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5 Reasons to Move to Detroit

Photo by Kahari king on Unsplash

While Detroit has taken a lot of abuse over the years, it’s really a cool city with plenty of reasons to move there. After all, it is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, was the birthplace of Alice Cooper and many other rockers, and home to some great sports teams too. Of course, that’s probably not enough to make you consider a move, but these five other reasons are likely to get you looking through Detroit real estate.

You’ll Be Close to Much of Michigan’s Best

Living in Detroit you’ll be ideally situated for exploring the rest of what the state has to offer, and there’s a long list. There are many beautiful spots to vacation or enjoy day trips within just a short distance, including national parks, islands, lakes, and charming college towns. Even right in the city, there are lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors from the Riverwalk to Palmer Park, Chandler Park and Belle Isle.

Detroit has a cost of living that’s below the national average, in fact, the median home price in this city is just $53,400, significantly lower than the U.S. median home price of over $310,000. But not only will you pay a lot less for a house here; food and healthcare are cheaper too. 

Photo by Austin Park on Unsplash

The Jobs

Within the last few years, there’s been a 50% increase in the number of Detroit-based companies. If you’re looking for a tech job in particular, southeastern Michigan is a great place to be with more tech-related jobs than anywhere else in the Midwest region of the country. The startup community is especially booming, which means you’re unlikely to run out of career moves anytime soon. 

One recent survey found that nearly half of the entrepreneurs in the city noted that they were “very likely” to recommend opening up a business here too, which means that if you’re looking to start your own business, moving here might be the perfect opportunity.

You Won’t Always Be Stuck Behind the Wheel

While commuting can take a big chunk out of your personal time not to mention being expensive, in Detroit you won’t always have to be behind the wheel. You’ll have many options for getting around, with 2,300 miles of bike lanes, routes and pathways along with an increasingly expanding transit system. Even if you do choose to drive, you’ll probably spend less time doing it with Detroit commuters spending an average of just 23 minutes behind the wheel to get to work, 11% less than the national average. In fact, among the country’s 15 biggest metro areas, drivers in Detroit spend the least amount of time in traffic.

There are Many Neighborhoods to Choose From

Detroit is huge – Manhattan, Boston and San Francisco could all fit into its boundaries with miles to spare. The Villages, Midtown, Jefferson East, Eastern Market are just a few that you’ll have to choose from. Before you decide to make your move you’ll want to explore many of them to find out which one is the right fit – there’s bound to be at least one that fits your particular needs and wants.

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How to Plan for a Move

How to Plan for a Move

How to Plan for a Move

Moving to a new house or a town, can be exciting for some people but the reality is that it sucks. You have no way out of it but you can definitely make tolerable for yourself through some simple ways. With the hectic routines that we follow, moving is nothing less than a stressful task to attend to. Having a months’ time span can literally be hard to handle. But if you stay organized and prepare well for it, then it necessarily doesn’t have to be stressing or tough to deal with.

You can make your plans of moving, pain free for yourself through 4 easy steps. If you go through each step with ease and on time, then the process of moving to a new place is super easy for you.

    1. Preparation
    1. Packing
    1. Labelling
  1. Moving

These 4 simple steps form a perfect guide for your moving and makes it easy for you too.


When it comes to preparations, there is a lot that needs to be done if you must move. For instance, you have to set up your mail forwarding and purchase packing material and supplies etc. if you focus on “moving”, then that is really the easier part of the deal. What takes up most of your time is the packing and unpacking and is stressful too. If you aim at hiring a team of movers, then it is literally a piece of cake for you. But if you have to do it yourself then you need to pay attention to the preparations, so that the process goes on smoothly. Moreover, there are some things that still have to be done by you and a mover won’t take responsibility for those tasks.

  • Transfer your Data:

Making transfers is really essential when it comes to moving and this has to be done by you. If you make the call at the appropriate time, then the better it is for you. For instance, you have to fill out an address form for the change. You have to do it on time because it will be hard to manage it once you have moved into the new place since you will have to do a lot of management then.

  • Get Cheap Packing Supplies:

Even when you assume the fact that boxes and tapes won’t cost you much; well, they definitely will. You need to make sure that you have to get cheap supplies. There are a lot of places where you can get free boxes but you will have to research for them. If you hire a good moving company, then they will bring the supplies on their own (if you want them to). If you are doing it on your own, then contacting a retail shop is great or even a furniture store might offer you boxes in a considerably low amount. If you have a lot of stuff that ends to be packed and moved, then buying boxes in bulk will be helpful too. Don’t consider old boxes that are lying around in your house because they are not in their best condition and while you move, poor boxes can bring the risk of breaking things along.

  • Measurements are Important:

People who move often might know this that taking measurements is really essential. You need to keep in mind that everything you possess will not fit into your new home. Take measurements and it is better to discard some things that you probably don’t need or you think will clutter your new home. Make sure that your furniture also fits in or get small one, depending on what are the measurements of your new home.


If you don’t have time to do it all by yourself, you can easily hire a mover and packer company to do the job for you. Packing takes a lot of time and can easily irritate you, if you are not too good at it or lack time. Also make a list of what things you need on your daily basis and don’t pack them because these are the ones which have to be packed at the end. This will certainly stress you a little because looking at all the things that need to be packed at the very end, depresses you. So here are some pro tips which will make your packing a little better and pain free too.

