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Effective Cleaning Tips For Busy Households

Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash

Americans spend an average of six hours each week cleaning their homes, but still wonder if it’s enough, the Ascent reports. Keeping a clean and tidy family home can be a challenge at the best of times. But now, if the whole family is stuck indoors during the coronavirus lockdown, this task suddenly becomes even more difficult. Establishing a household cleaning routine is essential for keeping a clean, tidy and sane household. Follow these cleaning tips below.

Keep a checklist

Keeping a checklist can help keep the whole family stay on top of their daily chores and prevent the grime from building up — yes, get the children to help too! A daily cleaning checklist could include chores like unloading the dishwasher, wiping taps and doorknobs, and cleaning kitchen counters, while a weekly checklist could cover tasks like dusting and vacuuming. It can also help to keep designated cleaning times, so you won’t forget to fit the cleaning in no matter how hectic things are.

Clean floors fast

Maintaining a clean floor free from dirt and bacteria should be a top priority. However, this can be a tall task in a busy home. Household Advice recommend the combined effect of mops and heat to combat the problem. Steam mops are effective tools that can make cleaning floors a breeze. They provide a quicker and deeper clean than regular mops. They’re also much easier to use than heat steamers. Simply wipe the mop over your floor, and the heat acts fast to dissolve and remove dirt, germs and bacteria — water does the job fine; there’s no need to use soap.

Declutter and organize

While cleaning isn’t the most enjoyable activity, having a streamlined system in place can make sure you get the job done fast and efficiently. When you establish a routine, daily chores won’t get ahead of you and you can more easily stay in control of the situation. You can therefore make your home a more enjoyable place to live for the whole family. 

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What You Should Know About The Most Fun Trampolines

What You Should Know About The Most Fun Trampolines

You might think that fun trampolines are just for kids, but this is where you’re wrong. Even adults sometimes have a lot of fun using them. A trampoline is a device that allows you to jump on it, and with every jump, you are further and further away from the ground. It gives you the sense of flying temporarily. That’s why children love them as well. 

However, they are much more suitable for children than they are for adults, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy one. If you feel like owning a trampoline would bring you a lot of happiness, then you should purchase one. No one is stopping you, and it’s your money, after all. You won’t regret your decision. Click on the link for more details https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/parenting/things-know-before-buying-your-kid-trampoline/Nj3NBmYiW4M3fIl649KjUL/.

Whether you want it for yourself or your kids, it doesn’t matter. This device is designed to bring joy and fun no matter how many times you jump on it. If it’s your first time buying one, then you need to know certain things about it. The more you know, the faster you’ll make a decision about purchasing one. Here’s what you should know: 

Different sizes

 trampolines are more suited for children

As mentioned above, some trampolines are more suited for children, and others can even support adults. You just have to know where and what to look for. Those that are of smaller size are perfect for kids. However, you should also find out how many kids it can support. It all depends on the design and model you choose to buy. But make sure that it suits your needs. 

For example, one type of trampoline can support two kids at most. Other types can support several of them. On the other hand, getting a trampoline suitable for adults is also easy. Not to mention that there are a lot of types of trampolines available solemnly for adults. They are usually bigger that can support several adults at once. Make sure to thoroughly research the product you are planning to buy. 

You can always check online reviews and helpful information online. A lot of reliable websites sell them, and every product has a description that will help you make the decision faster. If you happen to come across a local store that sells them, then you can try your luck there. The sellers will surely point you in the right direction once you ask for a recommendation. 

Various prices

Another thing you should consider when buying a trampoline is the price. Usually, smaller sizes cost less, and they are more affordable. These particular types are perfect for small children to have a lot of fun. If your kids want it desperately, then you should purchase one. Or, you can surprise them with it. The price often depends on the model of the trampoline. 

On the other hand, a full-size trampoline can cost you more. If you have the budget for it and you really want it, then you can easily find a store that sells them and place your order. Before you do that, make sure to check out different trampoline reviews for more information. There are a lot of websites out there that do reviews on various products. They will definitely help you make the right decision. 

Good for exercising

Jumping on a trampoline will definitely improve your physique. You might not notice it right away, but the more you do it, the stronger your muscles will get. Not only that, but it also improves circulation. Letting your kids bounce on it is also good for their health. They will grow stronger and more resilient towards challenging physical activities. 

