New Handy Snacks from Philadelphia Cream cheese

Thank you to Philadelphia Cream cheese for partnering for this feature

New Handy Snacks from Philadelphia Cream cheese

Your morning bagel and Philadelphia cream cheese have been partners for as long as we all can remember. But, now as bagels grow up into flavors like the Everything Bagel and I even saw some Pizza flavor bagels on the store shelf recently, so too is Philadelphia cream cheeses growing up. With new handy Snacks from Philadelphia Cream cheese you can enjoy your cream cheese in snack packs and they are delicious.


Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups are such a fantastic dessert. When you peel off the lid you get a 2 section cup with cheesecake in one section and flavors such as milk chocolate sauce,  strawberries, cherries and salted caramel sauce in the other. Mix them and stir for a rich cheesecake dessert. The best part is that there are no artificial flavors or dyes.

If you are like me (an my son) you crave a crunchy snack. Philadelphia Bagel Chips and Cream Cheese Dips satisfy that craving. Like the new Cheesecake cups they are a portioned pre-packed container, On one end you have multigrain bagel chips and the other side are cream cheese dip flavors such as strawberry, garden vegetable, chive & onion and brown sugar & cinnamon.

Keep these snacks refrigerated and pull one out when you want a snack or dessert. Works great this summer when the kids want a treat and you don’t have time to put crackers and cheese together or whip them up a cool dessert.

My son polished off his brown sugar & cinnamon with multigrain bagels and loved it. He can grab it from the fridge and dip and eat it on his own. This makes snack time so much easier on me. Check these Philadelphia snacks and desserts out in retail refrigerated sections.

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