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Shop FossilEra for high quality fossils, collectable minerals and crystals

Shop FossilEra for high quality fossils, collectable minerals and crystals

Maybe I can just show you all of the photos I took of my order from FossilEra because they are so much fun. I was blown away at the quality that arrived in my order. I was browsing their website looking at stones, crystals and even shark teeth. I saw that there were some fossil plates and I love to entertain so I was intrigued. I ordered the 11.1″ Tropical Hardwood Petrified Wood Dish from Indonesia. Wow! It is gorgeous and heavy.

Petrified Wood

I decided I want to find a place in the bar area and have visions of placing a few wrapped candies or mints to make it useful if entertaining. I love all the imperfections I would expect from a real piece of petrified wood. FossilEra really impressed on the way it was packaged. It was wrapped very securely.

Fossil plate

They even included a free gift. I found this cut and polished Agatized Ammonite Fossil. My teen claimed it right away for his nightstand. Every item comes with an identifier card so you have all of the descriptions on your piece.


I also ordered a few Worry Stones. I chose Black Obsidian from Mexico and the Red Jasper is from an unknown region, but my son loves fidgeting with these and wanted a ‘red’ stone. I ordered a few extra because they are fun to add to gifts.

worry stones

FossilEra is located in Monroe, Wa near my town. They are a trusted source of all your fossils and collectable minerals and crystals. Shop FossilEra today!

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Manly Man Company Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet Giveaway ($89 value)

Manly Man Company Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet Giveaway ($89 value)

Welcome to the Manly Man Company Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet Giveaway.
This giveaway values at $89 and is open to the US only.

Who: The Manly Man Co. has offered to giveaway one of their Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet valued at $89 retail. (image shown below)
When: This giveaway will go from 7.2.21-7.19.21 11:59 pm est
Rules: You must be 18 years of age or older to enter AND a resident of the US Only to enter
Entries: You must have completed the entry which you have won in order to qualify for the prize.

White list this email: as this is the email the winner notification will come from and you must reply within 24 hours in order to claim your prize. If you do not reply within 24 hours a new winner will be notified.

About the Manly Man Company

The Manly Man Company is a veteran-owned business. They’re located in Southern California. The idea started out as a modest conversation between the owner Greg Murray and his wife Jacquie. He had bought her a bouquet of flowers and asked himself: “Why isn’t there a gift that is comparable for men?” Sure, men can get flowers for occasions, but, it’s not customary. The couple kicked around some ideas and his wife presented him with the very first rendition of what is now referred to as a Man Bouquet of beef jerky: Beef Jerky sticks with thin pieces of jerky cut into flowers, given in a beer glass “vase”.

After the Murrays invented man bouquets as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him, Greg reached out to a schoolmate, whom he enlisted in the Marine Corps with Ben Wynkoop, to come aboard with his wife as a third co-founder, and then ventured out to the masses: online.

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Disclosure: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. We hereby release Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest of any liability. The winner will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends. If the winner doesn’t respond, we will have to choose another entrant. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email at!


Glassware and Barware from Well Told Makes Great Gifts for Dad

Glassware and Barware from Well Told Makes Great Gifts for Dad

When it comes to finding gifts for loved ones, such as Dad or your husband, chances are the personalized gifts take the win! When you can gift something meaningful in a useful product, it becomes such a popular gift idea. This one is so simple and will be used a lot. The glassware and barware from Well Told allows you to choose places, interests or quotes etched into the products Dad will use from the bar.

Well Told Gifts

This is the Pint Glass with my husbands home town – Tacoma, Wa. They had this city available to order and this was a tough choice because I had so many options. Well Told offers pint glasses for beer, wine glasses, whiskey rocks glass, champagne flutes, flasks and more!

Well Told Beer Glass

If choosing a city map is not of interest, you can choose from landmarks, adventure routes, academic themes such as popular history or literature quotes or Astronomy, math and science. Chances are, there is something for Dad you can order right now in time for Father’s Day! Shipping is free after $50 and the most popular Dad gifts are listed here!

Father's Day

4 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

4 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

People are gearing up for Father’s Day with the usual charade of skimming through Target’s shelves for wallets, shaving kits, and travel mugs. This year, go beyond the same expected gifts and celebratory events. Use these four creative suggestions to create an exceptionally special day for your dad on Father’s Day. 

  1. Cast Iron Cookware Gifts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the comeback of cast iron cookware. Heavy-duty skillets, pots, pans, Dutch ovens—you name it—are captivating the interests of dads everywhere. From the seasoned base to the grip of the handle, cast iron tells dads that, yes, they can take their barbeques inside. 

Safety precautions and social restrictions have encouraged people to garden and grow their own food, as well as cook from home more often, and cast iron cookware has made this transition much more manageable. Whether your dad wants to fry fish like a five-star chef, grill beef to charred perfection, or create the perfect ham and cheese omelet, cast iron cookware has your gift covered. 

Dads like tools they can use for the long-haul, and cast iron cookware is made to be long-lasting. He’ll appreciate the longevity of your gift, making his day special. 

man and boy fishing on water
  1. Handmade and Thoughtful Gestures

Maybe you’ve never seen your dad cry, or perhaps he unabashedly sobs at every This Is Us episode. In either case, you know that his inner cry baby exists and that a perfect Father’s Day would include poking the bear. 

Make a day of it and walk down memory lane. Frame the photograph of the two of you on your fishing trip and present it to your dad during a Father’s day dinner. Or, better yet, take him back to the fishing spot and rehash old memories with conversation and laughter. Bring out the grateful, emotional side of your dad and make his day truly special. 

  1. Do That Thing He’s Always Talking About 

You might not like this one, but if you want to make your dad’s Father’s Day special, then put on your selfless hat and do those activities he’s been dying to do with you, no matter how insane they make you feel. 

If your dad wants to show you the entirety of his postage stamp collection, sit there, smile, and nod. It will make him happy, and you’ll survive. Is he a sucker for watching old family videos? Dust off that VCR. 

Consider what would make him happy rather than the things you would like to do with him and give him on Father’s Day. If you want your dad to feel extra special, you’ve got to think about what he wants. 

  1. Go Totally Unconventional

Give your dad the same pampering and care that mom gets on Mother’s Day. Can’t spend a lot? Create a DIY spa day at home. It’s 2021, and we are more woke, so treat dad to everything from a mani-pedi and a massage to Father’s Day flowers

He’ll feel so relaxed, he’ll be kicking himself for not practicing self-care sooner. You can even give him the gift of a charcoal pillow (yup, it’s got charcoal in it) so he’ll still feel manly while he is lulled to sleep by softness. 

The Bottom Line 

The only surefire way to make Father’s Day special it should be is to do all of the things you haven’t done before. By now, dads expect to get ties and funny socks and all the other typical “dad” gifts you’ve sent in previous years. This year, think outside of the box with your gift and how you celebrate the day together.