 Moreover, your kids will be able to tire themselves and go to bed instantly. If peace and quiet is what you long for, then let your kids use all of their energy on jumping. It’s good for them and also for you. On the other hand, your calves and legs will definitely become more firm if you often jumped as well. On the plus side, it’s a fun activity to do. You will feel immensely good afterward. Read more here.

Improves posture and balance

You might struggle at first to keep your balance on it, but with time you’ll get the hang of it. It is said that jumping on a trampoline can actually improve your balance and posture as time goes by. This, of course, depends on how often you plan on jumping on it. 

Your kids can do it as well. Just as a safety measure, make sure to stay close to the device while your children jump on it. Kids are careless, and they can easily get hurt without knowing. They are more concerned with the fact that they can temporarily ”fly” than staying safe. That’s why adult supervision is needed. 

Moreover, you should also make sure that you don’t end up getting hurt as well. Stick to the center of the trampoline. If you have a bad posture, then you should consider this fun activity more often. A lot of people find it beneficial and pleasing. It can really calm down your nerves and anxiety. 

Low-impact cardio

If you don’t want a traditional workout where you will have to sweat a lot, then buying a trampoline is just the thing you need. You see, while you jump on it, you can get tired and start breathing faster. This is actually extremely good for the heart. You can encourage your kids to use it as well, but don’t tell them about the heart thing because they won’t care. 

If you don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym, then a couple of minutes jumping on a trampoline will do you good. Besides, it’s better than doing no activity at all. Just remember to get a suitable size for adults if you want to jump on it. There are smaller ones that are only for children. Make sure to get the right one for your house. 

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My Three Backyard Entertaining Must have Items for Summer

Backyard Entertaining

We all have plenty of time on our hands and I am not sure about everyone else, but I am starting some home projects and getting the yard ready for summer. The patio is pressure washed, the patio furniture is out and wiped down and we have begun using the smoker and grill already on nice spring days. This summer we have a new addition to my “outdoor wall” of summer backyard essentials – the NewAir 15” Built-in 90 Can Outdoor Beverage Fridge in Weatherproof Stainless Steel.

Outdoor fridge

This NewAir fridge was build to be outside and will stand up to some of the toughest outdoor weather conditions. We expect our friend to finish extending our patio when work resumes after quarantine and then we’ll have even more surface to cook on while backyard entertaining. As we improve our backyard it makes having a fridge outside more and more handy.

No more lugging coolers and filling with ice to keep drinks cold. This is what I used to do for a couple of reasons. The first reason I work to keep beverages outside when entertaining is to keep the slider from being opened so many times and our A/C appreciates that. The other reason is keeping insects and dirt out of the house. I have always been complimented on having this small beverage fridge available for guests.

Peek inside the Sluka backyard fridge….

beverage fridge

From Gatorade to beer and waters everyone is welcome around the fridge and it also comes in handy as a little extra table top space when I really get cooking.

What are My Three Backyard Essentials when Entertaining in Summer?

Grill: Simply the best way to cook meats especially so many at once. Having a grill with a shelf like I do also allows me to keep the cooked meats warm so guests can grab fresh meat anytime they are ready.

Smoker: I don’t know why I did not buy one sooner. Have you ever had homemade smoked mac n cheese with grilled steak and an ice cold beer? The perfect summer meal! You can experiment with different pellet/chip woods, and you throw your meat on in the morning and leave it alone until done in the afternoon in time to feed your guests. It allows you more room in ovens and the grill when the meats are in the smoker and sides on the grill/oven or vice versa.

Outdoor Fridge: As I mentioned earlier it keeps the door to your home closed more often in the summer and brings you a ton of compliments of convenience from your friends and family. Make sure you go for a top-rated outdoor fridge that can weather any conditions outside such as the NewAir 15” Built-in 90 Can Outdoor Beverage Fridge in Weatherproof Stainless Steel. See my full review of all features of this unit – HERE!

NewAir outdoor

I personally don’t like my beverages displayed on the outside like many beverage coolers do, but you may and NewAir has other fridge options for inside your home or dorms with different designs. It’s the stainless steel on my fridge that helps it weather the outdoors. This one can be built-in or freestanding. Simply the best addition to your home or yard is a quality fridge from NewAir. To save at NewAir, use code: PARENTINGHEALTHY!