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Aaptiv Workout App – At-Home Fitness and Training

Aaptiv Workout App: At-Home Fitness and Training

I have tried the gyms and joining classes to get back into or stay in shape. What it comes down to is my busy lifestyle. Sometimes days go by and I just can’t get to the gym. Then I began to stop signing up for classes because I may have to cancel. I felt like I had no way to stay in shape because I can’t get to the gym most days.

This was 2 years ago. Thanks to the internet and more app developments I can exercise without a gym and get the same, if not better, results. A workout app like Aaptiv makes it so easy to find the right work out for your individual needs whether you are a beginner or advanced and whether o not you have equipment at home.

For me, I need a program. If I have an ongoing workout that I have to check into every 1-3 days then that keeps me motivated. For you it may be that you like variety or you like cardio vs. strength or vice versa. Aaptive has it all from categories of workouts to programs at all levels.

I started the Strengthen Your Core program and as you can see by the colored checkmark all of the sessions I have done are marked and I come back every other day and do the next session until I can move onto a new week. You get music and guidance but there is no video you also have to look at. Don’t worry, Mike does a great job talking you through how to do the exercises so you can take your eyes off a screen and focus in your body and movements which gets you the most form your workout.

The cost is a lot cheaper than a gym membership and you can do your workouts from anywhere even while traveling. I have used a few fitness apps and this one stands out because of how well it is organized, the offerings of workouts laid out for all levels and the fact that you can set your phone aside and just turn the volume up and turn the screen off.

Just start by taking the fitness quiz and set your goals. You can try Aaptiv free for 7 days with no strings attached. If you love it like I did, then your membership cost is only $14.95 monthly or save 45% buy purchasing a yearly membership for $99.99. This gives you unlimited access to over 2,500 guided workouts, more than 40 new classes every week and access to a supportive, inspiring community group. Squeeze in a killer workout anywhere, anytime Start 30 day free Aaptiv trial

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Gixo Virtual Fitness Classes App on ITunes and Android

Gixo Virtual Fitness Classes App on ITunes and Android

Have you been gifted iTunes or Google Play gift cards and wondered how to spend that money? How about wondering what a loved one or friend might do if you gift them an iTunes or Google Play gift card? They make great gifts to purchase experiences and beneficial programs. I have been using an app that would make a great gift this Holiday season especially for someone who’s resolution is to find ways to exercise that works with their busy schedule. The Gixo app is a clever fitness program anyone can do anywhere and at anytime and they do engage and challenge you.

When you download the app you’ll notice a few class options to get started. After you do a few classes you’ll see a progress bar across the top with your app minutes you’ve used, miles run/walked and average pace.

There are LIVE group fitness classes, Challenges and On Demand classes. Challenges happen every so often and this will be a set of exercises within a date frame you need to complete. LIVE group classes are scheduled in time slots so you choose a time that works for you and pick a class in that period. Once you join the class you have the option to turn your phone camera on, sit it on the floor along a baseboard for best Instructor view and she is watching and helping you out. No other class members can watch you, only the instructor. You can keep the camera off however and chat or just do the sets with her or him live. They will call you by name, introduce others and interact with everyone real time.

On Demand classes are these classes, but because you are not in a live time, just a convenient time later on you don’t get the live talk and camera-viewing help. You are watching the recorded version after it was live. I have used On Demand because I missed my session or a session I really want is not offered live at the time I can workout.

After your class or session ends you get a report emailed almost instantaneously. It will tell you the class name you took, length of time and other stats and give you the songs played during that session incase you heard one you may want in your fitness playlist. See my screenshot after a 2 mile challenge recently (notice I did not complete the 2 miles because I had puppy leash training issues at the start so I got a late start, but kept a good pace anyhow).

A typical gym membership runs above or just below $30 a month. We all know how often we’ll make it to the gym…. Gixo costs $19.99 a month or $179.99 a year for unlimited classes. Do 2-3 a day if you want! It’s on your time, your home and little to no equipment is needed. So far I have found sets that I need zero equipment to complete the sessions. Start now:

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Comment: I was provided app membership so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you. 

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Krome Studio App Professionally Transforms Your Photos

I have access to Krome Studio for feature

Krome Studio App Professionally Transforms Your Photos

I can use a digital camera just fine, even on manual mode. However, when it comes to my phone camera I just don’t get quality pictures as hard as I try. When you find a moment to capture you don’t always have time or control over the current lighting or setting. The Krome Studio app will take those photos and transform them into masterpieces in a few ways.

Below is a photo I took real quick as we were heading out the door to Anthony’s first day of 5th grade. This year he graduates from elementary school and will be a middle schooler next year. When I saw an option to ask Krome Studio in my app to turn Anthony’s standard photo into their Back to School design it was done in an hour. The before and after is below…

Another photo I have is a keepsake that I could not control the Auditorium lighting when Anthony and I waited in line 2 hours so he can meet his favorite Author, R.L. Stein. The faces had shadows and the background was dull. My Krome Studio before and after shots are below and now I have a better option to frame for Anthony.

This was a lot of fun! I was browsing holiday effects within the app to use for our puppies photo. There are so many gallery choices from Superheroes, Holidays, Landscapes and more. Simply take a photo on your camera or library and upload it and try some gallery options out. Once you find the right background simply submit and you will get a notification when it is ready.

Krome Studio is free to download and you only pay per photo and the prices are great for an improved photo. If all you need to do is change lighting and exposure, it is so simple to ask for what you need. On the R.L. Stein photo above I tapped on their faces and chose ‘lighten’, then I tapped on the background and asked for change. So easy!

Start here –> Krome Studio on Apple Store and Google Play or use the Web App for all the photos on your desktop!