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Children Books that Teach Lessons: The Judgmental Flower Book Review

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The Judgmental Flower

by: Julia Cook

Award-winning Author and former school counselor and teacher, Julia Cook’s strategy is ‘Read a Book, Teach a Child a Life Lesson’. In her book The Judgmental Flower, she talks about a purple flower who appeared in a blue flower patch. The blue flowers didn’t know what to think about this flower different in color from them. The blue flowers get to know more about the purple flower realizing they are a lot alike. Their roots are similar, they all take from the same water and sun and bee visits as each other.


Many of Julia Cook’s books are especially helpful to children on the autism spectrum and have been endorsed by the Alaska Department of Education. She has written over 70 books and you can find books by the topics of: Health, Mental Health, Parents and more.

I found a few books that teach children on the topic of friendship written by Julia such as Bully B.E.A.N.S., Cliques Just Don’t Make Sense, I Want to be the Only Dog and more. Just like The Judgmental Flower, these books teach huge life lessons. They make fantastic teacher gifts to be shared in the classroom and many titles are written for families of special needs children as well. Visit her website:

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