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5 DIY Valentine’s Gifts for the Classroom

Our youngest is 10 and even in 5th grade the kids still love the holiday gifts that arrive for celebrations. I showed up to the classroom on the last day before the Christmas holiday with donuts from the grocery bakery and you would have thought I brought a movie star with me!

“Whoa! Do we all get 1 whole donut?”

“Thank you so much!! The donuts are our favorite”

They were so excited I kind of felt guilty. Other kids brought in so many great sweets and treats and the kids were drooling over these donuts like it was all they needed. Then as they got their donut and the rest of the kids handed out there items, there was another popular treat.

The only handmade item (the rest were typical store bought cookies and cupcakes) was a boys homemade cookie treats and the kids began admiring those. They weren’t store bought and they were unique so the kids were intrigued. Even at grade 5, the kids still appreciate the effort and uniqueness of DIY class gifts.

So, I have not totally made up my mind of what to send with Anthony for Valentine’s Day but here are my favorite DIY Valentine’s Gifts for the Classroom right now I have saved into my bookmarked pages.

1. Fruit Snacks Valenties

I found these on Domestic Executive Online and in her Free Valentine’s Printable post she has this fun idea for fruit snacks. Cheap and easy!

2. Goldfish “Hooked On You” Valentines

This is so fun and also very inexpensive. All you need is some goldfish crackers, baggies and the instructions from Frugal Coupon Living’s post for these fun free Valentine’s printables!

3. Capri Sun with Cupid’s Arrow Messages

Like I mentioned above, I attended my son’s 5th grade class holiday party and with 30 kids who brought treats, no one brought drinks and us adults were running for water for very sugar-high thirsty kids! This is a fun idea I found from Joy’s Life for this fun drink Valentines printable.

4. Crayon DIY Printable

Boxes of crayons are a great non-food gift for the kids of all ages. I found this free crayon printable for this Color My World Valentine from Dreaming in DIY.

5. Peel the Love Valentine

Want to bring the healthier treat? This is a fun free Valentine’s printable from Happy Money Saver for cuties oranges

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Grandbox is the Gifts for Grandparents That Keep Giving

Have you heard about the GrandBox subscription box for Grandparents? I always try to make the Grandparent gifts personal. The boys would make crafts at school and wrap them. But the boys are 10, 21 and 26 so no crafting is done here like that.  This season we created a Grandbox and gave it to my Dad recently for his birthday. It is such a great gift idea for Grandparents any time of the year. And you can order one anytime so that a box arrives a few times a year for a gift that keeps giving.

Inside was a variety of products that was intriguing for my Dad. However, the most special were photos of my son. GrandBox printed then as actual photographs and included them in the box.

Every month, the GrandBox team creates a new theme to build each box around. Every theme and product is meant to bring joy to your loved one. From Route 66 to Back-to-School to A Day at the Spa, we make sure that each box will be a delightful surprise.

 Visit MyGrandBox to get started. remember GrandBox as you search for a gifts for Grandparents.

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Activision Blizzard Consumer Gaming Products

Activision Blizzard Consumer Gaming Products

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Activision Blizzard Consumer Gaming Products

For all of the gamers out there you can find gifts and toys for their favorite games that make great gifts. The Activision Blizzard Consumer Gaming Products have great gifts for games like Overwatch, Spyro, Call of Duty and more.

Anthony has this Spyro Dragon Fire T-Shirt and it is a fun way to show off your passion for your favorite Spryo games.

So much fun gear, collectibles, toys and merchandise for all of the gamers in your life. My son loves Call of Duty: Black Ops and this is a fun gift box.

Many of these items are available at various shops! Visit Amazon, GameStop and the Blizzard Gear shop!

Comment: I was sent product so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you. I am an Amazon Associate and I may be compensated for your purchase through my Amazon links.

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Cube Tracker Keeps Track of Your Valuables

Cube Tracker Keeps Track of Your Valuables

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Cube Tracker

If I were to lose my keys, I also lose keys to our local High School kitchen. If my husband loses his keys, he loses keys to his office and warehouse. We cannot lose track of our keys so why has it taken us so long to use a tracker? I was sent a Cube Tracker and Cube Tracker Pro and as I was setting my Pro up in the app with my keys, my husband asked if he can have one so I gave him the standard Cube Tracker.

