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Mental Fitness is the new Physical Fitness and Bloom App is Your Therapy

Anxiety! It’s a word I hear all too often. We are quick to call ourselves anxious and about anything or everything. Anxiety is why my relationship isn’t healthy; anxiety is why I didn’t get out of bed today. Is it?

Anxiety is real and we all show some form of it throughout our lifetime, but what if all we need is some help, some guidance? What if we are throwing the word ‘anxiety’ around too loosely or holding ourselves back because we can just say that word and get ourselves off the hook? What if we just need a different mind set or learn more positive self talk? Maybe we just need a little mental fitness for 2020.

Where do we start? Am I suffering from anxiety? Have I formed a negative mind set? Is it a bit of both? Can I do more and live better? Yes! How? I found this new amazing app called Bloom and I am hooked. It’s like a digital therapist in your pocket or like self-therapy. It’s guided video sessions with exercises that help you work on stress, anxiety and help you work on confidence, self-awareness and also purpose.

If you were to go to your Doctor, get a referral to see a Therapist, set that appointment and show up in office to talk with them it may start with, “How are you feeing today?” That’s where Bloom starts. (disclaimer: Bloom is not to replace a Therapist when one has been recommended). Bloom asks you How you are feeling today and you decide your mood, level of that mood and what you are feeling and then the session starts.

With guided sessions, including small note taking prompts, you get to learn more about positive self-talk, motivation tips, reducing stress, breathing techniques and so much more. Just follow along in your session with Mike as he becomes your digital assistant.

Who is holding you back? Is it you? Find out with Bloom. You should give it a try as your first 7 days of Bloom are free. A lot will happen in 7 days of Bloom!

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Qustodio: Internet Parental Control App for all devices

Qustodio: Internet Parental Control App

We are in the thick of a booming digital world. It is all around us as we shop, communicate and learn. It is also a big part of our children’s lives as they communicate and learn as well. This is all new to us and we are the first generation of parents learning about this technology so that we can keep our kids safe and healthy as they are online.

Qustodio provides powerful monitoring tools and parental controls that do all of the thinking and tracking for us. Qustodio is for things like screen time, adult content and games. I use it for my 10 year old!

The best way for me to show you what Qustodio can do is to run down a few screen shots form my son’s activity summary. For this I am showing you his tablet activity during a weekend we went on a road trip to the coast and he was in the back seat with headphones.

I cannot see his tablet while driving and I cannot hear what he is doing when he has his headphones on for driving so Qustodio is great as I can see what he is doing right away.

Here you see that Anthony spent the most time watching YouTube videos and also looked at something on Amazon and Search (Google). The Facebook shows because a video he was watching had a contest he asked me to click and it took us to Facebook. He does not have a Facebook account himself. Because he does not have a Facebook account I showed you a Qustudio-branded shot of what the social media monitoring looks like a few photos up.

About that Google search I saw in his activity dashboard? I can see the pages he went to. Looks like he was looking at Fortnite articles.

Each time he was active on his tablet I can see where he was located. It’s like a little GPS tracker which is great when he is with friends and I can track his phone usage and see where he is as he uses his phone. The ‘unknown’ locations say that because we were driving to the coast and reception/GPS is spotty plus we are moving at highway speeds.

Once we got to our destination it picked up tracking again. What is the full list of Qustodio features?

  • Block inappropriate content with our smart web filters
  • Limit games and apps and block inappropriate ones
  • Track your children’s Android or iOS device on a map
  • Manage and limit your children’s screen time by device
  • Monitor their activity on social networks
  • Monitor and block your children’s calls on Android
  • Qustodio works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

There are THREE plans to choose from. They range from about $4.50/month to about $11.40 for a large amount of devices in large families.


Comment: I was given a membership subscription for feature. Opinions are my own

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Aaptiv Workout App – At-Home Fitness and Training

Aaptiv Workout App: At-Home Fitness and Training

I have tried the gyms and joining classes to get back into or stay in shape. What it comes down to is my busy lifestyle. Sometimes days go by and I just can’t get to the gym. Then I began to stop signing up for classes because I may have to cancel. I felt like I had no way to stay in shape because I can’t get to the gym most days.

This was 2 years ago. Thanks to the internet and more app developments I can exercise without a gym and get the same, if not better, results. A workout app like Aaptiv makes it so easy to find the right work out for your individual needs whether you are a beginner or advanced and whether o not you have equipment at home.

For me, I need a program. If I have an ongoing workout that I have to check into every 1-3 days then that keeps me motivated. For you it may be that you like variety or you like cardio vs. strength or vice versa. Aaptive has it all from categories of workouts to programs at all levels.

I started the Strengthen Your Core program and as you can see by the colored checkmark all of the sessions I have done are marked and I come back every other day and do the next session until I can move onto a new week. You get music and guidance but there is no video you also have to look at. Don’t worry, Mike does a great job talking you through how to do the exercises so you can take your eyes off a screen and focus in your body and movements which gets you the most form your workout.

The cost is a lot cheaper than a gym membership and you can do your workouts from anywhere even while traveling. I have used a few fitness apps and this one stands out because of how well it is organized, the offerings of workouts laid out for all levels and the fact that you can set your phone aside and just turn the volume up and turn the screen off.

Just start by taking the fitness quiz and set your goals. You can try Aaptiv free for 7 days with no strings attached. If you love it like I did, then your membership cost is only $14.95 monthly or save 45% buy purchasing a yearly membership for $99.99. This gives you unlimited access to over 2,500 guided workouts, more than 40 new classes every week and access to a supportive, inspiring community group. Squeeze in a killer workout anywhere, anytime Start 30 day free Aaptiv trial