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Gift Guides List for 2020 – Gift Guide Updates

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2020 Gift Guides List

My personal favorite! We are not only about December Holidays! We love to celebrate whenever we can all year long! Here are all of the guides all year:

The boring rules: This works pretty much the same as product reviews. If your product post date falls when one of these guides are running you are automatically a part of that series. I do keep master pages for each Guide and if you would like a simple placement in that guide with a link back to your brand/product we can do that for a smaller value/fee.

See an example:

Movies Reviews

It is time to binge-watch The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series

What else are you watching? Warner Brothers has some great new series releases such as Friends and also, all 279 original episodes of The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series.

The only way to see The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series commercial free is to own it on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD. All individual seasons and compilation sets are available to purchase here:

All seasons are also available to own at all major digital retailers; including iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Prime, and GooglePlay. DVD and Blu-ray (which include incredible extra features) can be purchased from all major retailers – including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. So, if you need a laugh and want something to binge on – now is the time to own this hit series!

Mother's Day

Is A Half Moon Cut Diamond The Right Choice For You? #MothersDay

Choosing presents can be really tricky, especially if it’s for someone dear to you. Many people face a lot of pressure when buying birthday presents. Think of the pressure when choosing jewelry. But, you can never go wrong if you decide to buy a diamond.

You probably know that you have many shapes and sizes to choose from. There are different cuts and colors. So, it might take a while for you to finally decide what you’re going to get. You should take your time in choosing because it’s a quite pricey present you are buying.

Diamonds are most often bought as engagement rings. So, a lot is at stake. You have to get the right one for your partner. Many people spend ages looking for the right choice. It’s only normal. There’s no chance that she will say no if you get her half moon cut diamonds.

What does the jewel look like exactly? 

The half moon cut diamond is often used as a side stone. They complete the overall look of the center stone. You might not even want to look at these rings when you hear the words side stone. You are probably scared to hear the price.

But the truth is that these stones don’t add on the price. This is because the jewels are actually much smaller. So, you could look at all the options in front of you when looking for an engagement ring.  You might even like this one best.

Why are they called half moon?

When looking at some ring, you might not even notice these stones. They are meant to draw attention to the stone in the center. You will see them in a combination with an oval or a round diamond. 

They’ve got a curve on the one side and a straight line on the other. They look like a half moon. So, that is the reason why they’re called that. 

Why should you choose this type of cut?

When you choose an engagement ring, you might overcomplicate things. There is no need for that. So, don’t think too much. You can pick out any type you want. No one can reject a diamond. You should choose this cut because it’s not complicated.

It’s simply beautiful. Apart from the appearance, it’s practical. You can go for a lower clarity rating. You could even get a ring with a lower color grade. In the end, this ring might be more affordable that you thought previously. 

The size of the jewel isn’t that important. But if you want to get a bigger size, then you have to increase the quality. You don’t want it to look mismatched, do you? The price will be higher because of the size and quality. You can see some of the prices here.

Ideal setting

The perfect setting for this type of jewel is a three stone ring. You will definitely see jewelry with this one diamond only. If your partner has a simple style, then this might be the right choice. But many people don’t like it when it’s all alone. So, it’s best if you immediately look for three stones. 

Apart from oval and round stones, you can see them with cushion, emerald and princess diamonds. After all, demilunes are just there to complement the main jewel. As for the setting, you can find them in prong or bezel settings. 

What are the popular choices for engagement rings? 

You definitely have a tough decision in front of you. When you go to the jewelry store, they will tell you which the most popular choices are. People often choose round, princess and oval cuts. If you are interested in the meaning of these jewels, click here:

The heart diamonds are also quite popular. Who doesn’t like the look of a heart ring? However, it all comes down to your personal choice. You also have to consider your partner’s style. If they are more elegant, you can get them any type you want. 

If your partner has a simpler style, you can easily get them a half cut diamond without a center stone. The jewel on its own is beautiful. The gesture will still be appreciated. No one buys diamonds just for the sake of it. 

What other types are there?

If you don’t like the sound or the look of the half moon, you can always choose another cut. Thankfully, there are other types of diamonds these days. You might have a hard time choosing the right one. 

There are princess, cushion, asscher, triangle, emerald, heart and other cuts. You will have to look at the rings carefully before you decide what to buy. It’s definitely not an easy task to choose an engagement ring.