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Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool is a Chemical Free Option

Bug Bite Thing

Tis the season for bug bites and bee stings! It comes along with camping trips, lake swimming, outdoor BBQ’s. When you have had a good bite it swells, itches and is even painful for days. The best way to reduce symptoms is to catch the bite right away so you can tend to it before the swelling an d stinging occurs. Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool you use as soon as you recognize you have been bit or stung.

chemical free bee sting relief

You simply hold it over the bug bite or sting area and pull up to create a suction you will hold for 10-20 seconds then push down to release suction.

This painlessly and effectively extracts insect saliva/venom from under the skin so that you don’t react to it and get the pain and swelling as fierce. It is reusable and safe to use on all ages.

bug bite tool

How easy is that? No chemicals, no greasy or smelly creams and it works for Mosquitoes – Bees – Wasps – Ants – Biting Flies – Splinters & More! If you flip the cap you get a smaller surface to treat places like finger tips and toes. Plus you can even use this to bring splinters closer to the surface for easier removal. The suction handle is also a sting scraper. Make sure you wash the cap as that is where saliva and venom collects when you suction. You can find The Bug Bite Thing online by visiting their website as well as on Amazon.

Also see this Bug Bite Identification article.

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2020 Summer Series – Travel, Beauty, Entertaining and More

2020 summer series

2020 Summer Guide

Welcome back to another guide full of seasonal topics. Our 2020 Summer Guide is here! This is all about summer from getting your body summer ready, indoor and outdoor organizing, play for the kids and travel. If it fits the sunny weather topic, we will feature it.

Keep checking back throughout the 2020 summer months and see what new topics and brands I have added! In July we will have a fun giveaway for visitors so stay tuned on the blog!

Make sure to also visit our 2020 Father’s Day Guide and stay tuned for the Back to School Guide!

The 2020 Summer Series Giveaway

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Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool for those pesky critters

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Superfeet Insoles

Before you travel, make sure your shoes are ready to bring your comfort! I love Superfeet insoles!

Fat Snax

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summer home maintenance

The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Critts Sandals

Flip Critts – the comfort of sandals and the security of normal shoes!

Safe Home Activities

Get Outside With These Stay Safe at Home Activities – Here!

My Passport Go – portable SSD with built-in cable

Sawyer Repellants

Insect Repellant for Clothing by Sawyer Repellants for the Outdoor Dad

Neutrogena Sun Block

Neutrogena Kids Sunblock Spray offers superior broad-spectrum protection against skin-aging UVA and burning UVB rays.

Pickup Sports kits and virtual coaching at home for kids

Build a foundation of learning over the summer with the Panda Crate for ages 0-24 months. Save 30% with code: panda30off

Learning Resources

Learning Resources has summer learning covered!

More coming to this link up above…keep checking back!

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Get Outside With These Stay Safe at Home Activities

Get Outside With These Stay Safe at Home Activities

Staying home was fun at first, but now it might feel like your kids have done everything possible indoors. They might have completed a video game, used all their toys or become sick of playing the same board games. Everyone’s ready to go outside, but the world needs people to stay at home a little longer.

The next time you and your kids feel cooped up, get outside with these stay safe at home activities. You won’t need to risk your health to get active and have fun in new ways.

1. Create Nature Sculptures

If you have clay or playdough at home, you’re in luck. Forget about sitting around the kitchen table for another hour and get outside. Ask your children to find little bits of nature around your yard, like leaves or small sticks. They can bring everything back and stick them in the playdough to create nature sculptures. Let them dry overnight and you’ll have a new art installation at home.

2. Draw a Chalk Obstacle Course

You’ve spent many afternoons watching your kids draw stick figures and small pictures on the driveway with chalk, but now it’s your turn. Grab your favorite colors and draw a chalk obstacle course that encourages your kids to exercise. They can run, jump, spin and hop their way through to the end and add new challenges their next time through. 

3. Set Up the Sprinkler

Most kids love going to the pool, but not many people have one in the backyard. Instead, hook up your garden hose to a sprinkler and let your kids run through it in their bathing suits for a half hour. They’ll love the time in the sun and your lawn will appreciate the extra water during the hot summer afternoons.

If you think your kids are too old to find a sprinkler fun on its own, introduce them to new games that will make them look at the sprinkler in a whole new way. See who can win the different games or come up with new ones to pass the time.

4. Teach Them Sports

Households with two or more kids are the perfect place for backyard sports. Introduce them to the rules of soccer or baseball if you have the right equipment in the garage. They might fall in love with being on a team or playing the sport and turn it into a lifelong hobby that carries them through college and their careers. 

5. Start a Scavenger Hunt

Anyone looking for something their kids will enjoy that’s also inexpensive will love the idea of starting a scavenger hunt. The first step is to make a list of all the things they have to find. You can write down objects they’ll find in your yard or hide secret surprises for them to discover.

Another way to make scavenger hunts fun is to establish a prize. Maybe your kids would love a later bedtime, an extra scoop of ice cream at night or a movie night with you. Tailor the prize to what they’d like and the game will mean so much more to them. 

6. Find New Grill Recipes

Eating outside is also an activity many families are enjoying now that the weather is warm. Pull out your grill, clean the grate and use a cast-iron skillet for cooking new recipes everyone will adore. After you finish your flaky fish or sautéed mushrooms, lay everything out on a blanket and make it a picnic. Don’t forget to set up fun extras like a speaker with music and special drinks to make it an occasion. 

7. Grow a Garden

Do your kids love hands-on activities? Teach them about how the world works by growing a garden together. You can find flower or vegetable seeds at most grocery stores or order them for delivery. Get some soil and teach your family how to plant seeds in pots or your yard.

Gardening is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about responsibility and new skills because they’re personally involved. They’ll become more confident in their abilities, study how plants grow and express their creativity through how they decorate their garden.

8. Host a Camping Night

Stretch your outdoor fun into the night when everyone camps outside. Show your children how to set up a tent and even start a fire if you have a fire pit. You can cook outside, roast marshmallows and watch the stars come out. Entertain everyone with spooky stories or hang fairy lights around your yard for ambiance. Adventurous kids will love a vacation away from their rooms and you’ll create memories they’ll treasure. 

Tailor to Their Interests

Think about what your children do for fun and tailor your outdoor activities to their interests. Maybe they’d love helping you draw a chalk obstacle course. They might want to help make food to grill for dinner or plant a garden by your side. Find new ideas they’ll enjoy and everyone can have fun and stay safe outside.

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Sizzling Summer Cash Giveaway

Welcome to the Sizzling Summer Cash $2500 Giveaway

This summer we have all of our summer play, travel and shopping posts in one place.

2019 Summer Series
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