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3 Popular Holiday Gifts Ideas from Best Buy #HintingSeason

This is a promotional post for Best Buy through the WolfBloggers program

Chances are you have more than one electronic item to buy as a gift this season. Kids of all ages and adults are all geared up these days to wanting the electronics that bring them games, entertainment, music and on-the-go gadgets. I am a Best Buy rewards member and when we shop electronics, we always use Best Buy first. We get great cash back with our rewards and the price matching they do is a smooth transaction every time. The knowledge of the employees is always outstanding and shopping Best Buy is an experience more than just another store stop. Whether the electronic you have on your list to buy is for gaming, music or the traveler, Best Buy has the top-rated brands.
For the Traveler

The Garmin and TomTom GPS unites are still a popular gift. We all know that GPS is available on our cell phones, but we also know the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. If you have a teen or a loved one who drives a lot, the GPS units can give you the peace of mind that they are not reaching for their cell phone while trying to navigate or even take calls. These units have come a long way since there original debut. They provide hands-free calling with bluetooth connectivity, weather and traffic updates. 
There are 3 hit GPS models you can choose from proving to be a popular choice at Best Buy right now. The Garmin 52LM has a 5.0″ display screen, lifetime map updates of 49 states, lane assist with junction view, displays your speed limit and arrival time and spoken turn-by-turn navigation. The Garmin 2597LMT also has a 5.0″ display screen, map updates of 49 states, lane assist with junction view, speed limit display and arrival times. What you get with tis unit compared to the 52LM is auto sort of multiple destination, choice of route set up, voice recognition and lifetime traffic updates. The 3rd option is the TomTom Go 50s with a 5.0″ display screen, text to speech, traffic updates, 3D maps (US, Canada, Mexico), advanced lane guidance and choice of route set up.
For the Music Lover

We all love our speakers and headphones so that we can listen to our playlists anywhere-at the gym, while cleaning house, washing our car or playing and cleaning outdoors and quality in the sound is a must for music lovers. I personally use the JBL Reflect brand of in-ear headphones for the gym. I love the comfort and they stay in my ear no matter what level of intensity I am working out at. If you have a music fan on your list, there are 3 popular gift ideas from the quality JBL line. 
The JBL Charge 2 is a wireless bluetooth speaker (the blue speaker in the photo above) that gives the bass they want with added features of a hands-free conference speaker phone and a social mode that allows up to 3 users to take turns playing their own playlists through this one speaker. Their is 15W power in this little speaker and 1-5/8″ woofer. The battery is top notch with its 6000 mAh lithium-ion battery. A popular choice for the social music lover such as a college student or in a workshop or gym where they may be around others who wish to show off their playlists with each other. The JBL Flip 2 is another wireless bluetooth speaker (the red above) is superb on sound clarity. It has the SoundClear echo and noise cancellation with a state of the art microphone system to pickup calls on the speaker. Great for the office worker or at home as you house clean or want background music. The third JBL gift idea is the Reflect Earbud Headphones (these are the exact ones I happen to use at the gym and LOVE them)! These headphones have a sweat proof ergonomic design and a 5-hour rechargeable battery. The reach of the cable is up to 40 feet. They are bluetooth connected and have magnetic clasping capabilities so that the headphones stay neat for storage. Great for the athletes and those who need an earbud to stay put comfortably with a lot of movement. 

For the Gamer

Will Xbox ever stop improving? Likely not! Microsoft does gaming right (and I’m not just saying that as a dedicated Seattleite). The Xbox One is a very popular choice this season and chances are someone you know is expecting one for the Holidays. Here is why the Xbox One is a popular choice in the chance you have not heard of all of the features.

The Xbox One supports the best exclusive game titles and connects you to all of your devices. You get access to the latest TV shows and movies through the apps as well as all of your media. It is equipped with 500GB of storage and a powerful network to flawlessly connect with more than 300,000 servers.

Remember Best Buy for your holiday gifts and don’t forget to scan your rewards card. That is free cash back to you on every purchase!

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free
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Triport USB Car Charger by Adfilic

This is a promotional post for Adfilic

By now, you probably have at least 2 devices that do not share similar cords. If you are on-the-go or travel frequently, keeping electronics and cell phones charged for everyone in the family can be difficult. If you forget a charging cord for one device and it won’t fit another, that item cannot get charged. It is a game of ‘don’t forget the right charger’! How about one car charger that fits all your devices. Have someone else that needs a charge and they have a different device, plug them in with yours! The triport offers the ability to charge up to three different port devices at once. Now you can charge your iPhone, your child tablet and perhaps your camera battery all at once! 
About the Adfilic Triport USB Car Charger
  • Houses all 3 USB ports-2.1A, 2.0A and 1.0A
  • Charges your devices at the same speed as your wall charger
  • Blue LED light as a charging indicator
  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Sleek and low profile to fit the look of your car
  • Built-in circuit design prevents over-heating, over-currents & over-charging of devices
  • Charger stops automatically when charge is at full
Find links to this and other charging products by Adfilic below

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. Any opinions are 100% my own.
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New from PERK: Invisibly Fresh Vent Wrap

This is a product review post on behalf of Smiley360 for PERK auto refresheners. I was provided product for this review, however all opinions are 100% my own

Be honest-do you have a car freshener hanging from your mirror? It sways all around as you drive! Do you like that? Perhaps you do, but if you are like me-I’d almost rather smell stale crackers before hanging anything from my mirror. I tried a way around that once and used a scent circle and put it on my shift handle. However, the oils literally melted the all around where it hung. It was the worst eye sore i could not stand and right in the center of my car. Wrecking yard part had to fix that issue!

