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Anti-Bullying Children’s Book – It’s Good To Be Kind

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Anti-Bullying Children's Book - It's Good To Be Kind

It’s Good To Be Kind

By: Lauren DuBois Rosemond

Leonard the Lion wears a red cape and doesn’t let his position on the animal chain bring fear towards him from the other animals. Instead he uses his power to empower others. He will teach your pre-schooler to early elementary student to think ahead about their actions and whether they may HURT or HELP those around them. They can learn to be better than bullying and better than bad choices even in their communities.

You can find this book on Amazon and at Wear The Cape’s online shop. Remember, you cannot lift yourself up by putting others down.

About Wear the Cape and the kidkind foundation

Wear the Cape™ is the first global, mission-powered brand with the nerve to equate being kind with being cool. By coaching kids to be BETTER THAN THAT™, Wear the Cape breaks down barriers and brings people together—a world of new values prevails: It’s cool to be inclusive, tolerant and socially responsible. From its line of apparel and accessories, to its educational tools and its own non-profit the kidkind foundation, Wear the Cape sparks awareness and raises money to build heroes, a kid at a time. Wear the Cape’s products and resources are designed to create teachable moments between kids and the grown-ups they look up to with Hero Tags that tee up conversations about what it means to stand up and stand out; to stick up for the underdog; to do what’s right, not what’s easy. Wear the Cape donates 10% of its net profits directly to the kidkind foundation, and the rest is reinvested in the design and production of new products, as well as character-building educational materials for parents and teachers to help the kids they love. Wear the Cape’s work with communities and schools is helping mold everyday heroes that will create a kinder, better world for us all.

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