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College Care Packages: Succulents Subscription Boxes

Comment: I was sent a Succulents box. Thank you to Succulents Box for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

College Care Packages: Succulents Subscription Boxes

I remember the day we drove our son to College for the first time. It is exciting and there was so much planning that built up to that day, but again it is a bittersweet time as well. I went crazy on care packages. I found a local baker who would deliver cupcakes for special occasions, I would order pizza to his dorm, mail snack and med packs. College care packages are a fantastic tether with your child away at school.

If you have a daughter heading off to school or even need a care package for someone ill or going through a change the Succulents Subscription Boxes are so well done and my favorite way to receive the succulents is in their clay pots so they are ready for new spots in my home right away.

centerpiece succulents

I was sent the 4-pack of succulents this month with clay pots. They came wrapped very well, none were damaged. Then I got to walk around my home and cheer up a few spaces that needed a small plant as company. My dining table got a pot (above is my favorite: Baby Necklace, a Crassula) and so did my mantle (a Dancing Bones and Moonglow).

dancing bones

Can you imagine being away in your first place or dorm and each month a new small succulent arrives to add some fresh decor to your space? This is why I think of students who are in need of fun college care packages to look forward too.

I also think that make great gifts to send to a new Mom or as a housewarming gift – new homes and new babies are a lot of work and succulents are so easy to care for. I think every hanging basket and plant IO was given at my house warming died in days because I set it down and was just too busy and overwhelmed with unpacking to give them care at that time.

succulents box

When you visit Succulents Box you will fond 5 subscription plan options and over 200 succulents. They have your favorite succulents as well as some rare ones also. Order your succulents or choose a subscription plan today at Succulents Box.

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ECOS Mother & Child Packaging Allows You To Reduce Plastic Consumption

ECOS Mother & Child Packaging Allows You To Bulk Buy & Is Eco-Friendly

For more reasons than one, this new bulk buy ECOS packaging is making my life so much easier. ECOS is a favorite brand of mine already because of its safe, eco-friendly and effective cleaning products but now they make packaging that helps my (already) out of control cleaning product shelves. It is called the Mother & Child packaging. Reduce Plastic Consumption with this new packaging!

ecos dish soap

This Mother & Child packaging is available for the dish soap and all-purpose cleaner. The smaller, everyday use size package snaps right into the refill package, making it really easy to use and reuse. The bottle you use everyday helps save you space in your cleaning shelves because of this genius design. 1 refill bottle gets you 5 full fills.

My fault is actually forgetting that I have a refill because I tend to tuck that extra bottle away and out of sight. I can literally snap these two pieces together with one hand. I still get the great environmentally-safe cleaner and save space by buying it this way while feeling good hat I can reduce plastic consumption at the same time.

ECOS laundry Reduce Plastic Consumption

If you want to know what other ways ECOS products help the environment, consider the ECOS Laundry Detergent sheets. It is not a pod or large plastic container of liquid, but simply a dissolving sheet you toss into your HE machine and wash your clothing and fabrics with hypoallergenic, plant-based detergent. I keep a box in the RV so when I do campsite laundry when we travel I can walk down with a sheet rather than pods that could burst open on me (I have had that happen before).

ECOS Mother & Child packaging makes it easy to be cost-conscious and reduce plastic consumption at the same time, while also keeping your family safe and healthy. You can find this design at Whole Foods stores.

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Our Summer Travel Must Have – My Passport Go with Built-In Cable

Our Summer Travel Must Have - My Passport Go with Built-In Cable

With my frequent travels I have come to fall in love with chargers and gadgets that allow me to keep cords and batteries at home! If I can save space and not have to carry extra bulk around then it becomes an instant favorite. My recent gadget has already been out of town with us and is the best portable SSD I have seen – it is the My Passport Go.

portable SSD

It is this very feature above that captivates me as I get to keep my extra cord at home because this one is built-in. You can imagine with my own work, my husbands laptop for work and our 12year old’s many devices that gadgets with built-in cords are so handy and make the best ravel companions.

My Passport Go Features

  • SSD built for travel
  •  Shock-absorbing rubber bumper
  • Built-in cable
  • Drop-resistant up to 2 meters
  • Works with PS4 and XBOX One
  •  More than 2 times faster than typical portable hard disk drives
  • Includes automatic backup software1 for Windows and is also Time Machine compatible for Mac backup (reformatting required)
  • 500GB, 1TB or 2TB
  • Comes in blue or yellow
My Passport Go

This will be ready to use right out of the box on your PC or Mac. Make sure you can bring your files with you when you ravel and know they are ready to you in an instant and protected in the My Passport Go. Available from Western Digital, a leading storage company. Buy now at Western Digital or Amazon.