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Pottery Awesomeness is the perfect family project

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Pottery Awesomeness is the perfect family project

Are you in need of the perfect family project? Consider Pottery Awesomeness. It comes with everything you need to paint pottery at home. No oven required. Just paint, seal and place around your home. I have a fall collection and it was so easy and now I have new fall decor – pumpkins, Autumn leaves and gourds.

pottery awesomeness

The perfect family project is always artsy, engaging and sometimes messy. It’s the best way to have fun together. The paints included in the pottery choices are acrylic paint, an all-purpose, water-based, fast drying, wipe clean finish. Non-toxic, soap & water clean-up.

I love the fall color palette of the paints sent with this fall package. Once you are done painting it is time to let that paint dry before applying a coat or two of the sealer. They even give you the brushes for the painting and the foam brush for the sealer. I did 1 coat but if you want your finished project more glossy then apply another coat or two. There is plenty of sealer to keep going to your desired finish. Once that sealer dries you are done!

paint pottery at home

The bonus fun with this perfect family project is to find spaces to place your projects around the house. We put a gourd on the mantle and the pumpkin on our dining table centerpiece.

pottery projects

I love these themed-subscription boxes, like back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day and more. Each box includes three cute figurines, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a glossy sealer and an instruction card with QR codes that will direct painters to painting tutorials and instructions. 

pumpkin decor
Order your perfect family project today at Pottery Awesomeness

You can buy single designs to really customize your order. Or Subscription boxes cost $30, or may be purchased individually for $32, skip or cancel at any time, www.potteryawesomeness.com.

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Take your pumpkin spice to the bedroom with these PeachSkinSheets

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Take your pumpkin spice to the bedroom with these PeachSkinSheets

Anyone else have a tween that sleeps with the dog in his bed? One of my many Mom adventures is seeing what I can find in my son’s bed when I change sheets. When I went to change the sheets to his new Pumpkin Spice PeachSkinSheets I found a gummy bear wrapper, empty capri sun pouch, a phone charger cord and he is sleeping with 4 min blankets balled up around his comforter. Why? He says because Leah (his dog) likes them-lol.

I feel so much better when I am changing sheets to know that his PeachSkinSheets are anti-microbial and will not trap dust or pollen from the dog and allows for air flow and moisture wicking because tween boys are kind of gross, right?!

new sheets

I love the Pumpkin Spice color for fall and my son loves them because he says it is the color of a basketball, his favorite sport. He is correct, it actually looks great under his comforter set. Also, I am loving the deeper pocket fitted for his mattress. Look at that fit underneath….

deep pocket sheets

Right away as I took the sheets from the packaging to its first wash I could feel the quality and after that wash as I put them on his bed for the first time I may or may not have laid across his bed to just take in these comfortable sheets with 100% breathable Smart Fabric. Look at the after-wash wrinkles in these pumpkin spice sheets…just kidding. There are none. They dry fast and come out of the drier looking great on the bed!

Teens room

You can see all of the PeachSkinSheets on their website including fall colors like pumpkin spice. If you are ready to order your fall set, you can also find PeachSkinSheets on Amazon HERE!

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New Children’s Book | If You Come To Earth by Sophie Blackall

Comment: I was provided a copy for review

New Children's Book | If You Come To Earth by Sophie Blackall

If You Come To Earth is a new children’s book released today by Sophie Blackall who is a two-time Caldecott Winner, authgor-illustrator.

About the new children’s book

If You Came to Earth is a glorious guide to our home planet, and a call for us to take care of both Earth and each other.

Sophie Blackall has met amazing children in her travels around the world in support of UNICEF and Save the Children and these children have inspired this story. The curious and imaginative child in this story brings us the important message about the need to care for the earth and each other.

Our planet is so diverse and as I read this book that was very clear. We are all different but we share one important gift…our planet. It’s our differences that make us amazing together. A great story for families, classrooms and read-a-longs.

This new children’s book, If You Came To Earth is published by Chronicle Books and available on Amazon.

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Easy Games That Kids Can Play By Themselves, or with Adults

3 Easy Games That Kids Can Play By Themselves, or with Adults

If you have never heard of AMIGO games before then you have never played European quality games that are as easy to play as the 5 or less rules to play any of the games. We love games in this house and as the kids get older some games get so complicated we are overwhelmed before we even start playing. This is never the case with AMIGO games we have played.

Below I will introduce you to 3 easy games from AMIGO

Eye Sea

Our favorite of these 3 easy games for the family is Eye Sea. Here is how easy it is – place 9 cards face up. Create phrases with the cards and everyone works at the same time to grab cards and make phrases. Play again by shuffling to mix which cards are out at the same time. The 120 cards offer millions of possible connections. Example: I was able to create ‘Sleeping Bag’ with these 2 cards from above. Buy Eye Sea on Amazon.

card game

Heimlich & Co. is another great mystery game that is easy to catch on. In this ultimate top-secret spy game secret agents collect classified information from a secret safe while trying to conceal their identities.

The players are assigned an agent to keep secret for the other players. You are to protect your agents identity. In game play when you roll the dice you can choose to move any agent you wish. The goal: score points & hide your identity. Keep notes and be ready to write down your guess on who has which agent or free agent. Buy Heimlich & Co. on Amazon.

Heimlich & Co

The third of the 3 easy games we have is Escape From the Hidden Castle. In this game of skill, you need to escape the castle while trying to avoid the phantom. The phantom speeds up as the game goes on, building drama and tension. Rolling the dice either moves you, hopefully into hiding or moves the Phantom.

Escape From The Hidden Castle is a few years old and derived from the popular game, Midnight Party. The object of the game is to get the lowest number of points. To stay extra safe, hide in a room that corresponds with your space. Only one player will escape! Buy Escape From the Hidden Castle on Amazon.

Haunted game

For every AMIGO game there are video instructions on how to play if you prefer to watch it in action. Like I mentioned, each game may have some fun and advanced themes but basically require cards or dice and moving pieces or solving puzzles. These are 3 easy games kids can play but there are more than. just these three. Visit https://www.amigo.games/.