins and supplements are designed to target the issues affecting moms-to-be most: gas, nausea, constipation, low energy, and restlessness. Don’t forget to take care of YOU!

Mommy’s Bliss products are available at Target and Amazon. Make sure to visit Mommy’s Bliss website for more information about all of their products for Mom, Baby and the older kids too!