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School Supplies – Back to School with Bic

Thank you Bic for partnering and offering feature samples

School Supplies - Back to School with Bic

Aisles and aisles of pens and pencils. How do you choose? Your back to school list could be narrowed down by a school supply list sent for your child’s class or printed off college websites as a tool. But when it says pens and pencils there seems like so many of them. I am featuring Bic because I want to take just one brand and highlight some popular product so you can pick up the supplies that will be right for you before you even get to the store. Hopefully, this makes school supply shopping day go a bit quicker for you.

My son is heading into grade 4 and his supply list has common items like pens, pencils, glue sticks, scissors and I noticed that for the glue sticks and scissors they listed specific brands. In parentheses it said that these were ‘preferred’ brands because they are known to hold together and work best. The brand can mean all the difference. If I choose a generic brand I am buying the item again and sometimes a few times over in one school year so it really doesn’t save me in the end.

Bic is a trusted name and we have a son in college who specifically requests the Bic mechanical pencils. He has requested these since the middle of High School because he says they write better and last longer than other brands so Bic is always my brand I go to first. Above is the Bic Velocity Max Mechanical Pencils. These pencils have a wider eraser and a smoother, darker writing than the standard series.

Our youngest has had the Bic Marking set for well over a year now and they are still all together and write great. I love that this packaging doubles as a holding case. The color choices are great too. We are never left unable to find a shade we need. This set comes in fine point or ultra fine point.

Bic Gel-ocity pens. That is fun to say! These are retractable gel pens that dry extra fast and with minimal to no smearing. I love the fun colors too.

These Bic Intensity fine point pens are great for school projects. The ones I have are the Fineliner set. They work great for drafting and marking.

They write so smooth and with one child heading back to College these are great for him to have.

How convenient is the Bic 4 color Pen + Pencil? I attend blog conferences and meetings for the school and having 1 writing device that is a pencil + all 3 pen colors I would need is so fantastic to have on hand. It gives you a pencil with extra lead, eraser, red pen, black pen and blue pen all with a simple click to choose.

Another option for pens is the Bic Soft Feel varieties. These have such a comfortable and smooth grip. This makes writing much easier when you have to take a lot of notes. If your child will write essays or a lot at once, these are a fantastic item for their comfort.

So head on out and look for the yellow Bic packs for the pencils, pens and markers that you need for the back to school shopping chore you have. Follow Bic Pens on Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated o what is new and what is on promotion.


My Home Office Makeover and New Decor

My Home Office Makeover and New Decor

We will be house hunting in the next several weeks and a separate office is on my must-have list. Right now it is in my family room so as clean and organized as I keep my family room, my chaotic office makes for an eye sore. I had no real organization system so I was constantly cleaning and in no time looked like it does below in my before photo. So I gathered my favorite items, shopped Amazon, Kohls and Magnolia Store for a mini office makeover. Here is the end result….

Home office makeover-before

It was that empty space on the floor that needed the most help so I searched high and low for a matching table and found one at Kohl’s. Now my printer would have a new space instead of taking up room on my desk.

home office b4

Because I an an HP Mom Blogger, I am very familiar with the advantages of having and HP Envy printer. Because I have a new printer table it was time for a new Envy. My old one will go to our son in college who will need one next year when he switches rooms and I get the HP Envy 7640. It prints, faxes, scans and copies all in photo quality print.

HP Printer-new office

I am not saying I love HP Envy just because I am an ambassador. I would say I am an ambassador because I love the Instant Ink program with my HP printers. The HP Envy’s allow for this service. I do not print too often so I am on the $2.99/month plan.

My HP Instant Ink account is connected to my printer and it knows when I am getting low on ink and automatically mails me more. I never run out, never have that sudden $40 ink run to the store. I pay $3 a month and that’s it. There are plans for those that print more but it all saves you tremendously on ink at the retail stores. That is why I will sign our College student up next fall for his printing needs.

