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Persik’s Pure Sky green household cleaning essentials

Persik’s Pure Sky green household cleaning essentials

In these times clean is everything, clean is life. Short of using sage to burn everything in our home to get rid of germs. I find myself constantly cleaning, disinfecting and hoping I am not leaving more harm behind with the residue of cleaning chemicals. With Pure Sky green household cleaning essentials from Persik you only need water and you can make surfaces shine without chemicals. I still sanitize with safe products for virus protection and for general cleaning I simply add water and instantly remove 99 percent of bacteria on my floors and home surfaces with Pure Sky supplies.

My Pure Sky mop is like a magnet for dust. It literally grabs from awkward angles and collects dust and our dogs’ hair dust balls. You can use either the mop pad or multi-purpose cleaning cloth. The handle is very lightweight and adjustable in height.

For the mop pad I just wet it to clean my floors. When I open the wings on the mop head to attach the cleaning cloth I use that dry to get debris and dust from those hard-to-reach places that I can’t even get to with my vacuum attachment.

Because Pure Sky cloths are made of patented state-of-the-art composite Ultra Micro fibers, consisting of Multifilament yarns that are made of more than 1,000 strands per yarn it does the job right with just water.

Using Pure Sky’s one-stop-shop you can begin to eliminate the stress of the holidays with cleaning tools that get the job done the first time and safely!

Visit Persik’s website for Pure Sky and other practical home products.

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Preserve your petals with David Tutera-endorsed The Floral Preservation Co.

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David Tutera-endorsed The Floral Preservation Co.

When I found out about The Floral Preservation Co. I was so excited to feel like I could do something with my wedding bouquet I have kept hung and is slowly falling apart. I knew it would eventually self-destruct into nothing and then I’d have nothing left but the fabric and stems.

This is what a 14 year old (15 years in January) looks like. It is as dried out as can be. I am not handy with flowers or gardening so I did not know what options I had to save my bouquet. I even saw video on The Floral Preservation Co that said I can revive flowers as old as 10 years! Mine are half a decade older than that! I gave it a try anyway and I am so happy I did.

I followed their suggestion on fully submerging them for several hours to rehydrate. Once rehydrated I was able to use the included tweezers to manipulate them a bit to fan out for pressing.

I used the Floral Preservation Kit – DIY Flower Preserving Kit and it came with all I needed to press and re-dehydrate my wedding bouquet. It even comes with a pretty smelling finishing spray. I just needed my microwave and a pressing frame I ordered for the final results.

I love how they turned out. This is after drying them back out, pressing and spraying with the finishing spray. I was one day away form my frame arriving that I ordered so after spraying I just left them out overnight on this included drying towel and they were perfect.

The Floral Preservation Kit is perfect for saving everlasting memories. As opposed to discarding beautiful flowers for milestones like Proms, Weddings, Funerals etc. Save them in a state that can be passed down from generation to generation. This makes a great gift for newlyweds or those engaged! Also great to save for other milestones making it a great unique Holiday gift for just about anyone.

You can buy these kits from The Floral Preservation Co. on Etsy and on Amazon.

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Zoey Naturals Effective and Safe Skincare for Baby

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Have a baby on your gift list? The toys and outfits are so fun, but I like to settle on the fact that they have no idea what is happening at gifting time and perhaps they even were put down for a nap – on purpose. I like to still gift for ‘Mom’. Even if it is close to a year since baby was born there are newer brands and ideas and they are beginning to run out of essentials. Zoey Naturals has safe and effective ingredients in their baby skincare line and they smell great too!

I remember 12 years ago when my son was an infant that no one seemed to talk much about labels and skin care ingredients, baby carrying wasn’t such a thing and the digital toy/app era was only beginning. Things change fast and what is a concern today are what we didn’t know decades ago. The ingredients in skincare, especially for Baby matter!

Zoey Naturals was created as an idea from Zoey’s parents wanting natural products and her Grandfather’s expertise on developing natural skincare products. The ingredients are everything we want in a child skincare line.

In Zoey Naturals products you will not find harsh chemicals. You only get a hypoallergenic product made with care and gentle fragrances that smell so sweet for baby. Zoey Naturals has lotions, oils, bubble bath, diaper cream, sanitizers and more.

You can find Zoey Naturals products and gift sets at their website.