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Freddie the Fly Motormouth: A Story About Listening – Book

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 Freddie the Fly Motormouth: A Story About Listening - Book

Freddie the Fly: A Story About Listening

By: Kimberly Delude

When I hit middle school I was told by my parents and some friends that I was a motormouth. I talked and (perhaps it’s the Italian influences from my Grandparents who were the same way) I talked fast! I would here “Calm down, you’re talking too fast” or “My! You have a lot to say!” I learned and grew put of it in High School and like, Freddie the Fly am better off for learning to control my speech.

Kimberly Delude is a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist and this is her first children’s book. Freddie is told he is a motormouth and after meeting other just like him they work together to learn ways to pause and listen. It is in learning these new skills he finds out some pretty neat stuff about his friends all because he stopped to listen.


Freddie the Fly will be available in October on Amazon and you can preorder it now.

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