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Start the New Year off cleaner with DAZZ all-natural cleaning tablets

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Start the New Year off cleaner with DAZZ all-natural cleaning tablets

If you are looking for a safe house cleaner as we aim to live cleaner into 2021, DAZZ is for your home! Not only is it made with careful ingredients it is safe for pets, children, the environment and your budget! Seriously, look at their shop, it is as affordable as your average cleaners and you only need a $20+ order for free shipping.

How DAZZ works is you buy packets of all-natural cleaning tablets. On your very first order I would purchase the bundle so you get these labeled bottles. Then as you need refills, you can just stock up on the refill packs for future purchases. An entire starter bundle with All Purpose Cleaner, Window & Glass Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner starts at under $20. It is so easy and affordable to get started with a cleaner clean!

You get to reuse your bottles which saves on plastic waste. DAZZ is made with natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals. You just fill the bottle to the neck with warm water, drop the 2 tablets in and by the time you grab a rag and put the nozzle back on you are ready to clean. Get started at DAZZ today and bring a better clean into your home for this new year!

Also new from DAZZ. DAZZ also provides some wonderful tips for hand washing on their blog, Announcing the New DAZZ Foaming Hand Soap. Head on over to the DAZZ Instagram page for their December giveaway – ends 12/28/2020.

Visit DAZZ for more information. Also available at Amazon!


Which Flooring Should You Use in a Playroom?

Setting up a playroom for your children to use can give them an incredible space to feel comfortable and relaxed in as they play. Though most will no doubt focus on the walls and furniture when trying to create a playroom, the floor you choose also needs to be thought about carefully. 

Here are some of the things you need to think about when trying to select the right floor for your children’s playroom.


Wood Floors

Wood floors are not often the best option for a playroom. While they look highly prestigious, they are obviously quite hard. If a little one was to take a tumble, there is a chance that they could hurt themselves quite badly. Introducing rugs can happen, but if you were to put a rug down across the whole room then you might as well carpet it. 

The other major consideration that comes with a wood flooring is how waterproof it is. In short, it can be difficult to find a wood floor that will hold off against any type of water damage. This makes it a poor choice for a playroom. Be it a spill from a cup or someone being a little over-enthusiastic while crafting, there is always a chance that something is going to spill. If it is not cleaned up immediately, it could then warp the wood.

LVT Flooring

LVT flooring could be an amazing option for a playroom. It is soft underfoot and will provide some cushion if someone were to fall over. It is also incredibly easy to care for. Even if your little one does spill something, you should be able to clean it up quickly and easily without damaging the floor underneath.

One of the other big advantages of LVT flooring is the many patterns that you can find for it. Click here to have a browse of some of the options open to you. While wood floors will always be the classic look a stone pattern might work better depending on the overall theme you have planned for your playroom. This is one room that you can really bring a little bit of style when decorating, so don’t be afraid to pick a pattern that you would never have anywhere else in your home if it means your children get a beautiful place to play.


Finally, you might consider carpet for your playroom. There are several obvious advantages to this. It is obviously warm underfoot, and very soft. If a child trips of carpet, they are unlikely to get injured in the same way that they might on a wood floor. Carpet also comes in a variety of different colours and patterns. You could even find a fun one with a print that matches the rest of the room if you are going for a heavily themed space.

However, the big disadvantage with carpet is how difficult it is to clean. You need to make sure that spills are seen to as soon as they happen as they can quickly ruin the carpet otherwise. There is also massive potential for staining. Nothing will make a carpet look old and tatty quite like a few stains in the wrong places. 

These are three options you could consider for a space that needs to be able to handle whatever your children might want to throw at it. Take the time to find a flooring that is going to tie in with the aesthetics of the room while also being robust enough to stand up and last well no matter how rough playtime might get.

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Anam Caras Inspiring Art Prints for Personalized Wall Decor

Anam Caras Inspiring Art Prints for Personalized Wall Deco

These are Anam Caras prints. Anam is the ancient Gaelic word for soul, and Cara is Friend. An Anam Cara is a friend to your soul, a magical spirit who will guide you and protect you. These are how they describe their unique prints to hang for your children in the home.

There are 4 collections to choose form. This print I have is from the Anamabet Collection. The torn edges of quality, paper portray the celtic spirits in watercolor for the letter of choice. This collection has a standard or Baby/Child design (customizable). I have the standard and the E is for Etar. In old Latin, his name means “between,” as in “between two worlds: our world and his otherworld, the Land of Soul.”  He’s an Anam Cara, a guardian spirit on a mission to bring about peace through inner peace.

The other 3 collections are the Bespoke Blessings Collection that include a prewritten or made-to-order messages. Name & Words Collection where letters come together to spell names or words and include a magical  bespoke blessing from the Anam Caras. Storybook Collection Fine Art Print of Peri (on piano) and Noem (on the cello) is beautifully printed on archival watercolor paper.

Shop Anam Caras prints all year round for gifts or room renovations. 2021 is a great time to upgrade space and reward your home with quality decor.