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Easy Games That Kids Can Play By Themselves, or with Adults

3 Easy Games That Kids Can Play By Themselves, or with Adults

If you have never heard of AMIGO games before then you have never played European quality games that are as easy to play as the 5 or less rules to play any of the games. We love games in this house and as the kids get older some games get so complicated we are overwhelmed before we even start playing. This is never the case with AMIGO games we have played.

Below I will introduce you to 3 easy games from AMIGO

Eye Sea

Our favorite of these 3 easy games for the family is Eye Sea. Here is how easy it is – place 9 cards face up. Create phrases with the cards and everyone works at the same time to grab cards and make phrases. Play again by shuffling to mix which cards are out at the same time. The 120 cards offer millions of possible connections. Example: I was able to create ‘Sleeping Bag’ with these 2 cards from above. Buy Eye Sea on Amazon.

card game

Heimlich & Co. is another great mystery game that is easy to catch on. In this ultimate top-secret spy game secret agents collect classified information from a secret safe while trying to conceal their identities.

The players are assigned an agent to keep secret for the other players. You are to protect your agents identity. In game play when you roll the dice you can choose to move any agent you wish. The goal: score points & hide your identity. Keep notes and be ready to write down your guess on who has which agent or free agent. Buy Heimlich & Co. on Amazon.

Heimlich & Co

The third of the 3 easy games we have is Escape From the Hidden Castle. In this game of skill, you need to escape the castle while trying to avoid the phantom. The phantom speeds up as the game goes on, building drama and tension. Rolling the dice either moves you, hopefully into hiding or moves the Phantom.

Escape From The Hidden Castle is a few years old and derived from the popular game, Midnight Party. The object of the game is to get the lowest number of points. To stay extra safe, hide in a room that corresponds with your space. Only one player will escape! Buy Escape From the Hidden Castle on Amazon.

Haunted game

For every AMIGO game there are video instructions on how to play if you prefer to watch it in action. Like I mentioned, each game may have some fun and advanced themes but basically require cards or dice and moving pieces or solving puzzles. These are 3 easy games kids can play but there are more than. just these three. Visit

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National Geographic Almanac 2021 available in September

Comment: I was sent a copy of this Almanac. Affiliate links may be inside post. Opinions are my own!

National Geographic Almanac 2021 available in September

Coming next month, the National Geographic Almanac 2021 will release and boy what a year it has been! Can you guess some of the topics that will be covered for 2021? If you have not ever read through any of the annual Almanacs from National Geographic, you have missed so much from our world you probably were not aware of. The Almanac covers trending topics, big ideas in science, photos, maps and more.

From travel trends when you plan visits to Tokyo or other countries to learning what has been happening up in the sky with our solar system.

Then topics of humanity, nature, archeology and more. There is so much packed into this book with amazing photography that you would expect from National Geographic.

The 2021 Almanac is 400 pages long with quizzes and more for all ages. You can preorder your copy now for the release on September 22, 2020. Available at Amazon and other retailers.

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Name Stories personalized name print

Comment: I was sent a print for this feature. Thank you to Name Stories for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

Name Stories personalized name print

Last week we tore up our tweens game room and to reorganize that room it meant using his bedroom for extra storage. We are distance learning to start the school year in most of Wa. state so we needed to create him a home learning space. He is 12 and heading into the 7th grade so we did our final sweep of toys and little boy ‘stuff’ – he wants sports and gaming. I would love to hold onto the memories and toys and prints that meant so much to him at different times in his life, now he says, “Mom. Just toss it”.

Aside from basketballs and gaming themes I hung my piece of special, his Name Stories personalized name print so that he remembers exactly who he is and meant to be by his name. Anthony – it means Son of Hercules, strong, independent, wise. A strong Italian name connecting him to his genealogy and defining his spirit. This is a keeper and will stay with him on a wall forever.

Name prints

These name prints are available at Name Stories and I was even able to personalize it by adding the top line, Our Amazing Son…Anthony. I chose the white on red as red is his favorite color. His personalized name print came wrapped well and undamaged, ready for a frame.

Whether for baby’s room or to add something special to your teen’s space, this personalized name print will remind them of the meaning of their name. When we are rearranging the home and our lives around distance learning or perhaps you will switch to homeschooling to keep social distancing, this can be a special personalized name print to hang in this space.

At a time of new normals and a huge shift in schooling or even for the teen heading to College on top of a virus which adds worry, perhaps this gentle reminder to ground them in the meaning of their name and who they stand for is needed more than ever. Name Stories has your child’s name and meaning ready to print and send. Customize your child’s personalized name print today at