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IXL Online Learning Program for Kids

I have partnered with IXL for the feature

IXL Online Learning Program for Kids

IXL Online Learning Program for Kids

Every night since Anthony was an infant I grab a book, sit on a chair and we read. By the age of 2 I was pointing to letters and teaching him a focus letter a day. By 4 he was reading 2-3 letter words. He is 9 and an advanced reader. It sounds cliche to say a child who is read to is at an advantage, but it is true and we are proof. Never was I too tired or didn’t have time. Unless I am apart from him we read. Traveling? We looked up books online.

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However, the past few weeks our reading routine began to change. We started our membership at IXL. IXL is an online education site with different skill packages to choose from by grade from K-12. We are in Fourth grade and have the Core Subjects Package which gives up Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Anthony is addicted to the Social Studies section. A history lover at heart like his Mama!

He now wants to log on and choose a new learning topic to do together before we read. So at age 9 we learn AND read before bed and he is really into it. He loves that one on one time with me and I am not pulling him from playtime or relax time to learn. It is a time of day that works for both of us and it becomes fun.

Here we are doing a lesson. This one is

  • IXL Learning Features
  • K-12th Grade Learinng
  • Focus on 1 subject or all core subjects
  • Spanish lessons are another option
  • Unlock achievements
  • Parent progress reports and certificate alerts
  • Personalized skill recommendations
  • Mobile Ap option for on-the-go learning

Start your online learning today at IXL.

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