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Easy Kids Birthday Favors – Free Printable Tags

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Easy Kids Birthday Favors - Free Printable Tags

 Our youngest will be 9 in a few weeks and I just booked his party at and now have Invitations, party favors and classroom favors to prepare. The party is for 10 cards and his class favors are for 24. Because a student in his class severe allergies she does not allow food gifts so kids typically bring in trinkets to hand out. I found some water bottles for under $1 and am doing those, but I needed tags to print and attach.

HP Gift Tag

This is what I use my HP Print and Photo Projects download for. I have it installed on my Mac and I just open it, choose a project and design and print. I found this tablet, changed the text and had them printed in under 10 minutes. It took me longer to cut all the string for tying these onto the bottles.

Birthday favor tags

I have an HP Instant Ink eligible printer. The HP Envy 7640 costs under $130 and can print, fax, scan, copy and do photo wirelessly. I am so excited about the wireless feature on this printer because I can sit on the couch and while reading emails or messages, I save it as a document right on my phone then open my HP All-in-One Remote app and hit print! My copy is sitting on my printer and I never left the couch or promised myself I will print out later only to forget.
Why do I need an HP Instant Ink compatible printer? Because it works with my ink cartridge to send a message to HP when I am low and I have ink at my door within days and before I run out! How simple is that?

Making gift tags

If you can’t find water bottles, try attaching tags to bulk and inexpensive favors like keychains. Until I stumbled across these bottles, I almost used some Emoji keychains I found for under $15 that was enough for his entire class.

gift tag printable

I printed 24 copies, cut them each out and cut 25 strands of ribbon. Used a hole punch so I can insert the ribbon and tie to each bottle. The great thing is that these bottles were under $1 and were BPA free plastic.


Having my HP Envy printer and access to a Project Download that anyone can access makes these party set up projects so easy. See all of the projects you can do with HP Printables.


water bottle favors

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6 Reasons Why You would Need a Personal Emergency Alert Device like V. ALRT

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You may have heard of personal emergency alert devices and perhaps you think to yourself that as the elderly become less dependent, these devices were created for them. Do you conclude that alert devices are to give peace of mind to families who have an elderly family member or friend who still live independently? I always felt that about these devices and never gave much thought to the benefits they can bring to people of all ages.
I was able to take 6 reasons why you would need a personal emergency alert device based on suggestions from the V. ALRT device and share some with you. Like other emergency alert devices, the V. ALRT gives personal protection that works with mobile devices and can send texts and calls in an emergency. What makes the V. ALRT unique to the others is that it is multi versatile. You can wear as a wristband or a pendant and it works on both systems-iOS or Android with no monthly fees. You can customize the device, wear it and it is ready to protect!
6 reasons why you would need a personal emergency alert device 
  1. Kids School Safety: If your kids take the bus or walk home alone, there is no other peace of mind than arming them with an emergency alert device. They can easily check in with you or alert you to other activity as you customize within the app and the synched V. ALRT device.
  2. Connecting families: A V. ALRT in a purse or overnight bag will give an instant hotline to Mom or Dad if needed
  3. Fitness: Whether you leave home to jog the streets or attend a 24 hour fitness gym alone, the V. ALRT is your instant connection to family for alerts as you have access to the mobile panic button
  4. College: The most vulnerable time for your child as they become independent on a school campus. This device can be used as a panic button or instant hotline to parents and contacts close by
  5. Accidents: If ever you are alone with an injury and you need help, if the V. ALRT is on you then you have instant access to send a message to a contact or panic button to summon help.
  6. Medical Alerts: many conditions may leave someone feel homebound. You can customize the V. ALRT to get in contact with doctors or professionals while out running errands if you get stuck
Really, the possibilities are endless as to when it would be good to keep protected by a personal emergency alert device. Order your V. ALRT today and no fees are needed. Once it arrives, you can be connected in minutes!