HP Envy-office makeover

My newest decor piece is my AmbrosiaScents canister. I simply put in a scented sachet or add my own essential oils to one and turn it on. I get light, music and fragrance. Doesn’t it look pretty?

AmbrosiaScents - office makeover

With myself, the boys and my husband constantly needing devices charged this myCharge HUBXtra portable charger is my office away from home. I keep it charged and when I pack my laptop, planner and tablets this comes with so I have charge wherever I go with lightning or micro-usb charging cords.

charge - office makeover

I also love my new desk lighting. I found this at Amazon. It is the LEDMO Dimmable LED desk lamp with temperature, clock and date feature and a mode to change the intensity of the light with a tab of the base.

 LED Light - office Makeover

This was my splurge. I love Fixer Upper as I am an HDTV fanatic. The Magnolia Market Online Store is my favorite online store and I chose this wood calendar and the tin can for a pen holder and tray for loose papers.

I also have a NixPlay I have had for a while with photos that are in slideshow mode.

office decor - office makeover

I also chose this sign from the Magnolia Market. It is simple and has a great office message. When we move I will rehange without nails so it has no tacks showing.

sign - office makeover

And there you have my new space.

office makeover-after

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3 Important Ways a Weekly Planner Makes Your Life Better

weekly planner

Not everyone is great at making to-do lists and schedules on the fly. In fact, some people steer clear of planners and lists entirely because they seem like so much work. However, there are specific benefits to keeping a daily or a weekly planner. Here are three important ways that such a planner could make your life better.

1. It Reduces Stress by Physically Laying Out Your Schedule

Have you ever worried because you had an errand to run and had a nagging feeling you were forgetting something? What about scheduling a meeting with a friend only to find out later you have a conflicting commitment? Planners take this type of stress out of your life by laying out your schedule for you to see. When you need to run an errand, you can clearly see where you need to go and what you need to bring or get if you took the time to write it down. You can also see what other commitments you have so you don’t overbook yourself or have to flake out on a friend for the fourth time.

2. If You See It, You’re More Likely to Do It

If you’re the type of person who struggles to start a project let alone finish one, then a planner might be useful. When people see a schedule or a to-do list in writing, they are more likely to complete items on that list. In other words, making a planner can help you to be more productive.

3. It Can Give You a Sense of Accomplishment

The more productive you are, the more accomplished you can feel about the things you did. Some people don’t give themselves enough credit for the many things they do throughout the week. When you keep a planner, you have a record of all the things you did that you wrote down. Looking back at this can help you see just how productive you were, validating your hard work.

A weekly planner might not be the easiest thing for everyone to keep. However, if you can stick with it for even a little while, you’ll likely notice there are definitely ways it helps make your life better.

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Sanford Products For Your Student at Shoplet

Samples sent for feature


This back to school year we are first time college parents. We take our middle son across state to University next month as a new college student and we have been stocking him up on essentials he will need. This kid has always had the same request every school year for the past few years-he wants the ‘good’ pencils. He is a mechanical pencil user but will not use an off brand. He is heading into Engineering and has always enjoyed his math and  because pencils are a huge tool for his favorite subject he hates being inconvenienced with leads that break too easily or run down too fast.


I have never given much thought to a brand the way he does. If I need a pencil I open a drawer and the only qualification I give a pencil is whether it is sharpened and ready to go for me. Sanford holds the names of some very popular and quality pen and pencil products. The best part is Shoplet carries Sanford brands at great prices so you can stock up.


Shoplet offers products from office furniture to cleaning supplies. You can also find restaurant products and medical supplies as well. Starting with a simple and common product for any student, let’s look at the assortment of Sanford products

  • PenMate Pens
  • PenMate Mechanical Pencils
  • PenMate Correction Tape
  • Sharpie Markers

Visit Shoplet for all of your back to school needs including pens, pencils and writing supplies that you know will get a lot of good use.