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RareLumiere candles have 100% cotton wicks in glass vessels

RareLumiere candles have 100% cotton wicks in glass vessels

If there is one common item you will find throughout my home, it is candles. My favorite way to clean a room is to light a candle at the very end. It’s my way of feeling complete about the job I’ve done to get that space back in shape then give it a fragrance.

RareLumiere candles have 100% cotton wicks in glass vessels. I love the colors and scents. Choose from 5 scents – Aspen, Florence, Tahiti, Tangler and Notting Hill. These candle fragrances will transfer your senses to locations where you may feel familiar, such as the smoky wood notes of Aspen.

RareLumiere uses raw materials hand pours their candles in the US. Each candle has a 55 hour burn time. I get a slow burn with very little pooling at my wick when I burn these candles. Visit RareLuminiere to learn more and order your candles for the spring cleaning moments you will have real soon.

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Useful Tips for Raising a Child in California


When you want to live in a coastal state, you may want to consider the benefits of living, working, and growing up in California. The state is fairly large, so you could opt to live right on the coast, or further inland, depending on your budget and working needs. It can also be a good idea to think about your children, either those you already have, or if you plan to become parents fairly soon, and how their lives could be benefitted from some adjustments you may want to make.

While there may be a number of public transport options available to you, you could still want the freedom of your own personal vehicle. This can make traveling a lot easier, especially if you need to attend medical appointments, get to and from work, and even do the school run. When you have moved to a new state, it can be daunting to get out on the road. You may want to think about the ways that you can protect yourself and your finances from issues. 

One such way can be through making sure that your car is insured. Taking out comprehensive car insurance in California doesn’t need to be overly expensive, especially if you consider smarter ways to reduce your premium. Opting for pay-per-mile, rather than estimations, could really help to bring those figures right down, freeing up your finances for other uses.

If money is one of your concerns about moving to California, and attempting to raise a family there, you might also want to consider how to cut costs without denying your child a fun and educational upbringing. Some outings may be fairly expensive; however, California also boasts a number of free activities that your whole family could enjoy partaking in together. You could also opt to venture out of your city to see what is available to you in other areas of the state. Even a free day down at the beach could help you all to create wonderful memories together.

Depending on the area of the state that you choose to move to, you may also want to consider the weather and temperature, to keep your child safe. While California can have some cooler temperatures, you may want to watch out for those hot summer months, as this is when the ultraviolet index ratingcan exceed the threshold for unprotected sun exposure. 

Making sensible choices, such as ensuring that your child has protective sunscreen on, wears a hat, and remains hydrated, could help to prevent sunburn or heat exhaustion from occurring. Staying out of direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day can also be a good idea. This way, you could still enjoy the warmer weather, but significantly reduce the likelihood of negative consequences for yourself or your children.

Moving to California could help your family to have a fresh start. By considering the different smart choices you might be able to make, you could potentially save money and give your child a wonderful upbringing.


Common Refrigerator Problems and Their Solutions

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Nowadays, it’s difficult to think about what we would do without modern appliances such as refrigerators, so when there’s an issue with your fridge or freezer, it’s helpful to know exactly what to do to fix the issue. Additionally, if you can solve these simpler issues yourself, you may end up saving yourself quite a lot of money by avoiding costly repair fees. Of course, sometimes professional intervention may be a necessity, but for some of the most common refrigerator problems, you could be able to find the solution yourself by reading these key tips on how to solve some of the most familiar refrigerator faults.

Your refrigerator is leaking water:

When your refrigerator is leaking, this can quickly become an issue for the entire kitchen if there’s enough water to cover the floor. There are two main reasons why your refrigerator may be leaking water: you could have a blocked defrost drain or a blocked water supply line. To unblock the drain, you can access it via the freezer and use warm water to remove any debris causing blockages, but if this doesn’t solve the problem, you should check the water supply line for damage, making sure to turn off the appliance and close the shut-off valve first. If this part is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Your refrigerator is cycling too frequently:

If your fridge is very noisy all of the time, then this could indicate that it is cycling too frequently, which is an issue because this wastes energy and can greatly increase your energy bill. As above, there are two main reasons for this issue: the condenser coils are covered in too much dust or your refrigerator’s temperature is set too low. Make sure you check that your refrigerator is set at the right temperature, and to check the condenser coils for dust, you can find them at the bottom of the appliance. As always, remember to unplug your refrigerator when trying to fix it.

There’s a build-up of ice in the freezer:

Another very common problem is finding a build-up of ice in the freezer. This could just be caused by you leaving the freezer door open for too long, as this increases the humidity levels inside the freezer and leads to more ice, so the simple solution would be to make sure to always close the freezer promptly. If this issue persists, then the freezer’s seal could be faulty and may need to be replaced. Conversely, too much ice on the floor of the freezer could indicate that the defrost drain is blocked. See above to find out how to fix this problem.

Your refrigerator is getting too warm:

A too-warm refrigerator can lead to food spoilage, so this is an important issue to fix. Once again, this could indicate a build-up of dust on the condenser coils, so cleaning the coils is a possible solution. If this doesn’t work, and if you’re ever unsure about how to solve a problem, you may need to hire a repair technician to take a look at your refrigerator. 


The AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame is a great gift for all ages

The AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame is a great gift for all ages

Years ago I was gifted a digital photo frame and it quickly became my favorite gift and I have always owned one since. My first one was not Wi-fi and involved SD cards and clicking through photos to add and it took hours to set it up with photos I wanted. Now with the Wi-Fi frames like this AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame, it is so easy to use with the free app.

Not only does the AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame look modern and classy in any space, the app is so easy to use and there are not hundreds of menu options. Just what you need to choose photos and have them displayed. You simply download the app, connect your frame and head to your camera roll to download. Of course, you can use different sized SD cards to grab photos off handheld cameras or a USB port to grab photos from storage devices. Once you select the photos to display, you can set up your frame in any space horizontally or vertically and the photos will adjust and display correctly.

Gifting this to someone who is not techie still works with this frame! You can set up the device then invite unlimited friends and family to share pictures to the frame or send photos to their frames all via WiFi. If you gift this and have it set up, the family can digitally send photos to display to the frame no matter who owns it from anywhere (25+ countries) if you invite them to do so.

The screen is 9″ with 1280*800 and a vivid picture. There is 16GB of memory and that is a lot of photos and videos. With the app and touchscreen you can delete, add and rearrange the photos as well as pause the play and adjust brightness and sleep level.

Distance isn’t an issue. Share your moments anytime anywhere with AEEZO Frame via free Frameo App! Shop for an AEEZO frame today!