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Back to School: Letting Your Tween Pick Their Own Clothes

Our youngest is a middle schooler now, ugh! With middle school comes tougher classes, rotating schedules, new friends…and a new independence. They want their own hairstyle, the coolest shoes and to pick their own clothes. In this department, I am glad I have all boys (because I was once a teenage girl fighting about clothing style with my parents)!

My 11 year old loves watching video games, playing video games, recording himself playing video games and some basketball and soccer in the sporting seasons. He is into YouTubers Merch and Air Jordan styles. He wears shorts all year round, you’ll never catch him in a pair of pants. But, they can’t be denim shorts or once with zipper and button; only athletic shorts.

Now he has discovered a new brand, Brooklyn Cloth, and suddenly he will wear terry fabric shorts, non-Jordan shorts and any tee with ‘cool words’ that they carry!

Last year I turned my laptop towards him and asked him “..what do you like?” He asked if they have any Nike. Nope! “Pick something.” He chose a few pieces and then they arrived on the doorstep. He was excited. These are the clothes HE got to pick on his own and they are here! He put on the terry shorts he first got and looked up and said “Mom! I want like 10 more shorts like these! These are so comfortable!” I was surprised because they are not his typical style. He continued…. ” but I picked them out myself and I had no idea how soft they are until I got to try them on!”

This year I handed him the computer and said that it is time to choose a new set of cloths! He saw the Brooklyn Cloth page and flew to the couch to browse. Here were his 2019 summer and Back to School picks

I was aware that the shorts run long so I still ordered him a Large (his normal size) because he wanted these ones long. I would have ordered one size smaller to get him the standard length. They are drawstring so they tie to fit longer. The tops are true to size and so comfortable.

You won’t find licensed characters, no wild colors or YouTubers merch logos. You will find simple words or designs that make a tween feel like a teen and there is not too much cooler than that feeling!

The clothing he picked last year and still wears to death is HERE! After about a year of washings they still look great!

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