I had not even refreshed my memories on the settings before my husband had his linked and marveled over the features. The fact that you can use it in revers-hit the button on the tracker if you lose your phone-is the best feature. The Cube works for about 100 feet and the Pro is about 200 feet. That is great for my keys or valuables in the vicinity-maybe not so much the dogs collars-lol.

Another fun feature is that if anyone in a crowd also had the Cube Tracker and you signal your Cube as lost-their Cubes will help look for your Cube. Genius!

Installation took minutes. It was so quick and I love that you can add a small profile photo so you remember where your Cube is attached-or which Cube is attached to which valuable. With the Cube Pro that has double the range and double the volume being only $5 more I would choose the Cube Tracker Pro for sure! If you want as slim as possible, then the standard Cube is a tad less bulky.

Shopping for The Cube

Available at Amazon and check out The Cube site for all of the features and buying options

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BudyPhones Safe Wireless Headphones for Kids – Giveaway

BudyPhones Safe Wireless Headphones for Kids - Giveaway

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: BudyPhones Headphones for Kids

Chances are your child owns or has access to a tablet, phone or learning device. Depending on their stages they may be into features or music we don’t necessarily want to listen to, especially on planes or in car rides. If you are looking for headphones for your toddler or child, consider ones that are made safe for their ears with features that will benefit the both of you.

I am featuring the BudyPhones-Play Wireless Headphones. These headphones are designed with 4 distinct SafeAudio listening modes and has over 14 hours of battery life and provides kid-proof durability. There are 4 colors to choose from – orange, black, blue and pink and include stickers to personalize their headphones.

Shopping for BudyPhones

Available at Amazon and check out The BudyPhones site for all of the features and buying options

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The BudyPhones Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a pair of BudyPhones. This giveaway is part of the 4th Annual Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. Once you are done entering for this great prize, hop over to the other blogs listed below and enter their giveaways and that’s a hop! This giveaway ends November 27, 2018.


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Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop for – Canvas on the Cheap

Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop for - Canvas on the Cheap

How many ‘hard-to-shop-for’s’ do you have this season? I have 2, my husband and my Dad. My Dad never asks for anything and my husband gets himself what he wants when he wants it and then when he does ask for something it is off the wall, like a car part that I can’t wrap?! This year I am pulling out some fun ideas and this will be a hit!

In our new home we bought last year there are a few walls I was saving until I knew what to do with. What does this have to do with shopping for others? I have had so much fun using canvas prints when I find good sales that I realized how much fun I can have making gifts for others. Canvas on the Cheap is where I bought my recent prints.

In my dining room I have started a feature wall. It has taken some time and trips to our downtown antique shops and farmhouses to find different pieces so I have the textures needed to create a wall that isn’t so flat. I have 2 canvas prints I ordered and it was cheaper than buying canvas prints that sell up $20 for small sizes. This way I can create an image in my photoshop and save as a jpeg. then upload into Canvas on the Cheap. Makes a great gift! You choose what words you want and the background color and font you want!

Canvas prints don’t just have to be images. I use PicMonkey and you can create some fun designs or crop your own photos the way you want. When you export your creation to any file on your computer and head to the canvas shop you just upload that image you made and saved. So easy!

I will be moving on to our Master bedroom where I have my first piece for this wall. What you don’t see is 3 other canvas prints around our room. All are lines from love songs including a line from our wedding song. I have this one that I created with black font on white background then uploaded into Canvas on the Cheap that reads “All of Me Loves All of You”. Another print in the room reads “God Blessed the Broken Road and Led Me Straight To You” (from our wedding song) and the other 2 hang on either side of our large window- 1 reads “I Belong to You” and the other reads “You Belong to Me”…you can create a theme like this such as love songs and it is a lot of fun! I hope this is bringing you some good ideas!

As I mentioned earlier, my husband is so hard to shop for. I have this print I also ordered form Canvas on the Cheap for him. He loves our Whoodle pups and he has an office at work with very empty walls. He is going to melt over this photo I managed to get because keeping them still is impossible. Plus, one is scared of everything such as the click of my camera but it turned out great!

The sign in my Master bedroom above is the most popular size that is ordered on Canvas on the Cheap at 16″ x 20″ and they have great prices on canvas prints! Make sure you head over and check back often because they always have some great deals.

Also, I have another print from Canvas on the Cheap I did earlier this year for my son’s Star Wars game room, check it out here!

Shopping at Canvas on the Cheap

Visit Canvas on the Cheap to see all sizes, prices and specials!

Need more gift ideas? Visit the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Comment: I was sent product so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you.