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3 Fun Fidget Toys

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3 Fun Fidget Toys

From back to school to holiday shopping, that time frame always seems more and more narrow each year. Have your kids been asking for fidget spinners? Whether for school or the stocking these fidget toys from Play Visions are already a hit in my home and I am sure they will be in yours too. The prices are great too.

  1. Tumble

The Tumbler Wonder (it is fun to say) is a bit tricky. I have yet to master it but my 9 year old does pretty well. This is a game of quickness and balance. I tend to flop mine all over. This is not the ideal fidget toy for the classroom because you need space and to be in motion. However, at home or in the yard with friends you can spend so much time fiddling with this toy. This would make a great stocking stuffer or the right size for mailing gifts to loved ones.

2. Fidget

The Gidget Widget is great for sensory. With this small cube you can click, spin, glide and more on all sides of the cube. Otherwise referred to as a ‘fidget cube’ these are great for concentration and to de stress. I actually prefer these myself over a spinner. Find the Gidget Widget in multiple colors. These make great stocking stuffers and classroom toys if cubes are accepted by the teacher.


These Spinnerz are a blast for those asking for an actual spinner. The beads within this spinner are an added level of fun allowing the child to create and master stunts while they spin. Alone it is quiet and makes a great classroom option but if your child wants to use it as a stunt spinner it is best at home. This makes another great stocking stuffer.

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Julie Syl

Love those fidget. When I’m alone and not doing something, I’m just playing fidget. Those fidget looks so interesting for kiddos, will definitely love this.

Elizabeth O

Those fidget looks so interesting for all of the kids. They will definitely like this kind of fidgets.