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Pet Breed Art by KISH Originals and Prints

Pet Breed Art by KISH Originals and Prints

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: KISH Originals and Prints

Florida-based Artist Gretchen Kish Serrano creates fascinated custom portraits. Whether you choose from her breed art or have her create a custom piece, it arrives looking stunning! Gretchen specializes in dogs and cats, but can perhaps do another pet for you. It makes such a special gift for a pet-lover on your gift list.

“Although I paint in a variety of artistic styles, I have been drawn to these three in particular: Pollock, van Gogh and Klimt,” she explains. “I enjoy the challenge of painting in different styles and techniques. I also admire Matisse, Chagall, Gauguin and so many others.”

The process of ordering a print is easy and you can find step-by-step instructions on her website. You get 1-2 sketches to see for approval and then she will finish your product. I love the idea of seeing how it will turn out before the final product arrives incase you need changes (I wish I could view my child’s school pictures and change them up sometimes that way in advance-lol).

What else? She will put a personal message to your pet on the back of the canvas! How adorable is that? Shipping is included and farming is an add-on option. She takes 50% prior and the other 50% at completion. So, get started now!

Shopping for KISH prints

Available at the KISH Gallery 

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Comment: I was sent product so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you.

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Gixo Virtual Fitness Classes App on ITunes and Android

Gixo Virtual Fitness Classes App on ITunes and Android

Have you been gifted iTunes or Google Play gift cards and wondered how to spend that money? How about wondering what a loved one or friend might do if you gift them an iTunes or Google Play gift card? They make great gifts to purchase experiences and beneficial programs. I have been using an app that would make a great gift this Holiday season especially for someone who’s resolution is to find ways to exercise that works with their busy schedule. The Gixo app is a clever fitness program anyone can do anywhere and at anytime and they do engage and challenge you.

When you download the app you’ll notice a few class options to get started. After you do a few classes you’ll see a progress bar across the top with your app minutes you’ve used, miles run/walked and average pace.

There are LIVE group fitness classes, Challenges and On Demand classes. Challenges happen every so often and this will be a set of exercises within a date frame you need to complete. LIVE group classes are scheduled in time slots so you choose a time that works for you and pick a class in that period. Once you join the class you have the option to turn your phone camera on, sit it on the floor along a baseboard for best Instructor view and she is watching and helping you out. No other class members can watch you, only the instructor. You can keep the camera off however and chat or just do the sets with her or him live. They will call you by name, introduce others and interact with everyone real time.

On Demand classes are these classes, but because you are not in a live time, just a convenient time later on you don’t get the live talk and camera-viewing help. You are watching the recorded version after it was live. I have used On Demand because I missed my session or a session I really want is not offered live at the time I can workout.

After your class or session ends you get a report emailed almost instantaneously. It will tell you the class name you took, length of time and other stats and give you the songs played during that session incase you heard one you may want in your fitness playlist. See my screenshot after a 2 mile challenge recently (notice I did not complete the 2 miles because I had puppy leash training issues at the start so I got a late start, but kept a good pace anyhow).

A typical gym membership runs above or just below $30 a month. We all know how often we’ll make it to the gym…. Gixo costs $19.99 a month or $179.99 a year for unlimited classes. Do 2-3 a day if you want! It’s on your time, your home and little to no equipment is needed. So far I have found sets that I need zero equipment to complete the sessions. Start now: Gixo.com

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Comment: I was provided app membership so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you. 

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Here is your ONE-STOP page for holiday gift ideas. This pages is always adding new brands and promotions so bookmark this and check back in often.

Stuck on gift ideas? See if something below fits…..

A special thank you for the following brands who worked hard with me to get these products in front of you and help you with the gift buying process!

Bonus Gift!

No more wondering what to buy as you shop! The 2018 Buying Guide is clickable and printable. So have it open in a tab while you shop online and be done shopping in minutes or take it shopping with you! (CLICK HERE)

Let’s see these 2018 Gift Ideas….

