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Find God in everyday goods from Saved By Grace Co brand

Find God in everyday goods from Saved By Grace Co brand

Saved by Grace Co. is about keeping God visible through his words and you can find them on everyday products they create in house. The brand is less than 6 years old and has been enlightening everyone who comes across the words on apparel for women and kids as well as items for the home. When I wear tops with words, such as my Saved by Grace hoodie I turn heads. I suppose it could have been the phrase someone needed to see that day.

Saved By Grace Co not only wants to keep God alive within their products, they make them with. care. The apparel is ethically sourced screen printed. Everything is “made to order” in Charolette, N.C. No people, animals or ethics are hurt while producing the items they print on. Every piece sent is made for you with the best quality and care from a women-owned brand.

I love my hoodie, but have my eye on several other items for my home. Their words for walls are so graceful. I want to put these words: the world needs who you were made to be – joanna gaines down the hallway by the boys rooms. It is perfect for the older boys to walk by everyday upstairs.

Wall words

Saved by Grace Co can he your go-to this year for gifts. Visit their shop today and make sure to subscribe to save on your first order with the little pink box on the bottom of their page that will pop up for you.

Toy Reviews

Hurry! You can still get these John Deere Toys by Christmas

Hurry! You can still get these John Deere Toys by Christmas

John Deere fans, this post is for you! There are a few John Deere toys that are in stores or perhaps available on Amazon right now and in time for Christmas. My favorite option is harder to find in stores so you will have to wait on shipping, but a great way for the kids to spend their cash gifts and gift cards.

The John Deere Johnny Tractor Ride-On Toy with Lights and Sound falls under the category of STEM toys. You can still find this toy in Target stores. Hurry and add it for store pick up! This ride-on toy is for toddlers up to 44 pounds. The STEM feature = Use the included screwdriver to take Johnny’s engine apart and put it back together again.

The TOMY John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Preschool Toy is on Amazon and in my area, I can still have it arrive by Thursday. This toy by TOMY is for ages 18months+ and includes a push along trailer and 4 animal friends. Children learn to match animal sounds with the correct animal.

This is a favorite of mine and a gift I bought my nephew. This one is worth the wait as it arrives after Christmas. This is the Toy Insider Award-Winning Monster Treads Super Scale Combine Toy Set. It is available on Amazon. The toy includes a combine with a spinning front head, the largest yet Monster Treads toy ever created, and 2 specially selected Monster Tread vehicles — a tractor and a gator. It also has 3 different special effect buttons!

Toy Reviews

Riders Republic by Ubisoft makes gaming night fun for the family

Riders Republic by Ubisoft makes gaming night fun for the family

New from Ubisoft is Riders Republic available on PC, PS5, PS4, XBox Series XIS and XBox One. Ride your heart out in any style! You can snowboard, bike, ski or windsuit across a sports world that is vast and exciting. You choose and develop your character as you play.

Within the game you can race in events or team competitions, develop your ‘rider career’, race in PvP events with over 50 other players on consoles or free ride with friends as you practice and hang out. There are even scenes from American National Parks – Bryce Canyon, Yosemite and more. 

If you are looking for a family-friendly (rated T for teen), Riders Republic will be a hit! Buy your Riders Republic edition today and start playing with download or order the disc in time for the Holidays.

Gift Guides

The Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

I am still not complete with my own Holiday shopping. I have a few more gifts and time is running out. What gifts are you still missing? Here are a few suggestions you can find.

Books are a great gift and ship fast from retailers like Amazon or available at most local books stores. There are 2 books that are a lot of fun for children to enjoy. Perhaps it is time to update their bookshelf. Even better, if hyou are gifting WiFi frames and portals, you will need story time books to read with each other.

Now What book

Now What? by Brenda Faatz is a book about living in the moment. Lizzy is a creative child, but has one of those days where there is nothing to do, so it seems. In her attempt to entertain herself she discovers adventures and even a new friend. Available on Amazon!

The House That She Built book

The House That She Built by Mollie Elkman is a book about all aspects of building a house and the girls who work those jobs. From the Architect to the Plumber these women introduce young girls to jobs in the construction field. Follow a house – a special house – as it goes from idea to becoming someone’s very own home. Available on Amazon.

butter hub

For the kitchen! The Butter Hub Dish is so so genius. Everything that was missing about your standard butter dish is in the Butter Hub. It comes with its own butter knife that magnetizes to the lid so it does not stray off. There are feet that extend below the bottom of the lid so any butter mess on the rim is kept off the table. No more chasing those butter squares on and off the dish, the curved ramps helps to easily scoop up butter. The. Butter Hub is food safe, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and the butter dish tray is microwaveable. Buy on Amazon.

we craft box

When looking for a gift for families, consider crafting kits that keeps gifting month after month. You can choose your plan at We Craft Box and it will be delivered full of all they need to create some fun crafts. They are seasonally themed.


I have their latest fall box full of crafts for Christmas. Make a Santa Bear, Standing Snowman, Elf, Ornaments, Cards and more. This is an example of a themed box that arrives for your children. Buy a We Craft Box today! See my full review and unboxing of Novembers box HERE!


Are you worried you missed the deadlines to get a personalized gift? You can still gift with Librio! Here is how: Create your book and give it all the personalized touches you need for up to 2 children in the story. They will get you a ‘Cover’ to print and give as you wait for the book to be made and arrived so they can look forward to tne book in the mail just hen they though gifts were done arriving.

personalized book

I customized my nephew the book, The Tree The Key and Me! This is a fun story that Everett appears in about him finding a key while digging for treasure. The key opens the door to a fabulous forest whose animal inhabitants need help. Can Everett save the forest before all the color disappears? Your child will also love these stories that feature…them! Create a book and print your GIFT page today at Librio!