Let’s play find the Perk! See it? Blends in pretty good, doesn’t it? It is very easy to install. If you do not like the intense new-freshener smell, here are some tips to help you out…
  1. Put the vent wrap in a ziploc unzipped and stash in your center console for 2-3 days so it is is slightly contained and initial odors are more gradually released.
  2. Put in in the car after you get home from last errand of the day and when you don’t plan on driving for another day or so. Out it on a vent closest to a window and crack that window.
About PERK Vent Wraps
  • Easy to use-no parts to click or put together
  • Fits any vent blade
  • Uses Stedi-Scent to regulate fragrance delivery
  • Scent protected inside soft, black protective cover to keep oils off your interior
  • Average scent wrap lasts over 2 weeks
  • Comes 4 to a pack and each one is individually wrapped-that’s 60 days of freshness per pack!
Want a coupon? Of course you do! Head to the PERK Vent Wrap savings page!

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Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Refreshener 

Make Your Child’s Booster Seat Comfortable

Disclosure: I was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own
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Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Refreshener cleans your auto’s interior naturally

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My 2010 Honda CR-V has probably never had an appropriate leather treatment to the interior until now. I was sent the Chamberlains Leather Milk Auto Refreshener No. 4 to use and my leather drank it up! I always try and look for products that contain as little chemicals as possible when it comes to auto and home cleaners. I was proud to help promote the Chamberlain’s products because they also pride themselves on offering a natural cleaner that also helps protect your leather from damaging UV. It cleans and protects without using harsh chemicals. Oh…and it’s effective! 
About Chamberlain’s Leather milk Auto Refreshener No. 4
  • A natural auto leather cleaner with UV protectant
  • Milky, water-based emulsion
  • Concocted from natural oils and conditioners
  • Quick & effective

To learn more, visit Leathermilk.com

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Giveaway: Anco 31 EZWipers provides a clear view on a rainy day drive!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

ANCO 31 EZWipers

I have to start by saying that: Go Figure! I live near Seattle, Washington and I am approved to do a windshield wiper review and we get weeks in December and January of no rain! It has been a mild winter so far until the drive this past Sunday-Seahawk day! We drove to a friends home near our old home town that we moved away from this summer. We endured our drizzle the 80 mile drive to enjoy the Seahawks game! The ride down was definitely better then the last rain drive! I received wipers for our Excursion. We do not drive this gas gusseler often, but we had some large ATV items to pick up at the home we are selling down there so we took it and my husband was so happy we had these new wipers and gladly threw away the ones we had on which were horrible and left this sort of film or blur when in use on our windshield. We easily installed our ANCO 31 EZWipers and hit the road. What a difference! The wipers leave no blur and the view was clear as could be. I was so much happier with these and I thought the last set would have been as good for what I had payed for them. These were by far a clearer wiper.

About ANCO 31 EZWipers
  • Easy to order-just need year, make and model of your vehicle
  • Made with a DuraKlear rubber compound for a consistent, clear wipe
  • Vented bridge for a correct OEM fit
  • KwikConnect installation system
  • Less then $10 a blade
To learn more, visit ezwipers.com
The Giveaway
1 Lucky reader will win a pair of ANCO 31 EZWipers for the vehicle of choice
Enter below on Rafflecopter. Ends 2/4

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Trending Tuesdays: Talk to Your Teens About Texting & Driving. Popular & Clever Ads

The message these days is all about the dangers of driving while distracted/ texting and driving. I have a 15 year old who starts Driver’s Ed soon and in his class he will be watching a AAA  video made for these classes where he will ear real stories from real teens who have lost loved ones due to texting & driving! As the school season starts and the kids hit the roads at the same time to and from school, I wanted to just use this Trending Tuesday post to simply bring you clever and heartfelt ads about the topic! Share them, read them and discuss them with your teens or to those you know!

  • 5 seconds is the average time you are taking your eyes off the road to text!
  • Odds raise to 23% more likely to wreck while texting & driving
  • Under 20 is the age group most responsible for distracted driving
  • 60% of Drivers admit to using cells while driving

“You either see the Letter …or the Girl”
“I’ll be there in a w(hile/wheelchair)” Texting & Driving

…and possibly the most startling video from Brian Williams

The message…if your child survives their Texting & Driving Accident, they may not survive the system! So let them know that Texting or Driving can only lead to 2 things when they wreck: 
Death or Jail! 
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