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Build and Code Your Own Tablet with Kano

What projects do you have planned with the kids this summer? We are building and coding a tablet! That’s right, we will build our very own tablet that will be touchscreen and download apps and play on it with or without a keyboard. With Kano, making your own tablet is easier than you think.

The booklet comes with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions and the parts are sturdy and brightly colored to match the illustrations as you move along and build and code your own tablet. My son had his box opened and was connecting pieces in minutes.

The best part is that they get to touch the pieces, connect the board, buttons and bits. They learn how a tablet works because they understood the reasoning to each step.

If you get stuck they have a great help section with solutions to any problem no matter how small or big.

Once the tablet is built there are a few things you can do. You can code your own games, music and art in Playground Mode. You can even hack Minecraft and do more advanced coding with real Javascript or Python.

The Story Mode app brings an in-depth look at how his computer works with challenges to complete and level up. The apps have hundreds of hours’ worth of coding challenges and games. Also, you can also download apps from the Kano app store like you would with any tablet.

To really turn their tablet into something spectacular, try the Harry Potter Coding Kit where you can build a wand, learn to code and make magic in the Harry Potter app. Available in the Kano store.

The Pixel Kit is fun as well because you get to make and code dazzling lights as well as build art and animation on a pixel box using a Kano app for help.

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STEM Science Book Series for Kids – Giveaway (2 Winners)

Comment: This feature is in partnership with Dover Publications. Books were sent. Opinions are my own.

Dover Publications wants your child to have fun with STEM science by coloring and learning with this eight book science series for ages 8 and up, titled My First Book About….Physics, the Oceans, the Human Body, Backyard Nature, Outer Space, Weather, the Brain, and the Five Senses.

Let’s take a peek at them a few at a time. These first 3 of the series will take the kids from the ocean to the yard then the weather in the air. The Weather coloring book explains blizzards, tornadoes, rainbows, mudslides, and other natural phenomena. The Oceans coloring book discover why a healthy ocean is essential and what you can do to help protect it and more. The Backyard Nature coloring book will identify different types of trees, flowers, and bushes; butterflies, moths, and birds; reptiles and amphibians; and many other plants and animals.

The next 3 book in the series I am showing will talk about the body! The coloring book about the Brain will explain every aspect of the brain’s important jobs, from communicating with the central nervous system to retaining memories. The Human Body coloring book is filled with astonishing details in a head-to-toe survey of the body. The coloring book about the Five Senses will discover the nervous system, the pathway of sensory information, and how neurons receive and send data and more.

We have a bonus for you. The STEM science set includes 8 books, but we are including a 9th book in the giveaway, Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships loaded with simple diagrams that illustrate the vehicles’ easy assembly, and the fold-out pages are filled with punch-out nose cones, rocket boosters, and other parts along with facts.

The Physics coloring book has easy-to-understand captions will introduce you to the most basic concepts of physics, using memorable examples drawn from nature. The last coloring book is Outer Space with captions that explain crater formation, constellations, weightlessness, space junk, and other fascinating subjects.

The Giveaway

2 lucky readers will win all 9 books featured above! Enter below and it is open to the US for ages 18+. The giveaway ends on March 15, 2019. Good luck!

Dover Publications STEM Books
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Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book

A copy was sent for feature

Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book

By: Mike Vago

Need more ideas for the kids this season? How about a book that will take them on a journey through space. Follow the rocket with each turn of the page, around comets and planets and learn while they explore.

Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book

The book is for ages 4-8 and you can actually manipulate the rocket. It is 14 pages long and makes a great gift idea!