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Children’s Book about Learning From Failure – Mindset Matters

Sample copy sent for feature from Smith Publicity


Mindset Matters
By: Bryan Smith


Children do not like to lose. They need to learn and then learn to have fun but they take winning very seriously at times. Eventually that desire to win can begin to define them and that is not the direction we want our kids mindsets to head at that young age. Mindset Matters about Amelia who loves to skateboard. But, when she has a fall and hand injury and fears it will interfere with her sport she feels like a failure. Amelia’s Dad teaches here to have a different mindset. It is a mindset that about learning and growing.


Mindset Matters is great for the grades 1-5 age group. Teach your kids how to find their Gonna-Get-It-Done attitude. Not only is this book for the child athlete, but it can be related to sibling competition and hobbies as well as academics. Use Amelia’s story to start a conversation that will empower your child. I read this to my son the night before basketball camp.

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