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New Children’s STEM Book – Veronica and the Volcano

I was sent a copy for feature

New Children's STEM Book - Veronica and the Volcano

New Children’s STEM Book – Veronica and the Volcano

By: Geoffrey Cook

In August we moved to a new town here in Washington State. Our town lies beneath Mt. Rainier, a volcano. With a 9 year old son who now has to get used to lahar siren tests the first Monday of every month and has lahar escape drills he has been very curious about volcanos. This book may have been written for STEM learning for girls but Anthony is thoroughly intrigued. He has already agreed to donate his copy of this book to his classroom so other 4th grade kids can read it to in our town.

The Story

Ten-year-old Veronica lives in a high-tech, gadget-filled house on the slope of an active volcano. When she leaves on a quest to find rare white volcano pearls on the far side of the biggest volcano of all, Mount Mystery, she leads her father, her best friend Maddy, and her friend’s dad, the blustering Captain John, into a series of incredible adventures. But when the colossal volcano erupts, fears wins an election, and Veronica must square off against a fear-mongering villain: the Man-in-White.

Want to read Chapter 1? Follow this link to the book site!

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5 STEM Books For Boys Under $10 – Giveaway

5 STEM Books For Boys
Photo Source: Pixabay

5 STEM Books For Boys

Boys and science! They love to explore and we love when they learn. Books are one of the best tools to encourage the learning of STEM so I found 5 top-rated STEM books that elementary age boys will love

Nick & Tesla Book Series

In this series there are 6 books. Nick and Tesla are twins living with a Scientist Uncle. In some adventures they learn more about what the true nature of their parents past work. You can learn how to make a rocket launcher and other fun projects. It has a heavy focus on robotics. Each book is over 200 pages in a chapter style book with a few images throughout.

  1. Book 1 – High Voltage Danger Lab
  2. Book 2 – Robot Army Rampage
  3. Book 3 – Secret Agent Gadget Battle
  4. Book 4 – Super Cyborg Gadget Glove
  5. Book 5 – Special Effects Spectacular
  6. Book 6 – Solar-Powered Showdown

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

This popular book is a New York Times Best Seller about a boy who brought electricity to his Malawian Village. This young Inventor read books in his village library after a devastating crop season left his family hungry when electricity failed them and he built a windmill changing everything. Book Link!

Mystery Math: A First Book of Algebra

This story is set in a haunted house and by using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division they will explore all that the house has inside. Book Link!

If I Built A Car

For the beginner reader is this popular book is about Jack’s adventures of building a dream car and has a rhyming flow inspired by the style of Dr Seuss. The car he plans to design includes safety features, a pool, a robot driver, and the ability to go underwater and fly through the air. Book link!

Who Was Thomas Alva Edison

If you have a child who loves to read you have most likely heard about the Who Was series of books. My son loves the Thomas Edison book in the series. A great way to learn everything about known Inventors, Authors, Sports Figures, Political Figures and more people who have inspired us. Book Link!


1 lucky reader will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card to start your child off with some STEM learning. I am personally hosting and sponsoring this giveaway and will send an e-card to winner at the email entered on the entry. Ends 10/10. Gift Card will be is US dollars. Good luck!

Blog Giveaway- Find more here!

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Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile – Children’s Book

I was sent a copy of the book for feature

Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile

Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile- Children’s Book

By: Krista Keating-Joseph

This children’s book, Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile, is a true story about young Charlie as he is eager to join the track team despite his small size compared to his peers. The book starts off with a clear focus on his eagerness to run and join the team. He doesn’t win any races at first but with practice he not only starts to win but in his paths of growing up he becomes a true hero as a U.S. Navy SEAL.


Sadly, Charlie would lose his life as a SEAL and this story was hidden for some time until his mother finally became encouraged to finish her book and share a small piece of Charlie’s life events with us all. It is such a sweet read and the illustrations are simple yet full of emotion from characters on every page. Find Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile from Smith Publicity on Amazon.

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Sean Wants To Be Messi Children Books Set

I have partnered with Sean Wants To Be Messi Series site for feature


Sean Wants To Be Messi Children Books Set

Sean Wants To Be Messi Series

By: Tanya Preminger

Sean is traveling the world with one passion in heart-soccer! And especially his favorite player, Leo Messi whom he may get a chance to meet in the second book, Sean Goes to Barcelona. The series takes a 9 year old boy and his passion of soccer to teach life skills that touch on school motivation, bullying, teamwork and more.


Any child, even who may not have the sports passion will relate to Sean and sort of feel for him too. It is hard to prioritize when you have one thing on your mind, but here are some great lessons for all children in chapter-style books with bright and engaging illustrations.



At the books site, they are giving away the entire series of 3 books and a custom portrait of your family by the book’s illustrator. It ends on September 30, 2017. Head over to enter — THE GIVEAWAY PAGE.

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Children’s Book about Learning From Failure – Mindset Matters

Sample copy sent for feature from Smith Publicity


Mindset Matters
By: Bryan Smith


Children do not like to lose. They need to learn and then learn to have fun but they take winning very seriously at times. Eventually that desire to win can begin to define them and that is not the direction we want our kids mindsets to head at that young age. Mindset Matters about Amelia who loves to skateboard. But, when she has a fall and hand injury and fears it will interfere with her sport she feels like a failure. Amelia’s Dad teaches here to have a different mindset. It is a mindset that about learning and growing.


Mindset Matters is great for the grades 1-5 age group. Teach your kids how to find their Gonna-Get-It-Done attitude. Not only is this book for the child athlete, but it can be related to sibling competition and hobbies as well as academics. Use Amelia’s story to start a conversation that will empower your child. I read this to my son the night before basketball camp.

Find Mindset Matters on Amazon and bookstores near you.

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Anti-Bullying Children’s Book – It’s Good To Be Kind

Copy sent for feature from Wear The Cape Kids

Anti-Bullying Children's Book - It's Good To Be Kind

It’s Good To Be Kind

By: Lauren DuBois Rosemond

Leonard the Lion wears a red cape and doesn’t let his position on the animal chain bring fear towards him from the other animals. Instead he uses his power to empower others. He will teach your pre-schooler to early elementary student to think ahead about their actions and whether they may HURT or HELP those around them. They can learn to be better than bullying and better than bad choices even in their communities.

You can find this book on Amazon and at Wear The Cape’s online shop. Remember, you cannot lift yourself up by putting others down.

About Wear the Cape and the kidkind foundation

Wear the Cape™ is the first global, mission-powered brand with the nerve to equate being kind with being cool. By coaching kids to be BETTER THAN THAT™, Wear the Cape breaks down barriers and brings people together—a world of new values prevails: It’s cool to be inclusive, tolerant and socially responsible. From its line of apparel and accessories, to its educational tools and its own non-profit the kidkind foundation, Wear the Cape sparks awareness and raises money to build heroes, a kid at a time. Wear the Cape’s products and resources are designed to create teachable moments between kids and the grown-ups they look up to with Hero Tags that tee up conversations about what it means to stand up and stand out; to stick up for the underdog; to do what’s right, not what’s easy. Wear the Cape donates 10% of its net profits directly to the kidkind foundation, and the rest is reinvested in the design and production of new products, as well as character-building educational materials for parents and teachers to help the kids they love. Wear the Cape’s work with communities and schools is helping mold everyday heroes that will create a kinder, better world for us all.