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My Cold Weather Skin Reactions Reduced with Seirus Innovations Products

I have partnered with Seirus for this feature

My Cold Weather Skin Reactions Reduced with Seirus Innovations ProductsPicMonkey Image

It began about 2 years ago. I would sit at my son’s soccer practice and shortly after feel welts on the bottom of my feet and then start itching my neck and arms. I would get these hives that were red and very itchy. I remember sitting in a chair on the sidelines one cold morning game just going nuts! My neck was so itchy and my hands were suddenly so red. It was cold and so uncomfortable. It began happening at practices and games all season. I knew at my upcoming physical appointment I would want to mention it.

My doctor appointment came and I told her my itchy welt stories. They always happen when outside and cold. They occur at my son’s sports events, washing the car and out in the yard. I was told it is Cold Urticaria. This condition is a skin reaction to cold that appears within minutes after cold exposure. Affected skin develops reddish, itchy welts (hives).

I still suffer today! I am physically uncomfortable in my own skin on cold days and nights I have to be outdoors. I no longer sit on the field for any of my son’s outdoor practices as I sit in the car with the heat on. My husband washes my car on cooler days for me. If the house is too cold (for my skin) I am in layers to avoid turning the heat too far up. I refuse to sit out his games so I just suffer through it. I suffer through evening walks with my husband and our puppy!

Now I have some relief! I am seriously more grateful than anyone can imagine for Seirus products! Their all-weather, heatwave and heat touch products are a lifesaver if I have to go outside in the cold. Their snow products keep me just warm enough to avoid the itchy redness. Essentially every area of my body where skin is exposed will break out!

I use the DynaMax Fleece-Lined Neck-Up and it literally keeps all the redness and hives away for an entire practice! Another product of theirs I have is the Heatwave Socks. When my skin is reacting to cold, even with shoes and standard socks I get very itchy welts on the bottom of my feet! These socks got me through flag football clinics for him the other day and I had no welts. I bought myself some Seirus gloves online last spring and they worked so well I knew their other lines would work great and I am so relieved now from head to toe.

Maybe you don’t suffer with Cold Urticaria. Maybe you love snow sports or just hate the cold. Seirus will help you out from heatwave to Gore-Tex and extreme weather wear. You’ll want to see all that they offer at

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Super Soft Kids Jacket Makes a Great Winter Gift

I have partnered with Craghoppers for this #HolidayGiftGuide feature and received product

Super Soft Kids Jacket Makes a Great Winter Gift

It is called the Appleby half zip fleece. Have you ever bought a thick winter coat and when you needed warmth, but not bulky you would take out the liner for your child to wear? My son has a snow jacket like this and wears the liner a lot more than the full coat. This fleece is like a super soft version of that liner. As soft and warm as it is, you can easily fit a coat over it as lightweight as it is.

appleby jacket

Anthony’s reaction to the jacket

I walked into the game room and told hime something came for him. He looked up and before he was even near it said, “Oh, that looks so comfy and soft, Mom”. He reached out to grab it and actually gave it a ‘hug’. Then told me to keep it with him so he can cuddle it in his lap while he finished his video game.

More about the Appleby Fleece Jacket

It is a 100% polyester, recycled and fluffy fleece with an elastic band cuffs and collar. It is very insulating and the perfect winter coat to keep kids warm. It retails about $50 on the Craghoppers website and it is also on Amazon. Anthony wears a size 10 and I ordered the 11/12 and it’s a great fit he can still grow into a bit. Look for winter coats for the entire family at Craghoppers.

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Yoga Wear For Confident Girls and Ladies at Jill Yoga

I have partnered with Jill Yoga for this feature


This has been one of the hottest summers in the Pacific NW that I remember having in years. We actually bought A/C install after enduring such a warm season so we can stay comfortable especially if our summers become this hot going forward. Having a proper AC and programmable thermostat option in our home is not only energy efficient but adds comfort which is what matters to us as a family. Comfort in all levels from home temp, relationships and even the clothing we wear while out traveling, biking or just having a couch night.  From baby to woman, Jill Yoga offers comfort you wear and I have been wearing some pieces I don’t want to take off.


Let’s start with baby – yes, baby! Whether bundling up for a winter night out or heading to the summer fair, your infant and toddler has options form the same yoga comfort we love as women. The clothing conforms and stretches with their movements.

“Once girls try on our comfortable, fashionable pieces, the bold colours and trendy styling automatically brings out their inner confidence making it a staple for girls to wear everyday and everywhere. ”


As they become girls it is about dance, sports and confidence. Jill Yoga’s mission is to Be Active, Be Bold, Be You and that refers to building that confidence and promote healthy active living. The spirit of a young girl needs to embody all of that on the inside and out so there are designs for her too.


Now for you, Mom! There is no better way to show comfort and build confidence in our girls if we have it ourselves. With Jill Yoga you will fall with love with the comfort like I have. The piece I wear most are my new Ladies Cropped Jogger pants. They fit true to size but with my preference I would like to try even the next size up because I would have a more relaxed fit, but they do fit well at the waist and in height. I love that terry knit softness and the hems as well. They are just so comfortable to move and stretch in.


Another Jill Yoga piece I own will be one I may wear as fall hits is the Ladies Seamless Quarter Zip. This is a nylon/spandex material and the pockets are a front inseam design. Again I am a medium and ordered the Sm/Med. I needed the L/XL but it still fits great and I add a layer tank for the waist length. I am a taller torso so I should have ordered a size up. That is not to say it doesn’t fit true to size, it does fit great in every other way but my own height calculation was off. It is so comfortable and I love the bold colors.

Now what about the boys? Visit their Shiamak Gear collection and you’ll find some things in there for them too.

