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5 Thanksgiving Dinner Prep Products You Need

I have partnered with T-Fal for this feature

Because some of you may be using very outdated kitchen gadgets (I am guilty on some items that are 10+ years old), maybe it is time to update them. Before the Holidays hit are a great time to stock back up on the utensils you will need to cook the big meals fro family and friends.

Tfal Ingenio Garlic Press

If you are prepping stuffing, salads, sauces and even breads then chances are you have garlic on the ingredient list. This one is great if you suffer from arthritis or other hand ailments where pressing and squeezing is uncomfortable. This is because you simply set on the counter, add garlic and use your body weight to press down. No squeezing handles. Then use the red bumper to push the minced garlic out. It is that easy!

5 Thanksgiving Dinner Prep Products You Need

Tfal Ingenio Baster

The turkey baster! How old is yours? I don’t even ant to guess how old some basters sitting in kitchen drawers can be. Update it to this baster that includes a brush attachment and cleaning tool. After dinner clean up won’t be wasted sifting water over ad over through the baster to clean the grease. It is dishwasher safe.

Tfal Ingenio Multi Grater 

Save time when you can grate in both directions. While pulling your food up and down the grader you are grating both ways to save time. You can grate over the food or collect it. Take the grater out and reverse sides for a course or fine grate and a sleeve protects your hands. Saved time while holiday cooking is the best time.

Tfal AirBake Natural Aluminum Cookie Sheet

You will offer baked treats over the Holidays, right? That’s a silly question! Have you updated your cookie sheets lately? Now is a great time and this natural aluminum sheet is large. This is the Air Bake pan and distributes pockets of air that provide even heating of the baking surface, thus decreasing bake times by up to 15% over traditional insulated bakeware.


Tfal Ingenio Blade Spatula

Now that you have the fresh cake and cookie batter ready to pour, make sure you don’t waste a drop leaving it to be washed in the bowl. This spatula makes scraping sides of the bowl or folding cake/cookie mixtures a breeze. Featuring a special hook on handle that prevents the spatula from sliding into the bowl.

Go ahead and update your gadgets. You will be busy and providing for others and you deserve something new! Best yet, all of these items are on Amazon and are Prime qualifiers so you can be read in as little as 2 days!

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