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Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic: It Takes More than Masks

Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Photo by Karly Gomez on Unsplash

Quick poll: how many face masks does your family have in rotation right now? If you’re anything like most folks, everyone in the house probably has at least one or two. Maybe you are sewing together as a family craft or supporting local crafters. Regardless, it’s almost certain that the number of masks you own today is way more – maybe even 100% more! — than you did a month or two ago.

Unfortunately, keeping your kids safe during the coronavirus pandemic takes more than cute fabric and elastic ties. Have you let your guard down while you are focusing on coronavirus-specific dangers, not to mention just keeping body and soul together while working from home, homeschooling, and doing household chores? Read on to learn about a few areas where kids are more vulnerable than ever before.

Kitchen Accidents

Families are baking and cooking a lot more these days. Not only are these wholesome, screen-free activities that can keep the kids busy, there are tons of educational opportunities that come with measuring, mixing, and applying heat. And of course everyone loves to snack on homemade treats!

However, the more chances your kids have to use the oven or stove, or practice their knife skills, the higher the odds of kitchen accidents. Teach your kids knife safety. Make sure they aren’t standing on a rickety chair to reach the high cupboards. Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove. Most importantly of all, supervise your kids while they cook and bake until you know they can be trusted to follow rules and stay safe.

Skateboarding and Biking Accidents

It’s tough to juggle everything that needs to get done in a day, and many parents are struggling to encourage their kids to get daily exercise. But now that they’re not in gym class anymore, or running around outside with their friends, it’s crucial that they get some physical activity. Why not take advantage of the relatively quiet streets for some skateboarding and biking?

Not so fast, say the San Jose personal injury lawyers at The Barnes Firm. Just because there aren’t nearly as many cars and buses running as usual doesn’t mean you and your kids have carte blanche to treat streets as your personal playground. Don’t go careening down the middle of the street just because it seems dead – you never know when a fast car may come out of nowhere.

Take precautions to prevent accidents by instructing kids to skate or bike safely. Use dedicated trails for these outings, or stick to the side of the road as you usually would.

Backyard Accidents

Now that the weather is starting to warm up in many parts of the country, the kids are probably just as eager to go play in the backyard as you are to have them out of the house for a while! Just don’t neglect their safety in the interest of getting a little peace and quiet. There are many types of accidents and injuries that can befall children in their own backyard that you must guard against.

Pool injuries are one type of tragic, potentially fatal accident that can occur. Another is trampoline injuries.

Read up on safety tips for pool and trampoline use, and sit the family down to go over some ground rules. Be firm about following such rules, too, and be honest about whether or not your kids are old enough to responsibly obey them. If necessary, go outside with them to oversee their play. Heck, you could probably use a little play time to let off steam yourself!

Follow these tips, as well as your own common sense, to make sure your family not only survives during this pandemic period, but actually thrives.

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Anna and the Germ – Children’s Book About the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anna and the Germ - Children's Book About the Coronavirus Pandemic
Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit Book Cover

If there was ever a book to tell kids the changes and emotions around this virus, Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit is it. We are all dealing with the confusion, fear, sadness, boredom, and loneliness right now, especially our kids. This book talks about those emotions and how to talk to and help our kids through this at that point where boredom and sadness hit.

Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit is written by Mother and Daughter, Christianne Klein and Helene Van Sant-Klein. They have come together as Emmy-winning Journalist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (to name a few of their titles) to tackle this heavy topic for you and your children with this book about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Make sure you take advantage of the free resources to help children through the crisis are available in a kid-friendly format on the website, – including coloring pages to allow children to draw out their feelings, and a song inspired by the book (you can even wash your hands to the shortened 20 second version)! 

Buy the book on Amazon!

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De-stress Outdoors Even While Social Distancing

De-stress Outdoors Even While Social Distancing
Photo by Kamila Cellary on Unsplash

We had some big yard plans in our backyard and then the freeze! We will be back on track soon and then get this patio poured and in the meantime we have found other projects to do.

I have cleaned the front bed, reseeded the lawn in spots and moving rock as we prepare to expand our patio for more gathering space. When they tell you to stay in that doesn’t mean you can’t be outside. The outside of your home is extra square footage to spread out in.

So get outside, be responsible while practicing your social distancing and enjoy this fun infographic from The TurfMutt Foundation below: