How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party

All parents want their children to great birthday party but this can turn out to be quite expensive these days, with many parents spending over $1,000 on a bash. There is this pressure to throw a celebration party that is elaborate. The trend is growing as more parents embrace the numerous opportunities available. However, when the budget is low, your priority may be to save as much money as possible. Here are some ways in which this can be done.

How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party
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Save Money With Invites

It is always an alternative to send an email invitation or think about something that is out of the box, like writing party details on balloons. Also, you can always share the party with another child that has a close birthday date or make the party shorter. Obviously, keeping guest numbers low will reduce expenses. You can do that by adding to the invite that sisters and brothers of the guest are not invited.

Save Money With Catering

Although youngsters do not eat that much, parents do end up cooking a lot more than they should. The truth is that ice cream, crisps and sandwiches are usually all that is needed. You can easily hire a catering company that has experience with such a party. As an example, visit Flavours Catering Sydney. Alternatively, you can always ask friends and family members to bring some food. Decorations and tablecloths can be borrowed from friends or you can turn decorating into a fun party activity by allowing children to draw with crayons.

Save Money With Venue Selection

Obviously, the cheapest option is to have the party at home but this is not a good thing for some parents. In this case you can always opt for a summer picnic party at the local park. You can also consider local halls or play centers. Make sure that you avoid the peak hours and see if there is no problem when you bring food.

Save Money With Entertainment

Professional entertainers for children’s parties will always be expensive. You can keep costs and stress down when you do everything yourself. There are many different online classes that teach you how to be a great entertainer at a child’s party. Also, in many cases just traditional play games like musical chairs or blind man’s bluff can offer all the entertainment that is necessary for children.

Save Money With Party Bags

It can be quite stressful, expensive and time consuming when you create these bags. The simple process of buying cheap plastic toys from local $1 shops can add up the costs really fast. Think about what you can offer as gifts without breaking the bank. For instance, buy a cheap book series and allow the guests to take one that they like on the way out. Browse online sites in order to get interesting ideas of what you can put in the party bags when on a budget. Simply look around and see what recommendations are made by other parents.

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Fun Birthday Party at Altitude Trampoline Park

Thank you to US Family Guide and Altitude Trampoline Park for partnering for this feature

Fun Birthday Party at Altitude Trampoline Park

Anthony’s 9th Birthday Party

Altitude Trampoline Park – Marysville, Wa

Friday Night in May- 10 kid party package


Table(s) reserved, Party Host, Plates and cups, Clean up
The activity lasts two hours

2 Large Pizzas, Bottled water for kids. Birthday child receives free T Shirt and 1 free pass for a future visit

This was the first time we had jumped at the Altitude Park. Right away we had a table and host waiting for us. The jump arena is well within eyesight of the tables so I can set up and let the kids lose. As each child arrived their parents checked them in, signed waivers if none on file and were given a free pair of jump socks. Within minutes they were off having a blast.

They spent the most time in the Dodgeball area. They worked up a huge sweat and appetite in there. The party was a 6-8pm time slot and pizza was delivered about 7 but the kids aren’t forced out of the arena until the 8 end time so they could jump and eat later or eat and some went right back out. I did bring some chips and juice pouches to go with the provided pizza and water and I am glad I did because they truly gain an appetite out there.

Having a slumber party afterwards? I’d bring some wet wipes before sweaty kids get in your car-lol. I sort of wish I had that handy. But they were worn out and because 4 of the boys were coming back to sleep over they did not stay up too late after 2 hours of jumping. It is sort of a genius thought to bring them here and wear them out.

There was plenty of room at 1 table for all 10 kids for pizza, presents and cake. We nabbed a second tabel to store gifts and for adults who stayed to sit.

An employee saw me cleaning up the mess and came over to help, insisting they will clean up. It was OK-I am a Mom like that and hate leaving my own messes.

We did have a lost tooth incident. This girl bought an ice cream at the snack area and that loose tooth of hers was barely hanging on. The boys helped encourage her to pull it and through tears she did it. That was exciting for her.

What is fun is that Anthony got a shirt and pass to come back for an hour as we left because the birthday child is given this as a gift from Altitude Trampoline Park. It was a Friday night and the place filled quickly. What a popular spot! Find a location near you!

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Pokemon DIY Party Favors featuring Palmers Candy – Giveaway

Thank you Palmers for partnering for this feature and offering my readers a giveaway. Opinions are my own

Pokemon DIY party favors

With a child turning 9 in a few weeks he is requesting a Pokemon party. It is hard to find the Pokemon theme in stores so I have had to resort to some DIY. He is having his party at a Trampoline Park so I just need a cake and some party favors.

how to craft

I went to Amazon and found some inexpensive bulk Pokemon Cards and Pokemon Figures as well as food cups. I used yellow and green construction paper I had and my glue gun. Then I used R.M. Palmer confections from their new e-commerce store.

Pokemon party

I used the construction paper because filling the cups with just candy seemed ordinary so I created a sort of base, like grass.

making cups

R.M. Palmer candies like caramel balls, peanut butter cups and peppermint patties are now available in bulk with fun colors for all of your celebrations and gatherings. I used some common Pokemon colors like red, blue, yellow and white.

Palmer candies

It was easier to empty all of the candy in one large bowl and mix. This way as I grab a handful for each cup it was assorted. Watch for little hands sneaking into the bowl.

kids and candy

I stuck a Pokemon card inside facing out. The top was a yellow paper glued on and then a Pokemon figure hot glued to stay.

making Pokemon favors

R.M palmer candies listened to the requests of it’s fans and created an e-commerce site for your bulk candy orders. You can find some fun party inspirations too. Shop by flavor, colors or occasions.

Palmer party candy

With Mother’s Day coming you can have a lot of fun creating gifts for her with the bright colors and chocolate flavors she likes best. You get to be creative and R.M. Palmer supplies the chocolate.

Palmer gift

Want to win a prize pack of R.M. Palmer chocolates? Enter below. Open to US and ends on 5/15. Good luck!

Palmer Candies giveaway

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Two Sleepover Party Board Games from Endlesss Games

Samples sent for feature

sleepover party logo

Your child has asked for a sleepover and you know it is going to be a long night for you. They will stay up late and make plenty of noise long into the evening hours. When we have sleepovers I choose a quiet time of about 9pm-lay out blankets, popcorn and water bottles, put on a movie and set a board game or two out. It keeps them active but while still sitting and winding down. Endless games has 2 sleepover party board games that are a blast for such nights.

Sleepover Party Game

sleepover party game

When the evening hits and you have a house of kids or even one child who is sleeping over it can be hard to try and get them settled down for the night They are excited to be with each other and you need them to settle down so you can get your own sleep. Pulling out a game followed by a fun and new movie is the perfect combination to wind them down. The Sleepover Party Game offers 200 different stunts, performances and activities. The card you are dealt as you spin for an action on the spin board will have them active, but in a controlled way in their spot they are sitting. Cards like making funny sounds or pretend you have brain freeze. It is hilarious to watch these actions play out and such a blast for the kids!
Ages 7+, 2-4 players

Camera Roll
sleepover party camera
Camera Roll requires access to your device or camera photos. It is simple, but a lot of fun and laughs. There will be random topics that may be about embarrassing moments or travel and more and everyone playing has 30 seconds to find a photo that best fits that topic card. What a fun way to share and enjoy those photos deep in your phone and bring them into play.
Ages 12+ and 2+ players


Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park in Marysville, Wa

I am so excited for another new and fun business in my neighborhood. Brand new 28,000 square foot, indoor park with jumping activities including sports such as dodgeball, battle beams, basketball slam dunking and fitness programs, competitive jumping, and just plain, old-fashioned jumping fun.

Altitude offers over 100 inter-connected trampolines. Test your jumping skills on any number of obstacles, shoot hoops on our basketball lanes, or even launch yourself into Marysville’s largest foam pit! If you’re into the team sports, join in a fun game of trampoline dodgeball on one of the dodgeball courts!

Next time you’re booking a party or event, think of Altitude Trampoline Park. Altitude Trampoline Park offers several exciting party packages! It would make a great gift too. Gift certificates are available for purchase. Altitude Trampoline Park can accommodate large groups up to 650. Call to book your event at 360-510-2409 or

My readers get to save! Altitude Birthday Party – 10% Off Birthday Party at Altitude Trampoline Park in Marysville, WA.

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Goodie Gusher Reusable Pinata

Sample sent for feature


Every year we have allowed friend parties with our boys. The older two are beyond birthday parties, but the 8 year old starts planning his next party the day after the last one. At every home party a pinata is always a must. I sort of cringe when I add up the price of supplies and then go buy a $20 pinata we will throw away when it is hit to shreds. One year I turned to my son and asked if I can just allow him to pick out a $20 gift to keep as opposed to the $20 pinata we will just hit and break. He didn’t go for it-a pinata must happen. Finally, the most brilliant party pinata exists and I will never buy a throw away one again. The Goodie Gusher is reusable party after party and runs about $26.


We have the Space Monster Goodie Gusher and on a hot day with play dates over I hung it from the soccer goal-so the little kids could reach. Filling it was easy. I just turn it upside down and fill, replace the bottom cap and turn over. I insert the keys in the slot and find a place to hang. A new key slot will release the candy each play. (hint: it is not actually a certain key, but in the actual center piece that drops at any time).


The first game lasted all the way until the second to the last key. The second time around lasted about 6 or 7 keys in. The third time we finally set up video below so you can see this fun action. It is so fun to tell them they can do pinata over and over again.I filled it with very little candy. If you fill it all the way it holds a lot more than what you see drop in my video.

You can get the Goodie Gusher in many designs from Nickelodeon themes like TMNT and fun monsters and emojis. Goodie Gusher also has holiday themed pinatas for Halloween, Christmas and Easter.


I found Goodie Gusher pinatas on Amazon and you can also get at some retailers as well.