What do you think? I’d love to have you see their line and tell me what you love!

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Fashion For The Busy Mom – Liverpool Jeans

Just because we are wiping handprints off white walls and using shower heads to wash a filthy dog doesn’t mean we don’t want that women fashion all day. There are those days we feel like ‘yoga pants’, but on most days I want to feel like ‘designer jeans’. I am a Mom of boys and it is easy to lose my identity of being a woman in my everyday life.

As a teenager and young woman I loved girl nights, a night at a club to chat with a cocktail about life and work. Our biggest concern was the hours we can get in at work and what our plans will be for the next weekend. My concerns and plans have changed but my heart is bigger…and my hips and legs a bit. But, I am still a woman and an even stronger woman and I can do the day in style. Liverpool Jeans has that designer look BUT not the designer prices and all the comfort I need to do that jog upstairs when I hear a crash and then silence with a house of boys.

Whether you need a pant like the Riley Cropped pants or shorts on a warm day like the Corine Walking Shorts you will wonder how you might possibly be comfortable in such jeans until you put them on and that Liverpool comfort hits you. I do not feel like I am wearing jeans but I sure have that designer jean look. I say designer because you won’t find these at your big box discount store. These are quality and my local mall outlet carries these but if you take the tag to comparable jeans on the floor by other brands you will love the price points of Liverpool clothing.

We have enough worries in our day. We need comfort at all levels from the random hug by your teenager to clothing that we love to stay in. I am a huge fan of the Liverpool brand and have been sharing about these with all of my Mom friends and you will too. You have to walk, sit and get through a day in these jeans and you will agree that they hit the mark on comfort, look and price. I have been ordering my regular size and they are a true fit but will stretch a tad so if you are in doubt I would try a size down.

Liverpool Jeans are at local boutiques and clothing stores near you. Head to the Liverpool Jeans website and see their store locator for more on where to find the styles in your area. We aren’t JUST Moms, we are FINALLY Moms and we deserve to feel good about ourselves and all levels of comfort around us everyday.

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House Hunting in Comfort – featuring Liverpool Jeans

Liverpool Jeans teamed up with Parenting Healthy and is featured in this story of mine

House Hunting in Comfort - featuring Liverpool Jeans

We have begun the house hunting process and about 60 miles from our current home. As soon as the school season ends in June we will close on our new home to move into in a new Region my husband will take over for his company. This weekend we found our home and in tow was our 9 year old son.

Comfort is important all the way around. As we move, sit in the car, explore a new town I will also be focusing on our son. It is a bittersweet move for him. We will be closer to our family-his older brother, aunts uncles and his 3 cousins he adores. However, he has a great circle of friends here he will be leaving and he is sad about that. This is a big first step and we want him involved every step of the way so we involved him in the house hunt in comfort. It started with many hours on the couch surfing listings before deciding we want a new build.

House Hunting in Comfort

While I worry about my sons emotional comfort, I remain comfortable in the outfit I picked out to get me through my day. I wanted to be decent as we met our Realtor, toured some builders homes in construction that will be ready in time for us but I knew we would be in a car a lot and we wanted to wander around and eat in our new town we will soon call home. So, I am wearing my Liverpool Jeans attire. Why? Because comfort is important as I said earlier… all levels of comfort.

home buying

Moving costs can add up and when you are raising boys with one in College not many funds are left for me to lavish. I want designer, but won’t allow my boys to go without so I can afford it. I want to look like a woman, not a ‘Mom of Boys’ all of the time. Liverpool Jeans is the quality and designer look I want and every pair of their jeans runs under $100.

son selfie

Not having to worry about your physical comfort while needing a certain look allows me more time to focus on Anthony. We took this selfie above from the front doors of his new school he will attend. We proceeded to check out the most important feature of his new school-the playground! Despite me being dressed for Realtors and house hunting I had a blast shooting some hops with him in his new school yard.

Liverpool behind

We found the house we liked and because many families also toured the same day we got territorial and immediately drew up an offer. Within hours we got the call that is is ours. My son, trying to listen to the phone call asks if we got that house? I turned to him in the car and gave him a thumbs up. Then I saw the best reaction I could see from him-he gave a fist pump and a “YES!”. It was important to include him in this day and in the end we are all happy with the house choice so off we went to celebrate with pizza and arcade games for dinner-he with a house with a park across the street and me in my Liverpool Jeans that went on a tremendous journey with us today.

What I am Wearing

Charlie Wide Cuff Capris

Denim Jacket Black Rinse


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The Tee Shirts that Inspire with the Better Together Collection

Samples sent for feature

Life Good Tee

Life Is Good brand has been spreading optimism in tee shirts for men, women, children and pets and now they bring a message of togetherness.


The Better Together Collection features tees for men and women that celebrate inclusivity. The 3 designs come is bright and neutral colors.

  1. Life Is Good In All Shades: available in men and women sizes
  2. We’re All Mutts also comes in men and women sizes
  3. Keep It Colorful comes in women sizes

The tees are 70% cotton and 30% polyester. They are soft and include a message tag sewed on. Everything about their tees promote positivity as well as comfort.

tee mutts

[bctt tweet=”These Better Together Collection tees for men and women celebrate inclusivity @LifeIsGood” via=”no”]

Your Tee Shirts Help Others

Life is Good gives back too. The Life is Good Kids Foundation partners with leading childcare organizations to provide a continuum of personal and professional development resources that help childcare professionals tap into the power of optimism and build healing, life-changing relationships with children in their care.

Tee shirts that inspire

You will love the Better Together as well as their other collection of tee shirts that spread optimism and good simply sewn into a little tag and displayed on the front of what you wear all day around others. See all of the collections at Life is Good.