  1. You need to pack like you are going on a vacation. Set all your essentials on one side and pack them in a separate bag so that you can grab them whenever you want and then pack the remaining things.
  1. We all start packing room by room but to be honest, it isn’t practical or helpful. It seems as if we are doing something great but you are not. Sorting is important. Tag your boxes. For instance, put your decoration pieces in one and your books in another and move on like this. Start wrapping your bedsheets first in one box and then start removing your decoration elements. This will allow you to pack on a faster mode.


Labelling is a very important step and it allows you to manage everything efficiently. When your boxes are unlabeled, it gets hard to unpack them too. You are confused about what item is in what box and to be honest, the fun part just gets killed. Labelled boxes are fun to open when you unpack them. A simple black marker is going to do the job just fine for you. If you don’t like that, you can easily write on big post it notes and tape them on your boxes. Whatever way you opt for, labelling your boxes is really crucial as it allows you to manage things better. There are different apps too, through which you can make labels and then get them printed and paste them on your boxes. So choose whatever you wish to but don’t forget to label your boxes.


So once everything is sorted out, packed and labelled; you are good to move in to a new place. Again if you have hired a moving company then this is going to be easy. However, if you need to unpack everything on your own and you just have some friends to help you move your boxes and furniture inside your new home, then you need to manage everything smartly. Here are some important things that you must consider, if you want to make your moving in peaceful and smart. These will help you move in and unpack smoothly.

  1. Assemble your Furniture

Your couch has made it in one piece to your new home, but your bed and tables need to be assembled. Many times, we can’t figure out how a thing must be put back together. Who gets time to see how the thing was put together while we were breaking it down? If you can’t find instructions online too then you can easily ask for a manual from the shop you bought the furniture piece from. Don’t try to assemble everything back in one day. Allow yourself to take some time. You are going to need the bed but the tables and other items can be done easily too.

  1. Clean

Before you assemble everything and start arranging your things in their places, dust everything. Make sure that every corner is clean and shining because once the items are in their places, it is going to get real hard for you to dust. Also dust your things before you place them around the house.

  1. Trash

There are a lot of things that you don’t really need, but you keep them along. This is the time to put them to trash and not to clutter your home. If you think that an item or two can be recycled and put to some great use then that is fine. However, don’t just stuff in unnecessary things in your home. Before you organize everything, make sure that you throw all the unneeded things in the trash can. If you’re planning a big declutter, consider using a dumpster rental company such as Eagle Dumpsters

Well, THIS IS IT! These simple pro tips can actually make your moving experience better and stress free. Following this simple guide is going to make your packing and moving a little easier. If you think that you can’t manage it all on your own, you can easily hire a company to do the task for you! Happy moving to you!

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Moving? Keep Your Furniture Safe

One of the worst things about moving is the damage. There are few people who’ve had the experience of moving home who will not have experienced having something they loved damaged. That’s sad because it’s actually pretty easy to ensure that your possessions stay safe.


Today, I’m going to focus on how to keep your furniture safe because it’s often the most expensive stuff you own, and the most loved. Here are some tips to protect it when you next move:


Hire a Professional Removal Company


Hiring a professional removal company like bekins is your first step on the road to success. Reputable removal companies with lots of experience know all of the best tricks and techniques to keep furniture free from breaks and scratches, so they are well worth the money.


If you have any particularly delicate pieces of furniture, such as a cabinet with glass doors or a really old antique, let your removal company know in advance, so that they can prepare to move it safely.


Buy the Proper Packing Materials


Next, you will need to ensure that you buy the best materials for packing your furniture up. Here are some of the best options:


Moving Blankets. Moving blankets, like the ones sold by Mover Supplies, are great for keeping wooden and leather furniture, such as couches and sideboards safe because they are thick enough to withstand knocks, while also being soft enough to prevent scratches.


If you can’t afford moving blankets, then you could use any blankets you already have around the home. If you do this, you need to bear in mind that it’s highly likely the blankets themselves will get very dirty, and possibly even damaged, so don’t use your best set!


Bubble Wrap. Bubble wrap is another great packing material. Because it is filled with lots of air, it is perfect for forming a protective layer around fragile glass furniture, in particular. Its bubbles are also really good at protecting intricate figurines and carvings from having pieces knocked off them.


Shrink Wrap. Shrink wrap is good for wrapping around drawers and cupboards, which have moving parts that could fall out and get damaged.


Packing Tape. Packing tape is obviously essential for keeping everything in place, so it’s important that you buy a high-quality brand.


Clean It


Before you pack your furniture up, you should take the time to clean it because any debris that might be present on or inside the furniture could end up scratching it when it’s being moved around.


Take it Apart


If you have the kind of furniture that can be disassembled, doing just that is a great way to prevent damage, because it’s a lot easier, not to mention safer, to transport flat panels than it is big bulky furniture.


Clear Space


A lot of people actually damage their own furniture before it ever makes it into the moving van and they do this because they try to get it ready for moving in too small a space. So, make an effort to clean out an area of the home where you can disassemble and pack your furniture with plenty of space around you.


I hope your move goes off without a hitch!