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Faster File Transfer with USB 3.0 Technology

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What would you do if you went to open a particular file and it was empty and everything you stored on that file had accidentally been erased? That’s a scary thought. I have files with videos of my son’s christmas pageants and files that have my entire blog backups on them. If I were to need those and found them gone, it would be an instant heart attack for me. Finding a reliable back up for storing the precious files is important and even if you have something important backed up on an online storage, having a separate backup on a portable device is wise! If one goes down, you have a backup to your backup! Lexar has always provided the latest technology to their flash drives that come in storage sizes to fit all of your needs big or small. 
If you have a teen, college student or even a family member or friend who relies on their computer, a Lexar flash drive makes a great stocking stuffer! I know our teen needs one for school and he also uses them for storing gaming files from his Xbox. I tend to grab extra when I can and have them available. You can store them in labeled ziploc bags or desk organizers labeled with the contents so it is there when you need it. Growing up in earthquake and flood zones, having disaster kits is common. Having important photos and files stored and kept in a place apart from your home means that even if all else is lost in a disaster, you have those precious photos and videos.
Lexar S35 3.0 flash drive
  • Superspeed 3.0 USB technology
  • Uses EncryptStick™ to keep files secure
  • Swivel design with auto retractable connector and key ring loop
  • Colorful capacity options
  • Transfer photos, videos, files and more
  • Works with PC and Mac systems
  • Compatible with 2.0 devices
  • 3 year limited warranty
Learn more and gift a Lexar this holiday season from Lexar S35

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Many uses for your iCoffee brewer

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By now, the majority of us have coffee brewers. I had a brand I used until I discovered this iCoffee Opus Brewer. We love this brewer and I wish I had owned one sooner. I spent too many years tasting coffee with a bit of bitterness and even grounds released into my cup of coffee. Now that I have this iCoffee Opus Brewer with the spin needle that spins as water enters the K-Cup and mixes the grounds as it releases into our cup, our coffee has never tasted so good. I am a picky coffee drinker and love robust flavors, my husband will take any blend of black coffee so he is not as appreciative as I am for flavor. He did not show much enthusiasm at first for the new machine until his first brew. It was well into the morning when he stated that he admits “That is one amazing brewer…I think my coffee tastes much better”. That is because in a recent study done by Ohio State University Sensory Science Group, it really does taste better compared to similar brands! It beat the other brand in taste, after taste and aroma. 
Not to mention it is a pretty sophisticated looking machine. This is such a great choice for any student you have sent off to college. You know you are in withdraws with them away and long to send a care package! Send them an iCoffee machine fit for their needs! You know that will make them smile during this new chapter in their lives. It is rated best and so is you your child!

The best part about coffee brewers like the ones from iCoffee is that you are not limited to making coffee with the unit. When you insert a pod, you are mixing flavors with water, but if you don’t insert a pod then you have instant hot water!
Just so you don’t say I skipped the obvious, your brewer was made to brew a good cup of coffee! Most grocers and retailers carry the K-Cup coffee cups meant to be used in the brewer in flavors and strengths you love.
Hot Cocoa
You can buy hot cocoa K-Cups for great tasting hot cocoa for you or the kids. You can also brew a glass without inserting any K-Cup so you just get hot water to mix with your favorite cocoa powder.
Soup & Oatmeals
My Mom is a teacher and she would keep a brewer in classroom and not only have coffee through her K-Cups she keeps in the room but had instant hot water for her soup cups or oatmeal packets for quick meals in the morning and afternoon when making it to the lounge did not fit her schedule.
There are tea varieties available in K-Cup, but if you have a favorite tea bag or blend in a canister you love, all you need is instant hot water from your brewer.
When we entertain, I always have my brewer out and filled with water. I will not only keep K-Cup coffees out, but will put out cocoa packets and tea bags for the variety that fits everyones beverage desires.
Head over to the iCoffee website and find a brewer right for you!
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Sending College Care Packages with Staples

