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RoseGold Tower Essential Oil Diffuser

I have partnered with Gurunanda for this #HolidayGiftGuide feature and product was sent

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How many oil diffusers do you own? I have 3! One in my office, one in my son’s room and one in the Master bedroom. I use the one in my office for calming oils on days I feel stressed and energizing blends on days I need motivation. In our master bedroom I like relaxing scents. In my son’s room I use bedtime blends, respiratory blends when the cold hits and peppermint for those upset tummy times. Even if you know someone who owns a diffuser, they still make great gifts to add more to a home. My latest is the RoseGold Tower Essential Oil Diffuser from Gurunanda.

RoseGold Tower Essential Oil

This is their latest, sleek design in a rose color style. I was very close to my Grandma as a child and tween before she passed away. She loved the rose scent and every time I smell rose scented soaps or perfumes it reminds me of the scent you would get when you walked near her bedroom and bathrooms. This rose color reminds me of those times. I think I will make this my new office tower and move or donate the one I used to have in there.

RoseGold Tower Essential Oil Diffuser

The 7-colors LED lighting is so pretty with the rose tower. It uses the standard ultrasonic waves to diffuse the essential oils. It is very easy to use. It also comes with 2 natural, calming essential oils. It has an overheating protection and auto shuts off when water is low so it is home safe. I found these in several retail stores and at the Gurunanda online store.

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