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Tips for Balancing Remote Work and Full-Time Parenting During COVID-19

By: Sheyla Scaffo, People Experience Associate & Executive Business Administrator at Bunny Studio

Tips for Balancing Remote Work and Full-Time Parenting During COVID-19

Many parents are currently navigating an entirely new normal: Balancing remote work from home while taking care of their kids full-time. As school picks back up and many kids remain at home for remote learning, figuring out how to balance their schedule and a full-time job sometimes feels totally unmanageable.

Most parents have had experience working remotely in one-off, unplanned situations. However, working at home day in and day out for the foreseeable future while also caring for (and in some cases, teaching) kids at home proves to be a major struggle without careful planning where needed and flexibility when possible.

Read on to learn how to create better routines and habits that can help parents with balancing remote work with full-time parenting:

1. When possible, keep things flexible
This is often easier said than done. However, when you do have the ability, consider getting creative with your work schedule to base your hours around your kids’ schedules. Giving yourself the flexibility to work differently during this time is crucial to maintaining work-life balance. 

This can work in a variety of ways. For example, if you’re an early morning person or a night owl, or you are used to commuting a long way, consider working on projects during these times when kids are usually sleeping. Of course, there will always be vital tasks and meetings that require collaboration with your colleagues during regular work hours, but finding ways to give yourself time for small breaks during the day will help you and your kids stay on track.            

2. Establish a kid-free zone
There will be times when you need to hunker down and complete work items free from distractions, which is why it is important to establish an area of the house where you can separate yourself from your family and be successful balancing remote work with your kids at home. 

Not only is it important for this space to be free from other people, but it also needs to be free from other distractions such as dirty laundry and other messes. Keeping the area clean and organized will keep you from wanting to disengage from work to complete other tasks.

3. Clearly communicate with your family
If you have a partner who is also working from home and sharing kid duties with you, it is crucial to communicate the times you can and cannot help out during the day. Setting these expectations will allow for a much smoother daily routine.

It is also important to communicate with your children if they are old enough. Set expectations for when there will be breaks in your day that you can check-in, whether it be a quick snack break, lunch, or even hourly check-ins. 

4. Utilize special toys and screen time during work hours
Set aside designated toys and other gadgets, as well as movies or TV shows, to be used when you need to focus-in during the day. This will give your kids something to look forward to and will allow for some distraction-free work time.

5. Don’t overwork
During this time, it can be easy to feel like we need to push ourselves to work extra hours, but the reality is that taking the time to unplug and reset each day is critical to success as a parent and an employee.

With schools and offices closed, parents are likely finding themselves faced with a to-do list that has only grown. Although many of us have now had a few months to settle into fully-remote work, that does not mean keeping up with distance-learning while figuring out the best way in balancing remote work has gotten any easier. Designing a schedule that fits your needs is easier said than done, but following the above tips should help ensure you are on the right track.

Should you find yourself out of work during this time, consider that there are other work options out there, such as freelance and contract work, that may help you meet your scheduling and finance needs. Freelancing is also a great source of supplemental income for people while they look for new full-time employment. Just make sure you choose the right platform to help you get the right kind of projects, such as Bunny Studio

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HandiGuru provides wearable protection from germs, sun, and bugs

Comment: I was sent a HandiGURU. Thank you to HandiGURU for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

HandiGuru provides wearable protection from germs, sun, and bugs

If you would have asked me 6 months ago if I were to get excited about wearable hand sanitizer I would have thought you were crazy. But as I start to plan travels as things can open up I am suddenly aware of extras to carry around – add masks and sanitizers so I maintain protection from germs and viruses to everything else in tow. HandiGUru™ has the gels and lotions covered and I still leave space in my bag.

wear your sanitizer

You wear it on your wrist and once you use the provided bottle to fill it with gels or lotions such as hand sanitizer, sunscreen or repellents you have access as easy as a squeeze of the silicone band. If you have to travel or are packed full in your park bag, you will be covered with HandiGuru’s self-sealing compartment

wearable protection

HandiGURU comes in “Guru Gray”, “Infinite Black” and “Transcendental Blue”. The band is made of FDA-approved, recyclable silicone. It is very easy to fill with its bottle and I use it with sanitizer for easy protection from germs and it does not leak and you get just the perfect amount with each squeeze.


We have enough to worry about and now enter masks and sanitizers. This would make a great gift for employees or your children’s Teacher or Coaches. Don’t forget to send your student off with one too!

HandiGuruTMwas developed by Benjamin Anderson, a Santa Barbara-based professional artist of 20 years (

HandiGuru provides wearable protection from germ

You can get HandiGURU by visiting their website. They are $11.95 and ship free! The most fashionable protection from germs and more!

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Swaddle Designs 2-Layer Cotton Face Masks for Kids and Adults

Comment: I am proud to collab with Swaddle Designs for this product announcement

I have been finding and accepting masks from multiple sources – neighbors who make them, work handing some out, businesses promoting. Some just do not fit right and others fit great but are too hot underneath in this summer heat. I never thought I would be talking about masks for fashion or function but we learn as we go in new experiences and I have figured out the best masks for me in heat or all day use. The one I wear on hot days is the woven cotton face mask from Swaddle Designs (adult size).

adult face mask

Swaddle Designs has face masks for kids and adults. The adult size 3-Layer Cotton Chambray Facemask works to filter airborne particles. Even with the tightly woven fabric with 180 thread count cotton they still fit great with the adjustable, bendable nose piece that you get a fit that doesn’t suffocate. I have some masks where I draw in fabric as I inhale because it falls so close to my face/mouth. This mask fits much better than your average mask and you feel it!

adult mask

With school going back, the kids have to be in masks most of the day and having a comfortable face masks for kids with better shape for the face will make wearing it so much better on them. The Swaddle Designs 2-Layer Cotton Face Masks for Kids filters better than a standard cotton mask (although this is non-medical grade) with a 100% cotton flannel, double napped so it is so soft! The kids masks are also reversible and machine washable.

Knowing that the mask you wear is actually made to filter airborne particles and droplets is very important and most don’t filter well. Maybe you are on edge sending your child back to school right now, so make sure the mask you send them with works to help keep them safe. I recommend Swaddle Designs kids masks and they fit ages 2 years to pre-teen with the soft ear elastic band.

face masks for kids
face masks for kids

The Swaddle Designs face masks for kids and adults come in several designs. I am wearing the Watercolor Floral pattern. Head over to Swaddle Designs to order yours today.