Gift Ideas for Baby

Gift Ideas for Toddlers




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The Antisana Arrow Blanket by Ecuadane and Giving Back to Ecuador Natives

I have partnered with Ecuadane for this feature. Any opinions are my own

This Mother’s Day give a gift she will love that also gives back to natives in Ecuador. This Antisana Arrow Blanket by Ecuadane is by far one of the best gift ideas I have held in my hands. Not just because it is so soft, but because the quality cannot be unseen. It is not a bulky blanket by any means. It is very thin and lightweight for its size, but so warm. I don’t know how they do it! Plus they are made with eco friendly wools. Sustainable products are great to buy!

To sum up the features of this blanket and others like it (see more designs here from Ecuadane) I listed them below:

  • Ultra soft texture, lightweight and breathable, perfect for every season. It does not itch.
  • Versatile, great for the home, beach, camping, picnic, yoga bolster, decorative throw, or for all around comfort.
  • Beautiful vibrant color combinations and geometric patterns add the finishing touch to any space.
  • Carefully constructed with a high quality, durable blend of alpaca and synthetic materials.
  • Extra large: Approximately 93” x 82”.
  • Manufactured in the heart of Ecuador by native Otavaleños living amidst the Andes Mountains and volcanoes.
  • Wash by hand or machine on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Tumble-dry at low temperatures or air dry. New Blankets tend to shed, after a couple of washings it will subside. Give the blanket a brush after long use or after washing.
  • Great gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Have you ever ordered something and when you open the package you just can’t stop ‘awe’ing over it and feeling it? You see it and immediately are proud of the quality in the look, feel and design all at once. That is what you get with these blankets from Ecuadane and I am proof because I experienced just that with my Antisana Arrow blanket. What is neat is that this blanket is named after a stratovolcano of the Northern Andes, Ecuador. So not only is it hand made in Ecuador by the native Otavaleños but its very name holds the same culture.

The blanket retails for $129.99 and the quality totally justifies the price! Shipping is always free at Ecuadane too. Make sure you head to Ecuadane.com and scroll to the bottom where you can join their newsletter that way you can be made aware of any specials they are offering! They are on Facebook as well so you can follow there too.

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Subscription Gift Idea for Fishermen in All Regions

I have partnered with Lucky Tackle Boxes for this feature

Subscription Gift Idea for Fishermen in All Regions

As winter comes to an end, we gladly welcome the spring and summer. I was raised half of my childhood in a fishing town on the Washington puget sound. I have attended several years of the Maritime parade and blessing of the fleets ceremony as our fishing boats head off for the summer Alaska runs. My brother has made many Alaska salmon runs himself on these boats. Whether you live near the coast or by lakes and rivers chances are you know a Fisherman. Lucky Tackle Box has a great gift idea for fishermen of any region.


Every month a box ships full of top fishing lures, tackle and accessories in the themed box of your choice. There are 9 different boxes to choose from

  • Bass Large Box and XL Boxes
  • Crappie/Panfish/Trout Large Box
  • Ice Large Box
  • Saltwater XL Box
  • Multi-Species XL Box
  • Walleye XL Box
  • Fly Fishing XL Box
  • Bass Tournament Box

bass box

Choose from a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Many top brands in the fishing industry launch their newest products in the Lucky Tackle Box mailings and the retail of these always exceeds the cost of the subscription. This is great so your Fisherman can try before they buy which we all know saves money in the end.

Tackle and bait

I also found coupons and game codes to win more within the box. There was several lures in my Bass Box and I know the value of these are great so it was exciting to see them all in the months mailing. Shipping is free so there are no added costs. Send a LTB subscription today!

Lucky Tackle Box logo

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Spring Season Guide 2018 – All Things Spring

 Spring Season Guide 2018 - All Things Spring

Welcome to the Spring Season Guide 2018 – All Things Spring! As I complete posts throughout the next several weeks related to spring I will add them below so you can find them all in one spot!

Brands! Want to be featured below as a link to your own post feature? Contact me at erinnsluka(at)gmail(com)!

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 Spring Season Guide