This is a sponsored post for Staples on behalf of #MomBuzz Media

With a son who is a Senior in High School this year and College bound, this will be a very busy year! I have been researching admissions, financial aid and scholarships non-stop. I often wonder if there is any certificate parents can earn once they get a child off to college-like an “I survived the College Admission process” sticker or mug! It’s funny to think we will go through all of this stress and deadlines just to have him gone and school in his hands. So, on the side I have been stopping to pin some fun care package ideas for once he is gone. I have a box of keepsakes I may send something up every so often with notes. I also know his favorite foods, so those will be fun care packages to create. 
Staples is right down the road-it is where I shop all of our PTA supplies I have to stock up on at our youngest’s school. I can get boxes of any size, packing, tape and labels at great prices and I am a rewards member so it all adds up. I’ll also need these supplies to get him packed as he moves away if the college he chooses is far from home. So far the ones he is applying to are. offers the following tips to help make college move-in day easy:
Make a Checklist. Packing for college doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right move-in list, you’ll be living like a king or queen on campus with all your must-have necessities.  
Get Your Boxes Early. Move in day has organizational disaster written all over it. Don’t let it sneak up on you. Whether you’re schlepping or shipping your room, box it up. Staples even bundles the boxes for you. Start out with an 8 pack of SmoothMove medium sized boxes. Then pick up a wardrobe box to save you the tedium of transferring your entire closet hanger by hanger. For packing ninjas, the Bankers Box SmoothMove Kraft Moving Box doesn’t even need tape—it’s magic.
Get Label Crazy. Your bathroom supplies box and late-night snack box look identical. You think you’ll remember what went where, but you won’t. Cue the labels. And if you’re shipping your boxes, you can label and ship all at once at Staples.

Visiting will guide you to products you’ll need for moving day, care packages, supplies and even ways to personalize supplies.

The Giveaway


With that being said, it is time to bring on the giveaway! Mom Buzz Media bloggers have partnered with Staples to bring you this $300 gift card Multi-Winner giveaway! 5 lucky readers will each get a gift card from Staples! One will get a $100 gift card and the other 4 will get $50 gift cards!

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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3 ways to get organized for Back to School with the Brother P-touch Label Maker

This is a promotional post for Brother. Opinions are my own

It’s Back to School time and you have backpacks and lunch boxes for each child. In those bags are peechees, binders, pencil boxes, thermoses and other items that need to be kept together. You also have jackets and gym shoes and sweaters. Around the house you have homework supply bins and drawers with crayons and markers and extra paper. How do you keep it all together? How are you sure those jackets and sweaters you paid for don’t get lost at school? Labeling these items may help them make their way back home and help your children keep their own supplies together. Investing in a label maker like the Brother P-Touch Label Maker that is so easy to use will be an item you are glad you purchased this year!
How can you get the best use of a label maker at home? I’ll give you just 3 ways you can use one.

You can use your Brother P-Touch Label Maker and a dry erase white board to keep schedules and deadlines organized. Label names up and down and days of the week across and that stays stationary and you can use colored dry erase markers to mark sports or school events. Give each person there own color ton easily spot their schedule each day.
Safeguard expensive items

If you have children there are many ways items like clothing and gear get lost-at school, in gyms and on ball fields. If my son were to misplace a helmet or winter coat I know I would be out a lot of money. Taking a few moments to label the gear and clothing with fabric or plastic-safe labels will help identify these items so they make it back to your child. 
Personalizing Supplies

Are you shopping on a budget? Many times the licensed or character labeled items are more expensive than solid colored folders and binders. Grab the low cost options and some colored labels and let the kids design their own supplies. The labels are inexpensive and you’ll have some left over for other projects. Also, there tastes change and if kittens were cool in September, they may be ‘for babies’ by January. Having a label maker and allowing this kids to personalize their supplies works great. They can always add or peel off labels throughout the year as they wish.

My Mom is a school teacher and I gifted her the Brother P-T D200 Label Maker for her second grade classroom. She switched schools this year to one closer to her and went from teaching 4th grade to 2nd. She is constructing a whole new classroom and that requires a lot of labeling! As a teacher she knows the benefit of owning a labeler and was so excited to not have to share the staff labeler anymore!
Make sure you stay organized this season and all year long with label makers from Brother!